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It’s time for the biweekly update on our house.  There was lots of progress this week.  We had carpenters, plumbers and electricians all there at the same time.  I love it!!  Very few things at this point could make me happier!

The plumbers were there for all of the week.  The main part of the plumbing is done. They have moved on to the heating part now.

See the kitchen is all plumbed!!  The carpenters went in the kitchen and put extra boards in between the studs so there would be easy places to attach the cupboards.

The window over my sink is tiny but that’s okay…I am loving everything else though.

The carpenters built the stairs to go to the basement this week.

The stairs are AWESOME.  They are the perfect depth and height.  I am VERY impressed with them.  Every house we’ve ever lived in has had horrible steps.  These…WONDERFUL!!

We’ve had many discussions about the basement…with the plumbers, the carpenters and between ourselves.  We originally had a full basement put in rather than a crawl space because it’s easier to keep the floors warm and because we thought down the road if we ever have grand kids the extra room would be nice.  Growing up my parents redid the basement at the house we lived in and it was used a lot.  We don’t intend to finish it right now and we don’t need it to be anything fancy.

The plumbers were initially confused on how to run piping and heat ducts without making them intrusive into the head room of the ceiling.  With a little work, it’s turning out fine.

We did have to run a pipe in an odd place and initially I thought it was dumb…but I’m a girl and don’t even began to try to understand plumbing.  I was told that it had to be there and that a platform would be built at the bottom of the stairs.  I’ll be honest, there is some stuff I don’t fight anymore, I just go with it.  I figured it would all have to work out somehow.

I am pleasantly surprised that I actually like it.  The wall you see is between the old basement and new.  More wall will be built there and a door will go between the two sections.  All in all, I actually like it.

On the other side of the platform will be where the bathroom will go.

It is VERY small….just enough for the toilet and a sink.  We have a built in that is going to be built into the wall so we have a place for toilet paper and towels and such.

Where the plywood is holds a closet that will house all the plumbing panels and the piping along with the duct work for heating.  It’s turning out MUCH better that I anticipated.

I spent three hours there cleaning today.  We tell all the workers that come that we’ll clean up after them.  I just want them to keep working and do the things I can’t…I can clean, I know that much.

On tap for next week…the electricians will be working, the heating guys will be working and the carpenters will be putting on siding.  I am excited about that, the house will really come to life now.

For a bit when things were slow several blog readers suggested we just find someone else rather than the original workers we chose.  We didn’t consider that for a second.  We had the top of the line people and we wanted to stick with them.  I have to say, once everyone has been here, we don’t have a single complaint.  They are all wonderful workers.

As Hubby and I were at the house this afternoon I said, “You know, every day now I love the house even more.”  He said, “Me too!”  Both of us are so happy with how things are coming along.

4 thoughts on “House Update…”

  1. Diana McFarland

    Thank you so much for the pattern . I know my family will enjoy it. I am very new to quilting and I’ve got alot to learn. I’ll do my best to honor your pattern. Again Thank you very much . Hope you have a Merry Christmas and God Bless You. Diana Mc.

  2. I have the contractors put extra wood along the sides of the windows, near the top of the windows. It makes it easier to attach drapery and curtain rods to the wall. Love the house updates.

  3. All great news! I’m glad you are happy with the workers you have hired. It makes all the difference in the world when working with people you like and trust. It’s great that it’s all coming together now and that you both love it!

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