House Update

I am spending my days tackling boxes.  Here are some sneak peaks.  We didn’t get the trim around the doors and windows up before we moved…It will all look better once that’s in place.  I just took some as is pictures.  You can see I have LOTS to do.  The tool box  has a semi permanent location on the island as we’re constantly needing it for something and we don’t dare put it in the garage for the fear that the vortex of STUFF out there will suck it up into oblivion.


I was hoping the dining room would be big enough to allow us to keep all the leaves in the table at all times with all the chairs gathered round and it does.  That makes me so happy.  The rug is a $50 thrift store find that I am super happy about.  I love it!


This is in the kitchen looking towards the back entry door from the garage.  STUFF is lined up needing to here or there.  I am sorting as I go.  Some has already been thrown and some has already been taken to the Goodwill store.  Over the years I’ve never know where my permanent home was going to be.  It’s lead me to pick up things here and there thinking one day I’d have a home for them.  Some things I do and some I don’t.  Some things I had at the farm house don’t fit in here.  The Goodwill is the lucky recipient of some of it.


I haven’t really done any decorating…there are still too many boxes to sort through.  I did find one box that was labeled “Chickens from Ila”.  I grabbed that box out as I immediately knew where I wanted to put them.  My blog reader Ila sent the chickens to me and I just love them!!


That’s the house update for now.  More will follow.  I promise!!

Right now I am off to keep the laundry moving along.  We had friends borrow us a bunch of moving blankets and many of them got dirty in the move.  I am washing those up so we can return them…and of course….more unpacking.

10 thoughts on “House Update”

  1. I have been waiting to see you in your new home,,, I am so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you, all that hard work has sure paid on in a most beautiful way.
    I love your new home.

  2. pam in illinois

    Looking good! It will all come together in time.
    Your window looks great over the sink. I had suggested (others might have also)that you hang your valance up high and you wouldn’t be able to see that it was a small window.
    Can’t wait to see it all done! I am sure you can’t either. pam

  3. Very nice, love the chickens and your curtain. Your new home is coming along wonderful, taking your time to put everything in its place is the key. I have moved many times, unpacked just put things where I thought it would be nice, but I ended up moving them to another place that my second thought was better. LOL Take your time all of us that follow you are patient. Your home is beautiful already, there is no hurry. Looking forward to hearing from you and to see the rest of your pictures. I am enjoying all of your blog.

  4. Love the update. Now that you have the curtain hung, your window looks just fine above the sink. I love seeing all your progress. I would unpack the sewing room first (which would totally frustrate my family)

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