House Update

Things are happening at the house and they are happening quickly…FINALLY.  I hate saying that because I just know I could be jinxing it all.

WE HAVE ELECTRICIANS and PLUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Could the news be any better??  I certainly don’t think so!

Both of the bathrooms are about this far along.  We need to buy a new faucet set for the tub.  This is the set that the original owners had and for now, we’re just going with it….at this point we have MUCH bigger tasks on our list.

I just love the look!  People weren’t very encouraging about having wood floors in the bathroom but I love it.  We’ll have to work to preserve them but I’m okay with that and if we change our mind we can!


I am very busy with more staining and varnishing of floors.  The last coats are on the sewing room and attached closet and on our bedroom.  The other floors are in various stages.  Now that the plumbers and electricians are here I have to do most of that after five and/or work in the rooms they won’t be in that day.  It’s challenging to sort it all out.


I have been so excited to see the light ups and working.  We are tired of bad lighting with temporary bulbs hanging from the sockets.


We are ceiling fan people.  We use them a lot.  Many of the rooms ended up with ceiling fans.

Our dining room got the most amazing vintage light!  My brother and his wife Wendy gifted it to us.  I am in love with it!  We bought the mock molding above it as we thought it would really show off the light.


I wish you could see it in person it is so pretty and completely makes the room.


Previous to this I had no idea what a statement good lighting can make.

I’d love to write more but I have a list of errands….that’s the quick update!

6 thoughts on “House Update”

  1. I have had the old wood flooring in my bathroom for 10 years. I found them under the carpet when we moved the old farm house 2.5 miles down the road to our place. It is the house my dad grew up in. I have not had any issues with the flooring in the bathroom but I used gymnasium poly for a topcoat.

  2. Zowie!!!! Those lights are fabulous!!! You are right, they totally make the room!!! The bathroom floor…gym poly or a marine top coat will work. I can’t remember what I used when I refinished the hull of my little sailboat that is made totally of British mahogany, but the water doesn’t bother it at all :)

  3. Love your beautiful light that you were gifted. It’s very pretty. Glad that you are finally getting some of the finished touches done on the house. We really love ceiling fans too!

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