Hospital Update

We have had lots of visitors and that’s been great.  It really eases all the seriousness that has been happening.  My high school/college best friend stopped by yesterday and it was great.  We haven’t seen her in at least five years…maybe longer.  What is it about old friends, no matter how long you’ve been apart, you can hook right up again.  I love it.  She was a quick breath of fresh air that I really needed.  It was fun to catch up on her siblings and mom and her girls.  There is nothing like talking to an old friend.

As for Kramer…the hope is that we can go home either tomorrow or Saturday if he keeps progressing like he is.  We need to get okays from physical therapy and occupational therapy.  It might be such a thing that he needs to go to skilled care for a day or two to teach us the ins and outs of this new way of life.

His oncology doctor came by.  It was wonderful to see her.  We have loved her so much!!  She said we’re on a bit of a new plan now.  The radiation dose on Kramer’s neck is much higher so they cannot do chemo during radiation.  He has radiation all of next week so no chemo during that time.  They are however doing a a PET scan again.  They want to see if there is more cancer somewhere else.

Our family has been frustrated that a PET scan or MRI hasn’t been done.  We learned today that insurance won’t pay for in hospital PET scans.  When in hospital, people are supposed to be doing things that get them better to get them out of the hospital, not diagnostic procedures like a PET scan….so PET scan on Monday when he’s an out patient here for radiation.

About me…Today is my day off from everything medically related to me.  It is really hard to be on the diet I have to be on while I am here.  The first couple days here I had peanut butter so I ate peanut butter and apples to get some protein in.  I only had enough for a couple days so yesterday I ran out.  I could tell that apples and oranges weren’t cutting it.  So I decided to head out to WalMart last night.  UGH.   No peanut or nut butter that didn’t have salt in it!!  So no protein for me.

Then I tried to think of something else to eat….I thought I would check it that had a thinly sliced chicken breast – Could I microwave it?  Hmmm.  That doesn’t sound good at all.

That’s when the thought hit me.  I have always wanted another Instant Pot.  I have a 6 quart one.  They have 8 quart ones and I have felt like I could totally justify one.  I wanted the bigger one for when the kids are home…or to put a whole chicken in.  Hmmm.  Should I buy one now?  Did they have one at WalMart?  So off to the kitchen wares section I went.  After eating only cold food for 4 days I wanted something hot and something with protein so bad.  I did a huge debate back and forth.  Buy one.  Don’t buy one.  Buy one.  Don’t buy one.  I seriously use the one I have EVERY day and often twice a day.  Having another isn’t unrealistic.  So this happened….

I ended up buying a knife, some meat, an onion, and a pepper.  I took it all back to the hotel.

It didn’t take long and I had this….

It doesn’t look fantastic but it sure was great to have some hot food and something with protein.

I’m heading back to WalMart tonight….more meat…and meat that’s hot is just what I need.  I gotta keep me going in order to keep up with Kramer.

20 thoughts on “Hospital Update”

  1. Great idea! I skipped lunch so this looks fabulous to me! Praying Kramer gets out of the hospital as planned and don’t you have a test tomorrow, Friday? Praying all goes well with that and you receive good results.

  2. I’m so glad you got yourself the Hot Pot you wanted! You need to take care of yourself and if that means another Hot Pot so be it! Even if you never used it again it is something you need now to keep you well and strong. I’m relieved to hear you’ll soon be able to take Kramer home as I’m sure he will be happier there. One way or another you will once again all pull together and work it out. Kramer Strong!

  3. That’s perfect. When you get back home and settled in you will look back on your purchase as one of the best decisions you ever made. Your dinner is on a beautiful plate, I hope it brightened your spirits. I hope and pray you get to go home tomorrow as it would be nice to settle in over the weekend before the daycare kids come on Monday. I’m sure the kiddos miss their “Joey”!

  4. I saw a new instant pot, still in the box, at our local good will this weekend for $8.88! Debated about buying it, but decided to walk away. That led me to the crafts area where I got two huge bags of fabric at $2.88 each, one bag that had a complete unquilted top, queen size. A couple of aisles away I found a roll with 12 fat quarters that we’re the same fabrics used in the top. So for less than $10, I got the top, the backing and another bag of fabric. There was a reason I didn’t get the instant pot.

  5. Jo, glad all of you are doing better…..Prayers still coming from Wisconsin for you and all of the family……as far as this pot??? I have one also, I only tried doing broccoli and it came out very good………..I am afraid to do anything like what you did here…but I am will to try. thanks
    Sue from Wisconsin

  6. I feel sure you will get a lot of use out of that purchase. Gotta take care of Jo first. That’s the hardest part of being a caregiver.

  7. How very smart to buy an Instant Pot and use it at the hospital!! That means you can leave it in the car (or near the front door) and it will be there for future trips and stays at the hospital. Wishing you all well!!
    Good Luck!

  8. You are so smart and absolutely did the right thing to buy the Instant Pot! Your dinner looks delicious and healthy. Just what you needed.

  9. It’s not easy to get healthy food in fast food or processed food while away from home, and you found a way around it! I don’t have an instapot, but my daughter loves hers. Years ago I had a pressure cooker that I used all the time when all 5 of our kids were home. It was faster than normal cooking. I used it a lot … guess I didn’t use it much after I got the microwave and got rid of it. Every once in a while I miss having that option. Especially when they’re here with the grandkids… I may have to give an instapot a try. Has anyone tried that Ninja combo instapot/air fryer? I think of you and your family often. My husband was hospitalized for 2 months 100 miles from here and I’m disabled. So we had to be creative about living life during that time. I admire your courage Joey! You are an inspiration! Many prayers being lifted up for you and Kramer from our little corner of Wisconsin. ❤

  10. Years ago, I read about a large family that bought a used slow cooker while on vacation and used that in the hotel room for meals. For those looking for Instant Pot recipes, check out the website Pressure Cooking Today. A lot of recipe sites, including Taste of Home, have IP recipes nowadays. Praying you both get better.

  11. Pat Anderson

    Brilliant purchase and thanks for the update…lots of us praying for your lovely family! You will make good use of the larger Instant Pot…I frequently use two at once–meat in one and potato salad or something else in the other. Do what you can to make your life easier…you have enough on your plate. Prayers for your test today (no cancer please!) and for Kramer’s PET scan on Monday. So glad you have each other and your wonderful kids!

  12. Lori Sparks Douglas

    I hope you find answers soon, Jo. Not knowing is not good. You are a strong woman and have great support. You can handle anything with God!

    Glad Kramer is not in so much pain. Hoping you have a restful weekend together! I say normal but usually for you lately means an ER visit. Drive Safely!

  13. Katherine Gourley

    You make me laugh — who would think to buy an instant pot to use in a hotel room? Your meal looked yummy to me. I bought a pressure cooker (not instant pot brand) years ago and I have never used it. I believe that I need to rethink that.

    That is ridiculous that Kramer cannot have the PET while he is in the hospital. Makes no sense that insurance companies have no regard for the comfort and mental well being of patients. Makes me angry. You can’t treat illness unless you know what you are treating..

  14. Jo, love your practical thinking and follow through. Why couldn’t you get an Instant Pot and make a healthy meal in your hotel? Good girl! Praying for strength and good news for your family. One hour, one day at a time. Love from Iowa, Rachel Summy

  15. Perfect buy on the InstaPot. You are one smart lady. And that dinner was just what you needed. Solid good ole home cooking in a hotel!
    Take care.
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  16. You are so resourceful! I admire how you problem solve and do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family!

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