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You might remember yesterday I told you we had a finish carpenter in over the weekend.  The guy happens to be one of my childcare dads and he is perfectly fine with working on the weekends.  We really need that as it would be impossible to do childcare when he’s here.

I told you that Hubby had been busy in the garage working on woodwork for the house.  Well Saturday was the day to install it.

You might remember when we moved in, all the work on the house wasn’t finished.  We are easily able to live here but there are things that need to be tweaked in order for us to be completely happy with the house.  Here’s what it looked like Saturday morning.

Pardon the house, it needs a cleaning but I didn’t bother as the carpenter would make a big mess.  No trim on the opening into the kitchen.  To the right corner…no cabinet.


In the office…no trim.trim-2

The ugly closet door with no trim.


All the childcare things had to go in the living room.


Sunday when the carpenter left….Look at the improvements!!Here is the trim around the kitchen opening…..trim-5

YES!  I am so happy with it.  Remember all of that work we did to find boards from other houses?  Remember how we spent that HOT summer harvesting the wood from abandon houses.  That work is paying off.

Here is what I’m thrilled about.  The built in is back!!  I couldn’t be happier.  This is one of the things I loved about the house when we first bought it.  We had to take this out when we removed part of the house and built on.  I always wanted this back.  ALWAYS.  We had the carpenter build a spot back in so that it could be put back in place.  Hubby refinished the wood work and finally it’s installed.  I LOVE IT!!


It was a hard job to get it back place but well worth the effort…and expense.

Here’s the trim up and around the closet door too.

Happy, happy, happy is what I am.

I’m trying really hard not to look at all that is left to do.  Slow and steady it’s going to happen and all the woodwork will be redone.  It’s good that I’m patient and good that I’m a glass half full girl as we have LOTS more to do.  That’s okay though.  Hubby is good at it, and so far, he doesn’t mind doing it.

Next goal, finishing the rest of the woodwork in the office.

Oh…if you’re local…Luke Bouska did all of our work.  I highly recommend him.  He does WONDERFUL work.  Roger and both think he’s top notch.

11 thoughts on “House Improvements”

  1. Ruby, guard dog!! In that first photo it looks like that plastic bag to the left is sitting in the air! What a magic trick!
    That built in cabinet looks marvelous, so classy!

  2. Can I say I love that you saved the old cabinet and put it back in the house, its a keeper for sure. I know what it is to refinish woodwork and put it all on and yes it does make a mess. The house will get done and its coming along nicely. Finding someone who can come into your home and do excellent work on finishes is not as easy as one thinks. We ended up doing all of ours.

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous wood work! You just can’t find that kind of character in new houses nowadays. Being patient – I get it. We literally cut down the trees, milled the lumber and built our house. 38 years later we still aren’t done, but are getting there. I just have to say that built in is quite something, what a treasure. Happy for you that its back in place!

  4. Your house is so pretty. I love the woodwork! I agree that your hard work was worth the effort. Congratulations!

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