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I told you all about my upcoming cancer treatment. If you missed that post, you can find it HERE.

Anyway, if all goes well, I’ll be treated with a higher dose of radioactive iodine sometime (depending on insurance and other logistics) in the next two months or so. This will involve a hospital stay…not necessarily because I am sick but because I can’t be in public or around people as I’ll be radioactive. The hope is that it will only be for about 2-3 days but it’s all dependent on the dose and how quickly it goes through me.

Do you remember the studies we all did in science classes talking about shelf life? Well how long I stay is all about shelf life and how quickly I can flush it.

The last time I did this, I went in on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday in the early evening. I was bored to death. BORED. I was new to it all they made some pretty strict rules that I didn’t know if I could bend or break or how it would all work.

Anything I touch during those three days ends up holding the radioactive properties and becomes contaminated. I was told whatever I bring in, I have to throw away when I leave. So I brought this old dinosaur Kindle Fire and planned on throwing it out when I left. I didn’t have my phone. I felt pretty isolated from the world because my Kindle was so old that once I turned it on, the battery drained quickly. I couldn’t call out using the phone so I would turn the Kindle on, message one of the kids, and then tell them to call me on the hospital phone. It was not ideal.

When I got there, the television remote had a ziplock bag over it and I could use it. Once I was gone the remote would be taken out of the Ziplock and could be used.

Once there I was also told that I actually could keep my old Kindle Fire. I would just have to put in a Ziplock bag as I left and I could leave it in there for 3 months and then I could have it again. I ended up doing that.

This all has me thinking…

1-I am going to take my laptop. I never use it unless my desktop is on the fritz. So I’ll put it in a bag when I leave, keep it in the bag for three months, and hope that my desktop doesn’t go on the fritz. Then I can have it back after the three months have passed. That will be nice as I won’t feel so out of the loop and isolated…plus I can just keep that plugged in and put the cords in the bag with the laptop when I leave. No worrying about conserving batteries.

2-I think I could take some stitching with me. Why not? It would make my stay MUCH more enjoyable. I can just stitch on it while I am in the hospital, put it in a ziplock bag when I leave, and take it out in three months just like the laptop. YES! I love this idea.

So…what do I want to take? Hmm.

My brain has me thinking of maybe a small Christmas project. I won’t need it for three months as Christmas is far away. If I don’t finish it, that’s okay. I’ll still have time after the three months to finish it up before Christmas. Hmm. I love the idea. I love it a lot.

The hospital stay will be 100% better if I can communicate with the outside world AND be able to stitch!! This has me feeling better about the whole situation.

So…what should I stitch? I’ll have two full days…maybe three to stitch. I am still on my Blackbird Designs kick.

I have this book…You can find it HERE if you are interested.

It’s the same book that has Christmas Garden in it. Anyway, in the book are stockings. They have the alphabet on them. Here are the first three…the book has all of the stockings.

I could bring the supplies to stitch two of the stockings. I’d likely only get one finished but I could pick them up again after the three-month isolation period is up and stitch the rest of them then. I kind of like that idea. That would help me continue on with my year of the Blackbird. That would also knock one stocking out fairly quickly. Hmm.

The stockings do use a variety of different reds but only about six in total so I wouldn’t need a ton of thread to stitch these. I like that idea.

I also have this chart, Feliz Navidad. I love this one. You can find it HERE.

I also have this chart, Merry Christmas. You can find it HERE.

I also have a few other Christmas charts that aren’t Blackbird Designs that I keep hoping to get to… hmm.

I’m leaning towards starting the stockings. I’ve always wanted to have some stockings up at Christmas time and never have. These would be great as you all know I’m a fan of the color red and a fan of all things Blackbird Designs.

I think I’ll go with the stockings. I’m off to check out if I need any reds or if I have them. It feels so good to have something to be excited about during my hospital stay.

I know I’ve been starting a lot of things but at this point, I don’t care anymore about how many projects I have going. If it will buy me a little sanity in the hospital, it’s TOTALLY worth it.

28 thoughts on “Hospital Stitching”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Love the Christmas stockings!! How many grandkids?? You could make stockings for each of them! My mom, who was NOT crafty did needlepoint stockings for my kids…they still have them and love them. Now you have me thinking and I have 12 grands!!!

  2. Jo, I agree with you 100%! Do whatever is necessary to make that time more agreeable to you! I love reading your blog and following along with your life.

  3. I went back to the beginning several times to see when you will be going for your treatment. All i found was anytime in the next 2 months depending on the insurance company I???? sorry

  4. It sounds like you have this figured out and have a good plan. The Christmas stockings are a good choice. I am sure it will help your boredom to have some stitching to do while there.

  5. Jo, I would check with hospital if the same rule would apply to textiles as it does to hard surface items like the phone, laptop. 3 months might not be the same for all things.

  6. Jo I glad you have thought ahead and are getting things ready. You never know if things would move up a little quicker and you’ll be ready.
    I am always interested how things are going to with your thyroid as I have hypothyroidism. Very much in control but you always have thoughts laying in the back of your mind.
    Take care and enjoy each day at a time.
    Went outside for two hours and pulled up some old fencing. 20 feet less that I will have to due in the spring.

  7. In addition to checking on the half life in fabrics/fibers, you might want to take a COPY of the charts you will need, so you don’t end up having to put your book in a bag for months… I hope your time in the hospital flies as a result of your excellent plans.

  8. Guess you could do the same bag trick with a book…or take one that you could let them throw it away. Just keep your spirits bright and cheery!!

  9. Jo that’s sounds like a great plan! You’ll have stitching and work on your Blackbird designs and have Christmas projects to think about! Good idea to check with the hospital to be sure the reqirements haven’t changed since you were in before and that fabric is the same as hard surface items.

  10. You’ve got a great plan and an even “greater” attitude. I agree with others when they say getting things packed up now so you will be ready when the hospital time comes. Love your blog and your projects…quilting and cross stitch.

  11. Jo, you’ve got a great plan. I hope you do check on having fabric, etc. with you while undergoing the treatment. And I really hope you don’t have as much trouble with the insurance company as you did before. It seems they gladly take our money but don’t want to cover our medical costs when we need them to.

  12. Great idea, love those stockings, I think they are perfect to bring with you! And maybe a few others in case you get bored?? It’s good to have a plan!

  13. Great plan!!! (Just check to make sure the rules haven’t changed… just as a precaution…)
    Many prayers for you and the family that this will all go well!!!!! You are such a treasure to everyone, including all of us blog readers!

  14. So sorry you have to go through this again. Good thinking on looking for projects to keep you busy.
    Hope you can take them.

    Prayers sent your way Jo.

  15. Excellent options abound! You are wise to think Christmas as setting it aside for a few months isn’t a big deal in the early part of the year. Staying distracted will make the stay more tolerable.

  16. So glad you have a plan ! I too would have a rough time without any handwork ! Just to have all that time and nothing to do .. I pray God will richly BLESS YOU and your family through this time ❤️

  17. Beryl in Owatonna

    I will be praying Jo. Sounds like you have a great plan. I’m glad you can take a computer too, that will make the time go a bit faster and you can communicate with your family some. Let us know when this all starts.
    Prayers, HUGS ‘n LOVE

  18. Brilliant idea! I would have gone stir crazy without anything to do – pity they didn’t tell you last time in advance though.
    Hoping you are in and out quickly and that the results are good too.

  19. It’s always nice to keep busy hands while you are waiting. Two of my sisters and I all showed up at the hospital with books and cross stitch projects while waiting for my nephews brain surgery. We all just knew how to keep sane. Sending healing, healthy thoughts your way. Bonnie

  20. I love the Christmas Stocking idea. It will bring Happiness and Joy to you while you are there and remind you of family and all the goodness it brings. Very theraputic! And if for some reason you have to put it in time out for a long time, it will be worth it for the sanity it brought you in a time of need.

  21. Sounds like a plan to me! And yes! Work on those BEAUTIFUL red stockings! I love him & think that’s a wonderful plan! Keep us in the loop! ❤️

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