House Remodel: The Kitchen Update

I’ve been working a bit with the cabinet place hoping to put together an idea for the kitchen.  We’re getting closer….

but we’re getting expensive.  UGH.  Yes I want a nice kitchen and yes I know this is my one and only chance to get what I want BUT- I don’t want to work for years to pay for it.  Somewhere in there is a happy medium.  We already have the upper cabinets that will go over the sink.  If you remember, we bought them used off a Facebook for sale group for $300.  (I talked about them here)

Our cabinet maker has reassured us that he will be able to match those cabinets so I feel good about that.

We also have did some planning and working around the island.  Although what’s shown in the picture is nice, we want to use our butcher block that I bought on an auction…and we think we like it better with the legs.

I like the old time look of it.

But that much of an island isn’t a lot.  So we are thinking that the butcher block will but up to a cupboard that Hubby is making that looks like this.

Baker's Cabinet
You can read more about those pieces here.  We’re happy to give these two pieces a try and if we don’t like them together it isn’t a problem.  We’ll just have the cabinet maker build us the island…but for now this is what we’re going with.

Here is the other wall of the kitchen.

The door on the sink wall goes outside.  The other door goes into the laundry room and that cabinet next to it houses the microwave and more cabinets.

Hubby and I really do like what the cabinet designer put together but…we’re looking at that cost issue.  We had the cabinet maker give us an estimate only breaking it down by section.  For the base cupboards and cupboards around the stove and above the refrigerator is just over $5,500.  Thank goodness we found the upper cabinets for $300.

The island as shown is almost $2000.  We’re eliminating that with our $110 butcher block and $50 baker’s cabinet.

The microwave cabinet I think we’re keeping at a cost of $1300.  Having the microwave there eliminates it from taking up counter space and I refuse to have the microwave above the stove.  I am still keeping a look out for an antique that could work here…but I think we’ll end up having this made.

The next consideration…the cupboard to the left of the refrigerator.  If the cabinet builder makes these, it will cost $3300.  That’s a lot in my estimation-not that the builder is charging too much…a lot as in my cheap skate self doesn’t want to afford it.   That’s why Hubby and I have been out trolling antique places to see if we can come up with a nice antique to put there.  We could easily spend a $1000 on a nice cupboard that we’re both content with and have the rest of money to spend elsewhere.

and so the hunt continues.  Will I find a cupboard or will I spend the $3300 and have the builder make them…stay tuned as the house remodel saga continues.

6 thoughts on “House Remodel: The Kitchen Update”

  1. honestly I would get more drawers in the lower cabinets. I love mine. They make it so much easier to find things without standing on your head looking in cabinets. Roll out trays are 2nd best but you have to open the cabinet door all the way to roll out a tray. I have those in my pantry and my door is taking a beating from rolling out the trays before the door is all the way open. It looks like you should have a ton of cabinet space which is good! I know a lot of people these days want to skip the upper cabinets altogether but for me, having that cabinet space was more important than an open look. Don’t blame you at all for not wanting the microwave over the stove. I wouldn’t like that either. Oh also, have you checked the Habitat for Humanity Restore shops for cabinets? Can’t wait to see how it all comes together for you!!

  2. You should have a convenient V formation from sink to refrigerator and stove. Could you get the range more into the island and possibly turn the island horizontal to the sink and move the fridge up to where the stove would have been? That would give you a perfect and convenient V formation to reach things. If you have the oven open the way it is now will you have room to walk with the oven door open or if the refrig is open do you have a convenient place to sit things while you close the door ? I like you butcher block and the bottom part of the “hoosier cabinet would be a great baking prep area.

  3. I would encourage you to visit the blog by Ana White. She does easy building projects including a recent kitchen cabinet tutorial on making your own. She also has a book called The Hand Built Home that I was able to borrow from my library.

  4. what about using old dressers? I have a few and use one in my bathroom for storage etc.
    I have also seen them put a sink into the top for bathrooms. You could also use bookshelve units and put baskets on the shelves as containers. Good luck!. I definitely like what you planning.

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