House Remodeling…is it over YET?

This house remodeling is truly getting old….
Yesterday I went upstairs to get some dress clothes to wear to class and three carpenters followed me into my bedroom!  That was definitely a strange experience.  My bedroom is upstairs in the corner that attaches to the garage.  Our west window has to be closed in so they were there to close it up.

Tomorrow, the dry wall guys come and then on Friday the cement to pour the driveway will be coming.  The flooring guys were here last week to measure.  The gas line was dug yesterday.  It seems that every day does show progress…

The fly situation that I complained about a couple weeks ago has only gotten worse.  I don’t walk anywhere without a fly swapper.  Hopefully now that the windows are closed in, that will help.  Once the door between the garage and the addition is put in I think the fly situation will finally get under control.

I keep looking at walls thinking…maybe a quilt could hang here….or here…. should I sew curtains…should I buy some.  It will be so nice once the men are gone, the construction noises will be gone but mostly….the flies will be gone!

I have a huge treat for you…my friend Elaine is planning a guest post!  If you liked the dog food bag, you are going to LOVE this!

3 thoughts on “House Remodeling…is it over YET?”

  1. Very exciting! Painting isn’t too far behind. The flies here are so bad and we don’t have any construction going on! Thanks for sharing your progress.

  2. That big wall under the porch is screaming for a quilt… Does it get any sun at all? Maybe you could take a fq of fabric…cut in half…and tape half to the wall and keep half in the house.. See if it fades by the time the constructions is done…

  3. I’d like to know if the 3 construction workers were the hunky kind of buff guys with tool belts you see on calendars!!
    I would hate the flies but it appears progress is being made.

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