House Anniversary

One year ago tomorrow was the day we moved into the house.  It was one of the happiest days EVER for me…the kids were home and supporting us as well as neighbors and friends.  We had excellent weather that day which was helpful too.  You never know when you’re moving in January in Iowa what type of weather you’ll be dealing with.

I’ve been a bit nostalgic about the anniversary date.  I went through the blog archives and looked at pictures.  It’s so hard for me to believe that the house once looked like this…..


…and then went to this.

So many times in life I have wanted something…and then once I got it I wondered why I had wanted it so bad.  Buyer remorse has gotten me more than once.

I’ve bought into the whole loose 25 pounds and change your life gimmicks only to find that once the 25 pounds was lost, I still had many of the same problems.  Before we moved, I was really worried that after all the hard work that we did, I’d have buyer remorse.  I thought I’d have all the same life problems…just have them in a different house.

I am so happy to say that I don’t.  Not a drop.  Not for a second have I ever wished we still lived at the farm.  I don’t have a drop of buyers remorse.  Hubby doesn’t either.  Every morning I come down the steps, turn the corner and head towards the kitchen I smile because I still love my house.  It was worth the wait.

We still have lots to do.  The woodwork isn’t finished….the back deck isn’t on….the driveway isn’t cemented.  The woodwork is slowly happening-Hubby wishes it was happening much faster but we’re okay.  We plan to be here as long as we can be so we have time….and I’m not picky.

The only thing I wish was different is the flooring.  Don’t get me wrong..I love the flooring and will be keeping hardwood floors.  It’s just that childcare and chasing dogs has been really hard on it.  It’s really scratched in the living room.  It’s a disappointment but all in all, I’m okay with it.  I’d rather keep the childcare kids and the dogs than have a perfect floors.

One of the things I did do when we moved is to promise myself that I’d keep house a little cleaner…although it’s far from perfect, it is much better and I like that.  This house makes it so much easier as we have plenty storage.

So with that…Happy Anniversary to my house.  May you be our shelter for many more years to come!

17 thoughts on “House Anniversary”

  1. always love the before and after pics.
    Happy Aniversary to your home,
    and may she shelter your family for many years to come!

  2. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been a year already. You all did a such a great job and made it your own. Congrats and continued blessings. Enjoy!!!

  3. Wow I cant believe it’s been a year! Having a home to love and create memories in is a wonderful thing. My taste runs to yours and its been fun to see what you have done. Keep touching lives and having fun :)

  4. You all have done a wonderful job on that house. It had good bones to start with, but you’ve added immensely to it. May you have many more years, kids (and grandkids), and dogs in her.

  5. Mary Etherington`

    I’m with you regarding the floors. My worn pine floors reflect 35 years of loving dogs and hope for many more.

  6. It’s hard to believe it has been a year already. Don’t worry about the floors. In years to come they can be reminders of all the joy that the children and dogs brought you. May you have many more happy years in your lovely house.

  7. Absolutely love what you have done to your new home – and you and your husband have made it yours, with lots of wonderful memories to be made!

  8. You’ve really brought that old house back to life. I’m glad you’re so happy with it. I’ll bet all the neighbors are happy to see it looking so good too.

  9. Elizabeth McDonald

    Happy anniversary to all of you! I am SO glad that you still love the house! No house is perfect, even with all the right people in it. You and hubby put so much thought and effort into making it your dream house, and I am happy that it suits you both so well!

  10. You’ve made a beautiful home. I don’t think you would be half as happy with it if it
    was a brand new house. You and your family have worked together to make it the
    home that you really wanted. Thanks for sharing the journey you took.

    1. Claire-We bought the original house for $24000. It was a foreclosure house. We had to buy the adjacent lot next door so that we’d have room for the attached garage. That lot had a small two car garage on it. We kept that garage but moved it to the back of the property. Hubby uses that for the lawn mower and “guy” stuff. We put lots more money into the house though.

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