House Update

We had workers at the house this week.  I didn’t show many pictures because to be honest, there wasn’t a lot to show.  That doesn’t mean they weren’t busy as they were.

First off, we had the kitchen cabinet makers there to measure.  We finalized a few things and the cupboards are slated to be made in the near future.  That is great news.  Now I know that we won’t have to be waiting for them.

The carpenters were busy but unless a person knows where to look you can’t see their progress.  But if I tell you to look for, you’ll see that they were busy.  Check out the trim.  It’s all ready for siding.


My front porch ceiling is all done and pretty.  The lights are even in!


The windows all have their trim too.


Here’s a view of the back.

The carpenters cleaned up the garage and had the siding moved in.

I couldn’t resist temptation so I opened a box to see the color in person.

I love it!!  I can’t wait to see it all on.  The carpenters are planning on working on that next week.  Ya-hoo!!

The inside of the house isn’t so pretty.

All of the floors in the addition look like this, covered in wire.  Tomorrow I have to clean.  UGH.

I think the plumbing and heating is mostly done.  The electricians have some work to do upstairs and maybe a bit more too.

Little by little it’s happening.  Watch for some posts next week.  As soon as they have some siding up I’ll snap a few pictures and share them!

9 thoughts on “House Update”

  1. Must be feeling more real all the time. It’s neat to see some things being completed. You all are dping a great job. This will be a wonderful to share with family and friends for years to come.

  2. I love it, the house is going to be Beautiful and have a wonderful family living and sewing in it. I was hoping for Thanksgiving, but now it might be before CHRISTmas..

  3. I think it really looks like it’s all coming together. Like you, I have a had time “picturing” things, but it looks really big and it looks like it was made that way. Great job!

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