House Progress

On Saturday the oldest three kiddos were home to help with the house.  The younger two were working and came that evening to join us for supper.  We managed to make some progress….

The house was an absolute mess.  The electricians had been at the house for three days last week.  We had told them to not bother cleaning up after themselves and we would do that.  I really don’t want to pay electrician fees for them to just clean…


From there it was time to rip out walls…one in our bedroom and one in the spare room.  This window in the small bedroom was closed in as the new addition will but up against it.


Kayla was busy doing lots of the odd jobs….pulling nails, taking out garbage, cleaning and being errand girl.


Hubby was working in the closet trying to figure out how to patch the floor in the closet where the chimney was.


Our son Buck who managed to avoid getting his picture taken was busy putting up sheet rock where we had removed walls.  This wall is the one in our bedroom.  Our room looks so much bigger with the new wall.  It will be a much nicer room now.


It was awesome to have the big push of extra help.  I can’t thank the kids enough.

This week Hubby and I have been going into town working on the sheet rock.  We’re doing some mudding and sanding.  Once these walls are all in shape, we’ll be close to painting the three upstairs bedrooms.  It would be so nice to have a room finished!!

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  1. Like finishing a quilt block that you just were not so sure about, you get one room finished and things start falling into place and it won’t be long and you will be ready to move in.

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