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I’ve been a little neglectful to keep you posted on the house we’re remodeling.  Over the weeks we’re been working on it as much as possible getting ready for the cement guy to come.  Here is Iowa we’re had a cold rainy spring so the cement guy is delayed.  That didn’t keep us from working on the house though.  There’s lots to do to get ready.

Here is a peak inside the back of the house.  This is the part that will be ripped off.  We tried to salvage everything we could including the floor boards from the porch.  Hubby is busy removing nails so we can save the wood.


This is a peak into the old kitchen.  The cupboards and island have been removed.  The floor boards from the upper level are all gone.  With an hour so work this part of the house is ready to be demolished.


Outside a few things are going on too.  The old porch has been removed.  Soon we’ll be ready for the new porch.


LOTS of work has been done with the garage that was already there.  The insides have been gutted.  The doors are removed.  We are getting ready because Hubby is devising a way to pick it up and move it.  The garage is moving to the back corner of the lot and getting turned a quarter turn.


This is the side of the garage that will face the road.


Right now, plans are that this garage will be used for the garden tools, lawn mower and project over flow.  We’re so lucky to have this.  It will make keeping the garage that will be attached to the house much easier.

These pictures all show the state of things Saturday morning.  That’s when Hubby got a call from the cement guy saying that he’d be at our house this morning.  We jumped into high gear over the weekend.  Keep stopping back to see the progress and I’ll show you how they picked up that garage and moved it!!

Let’s just say my guys are brilliant.

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  1. I am really enjoying the progress of the house renovation. The two of you have taken on a lot of work , I am impressed with all that is going on in your life. Thank you so much for such an interesting blog you are the best. Kathy

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