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Coming up, I’ll be in the hospital for three days if everything gets figured out and they are able to treat me for my thyroid cancer. It might even be four days depending on the the treatment dose they would give me.

Last time I went, I was so bored in the hospital. I’m a terrible patient when I’m bored. Ugh. So this time I decided I needed to do something to help pass the time while I am there. My default is always cross stitch so I wanted to figure out if I could take cross stitch with me. I figured out that the answer is yes. Yes, I can. There is just one hitch…whatever I take will be “radioactive” so it will need to be in isolation for three months after I leave the hospital…or at least that’s what I was last told. I’m going to check into that a little more when I have a video call this upcoming week.

I will need to keep whatever I take in a bag in the garage for three months until the radiation passes and isn’t a problem anymore.

Hmm. So what do I bring??

Initially, I thought I would take the Blackbird Designs Stockings. There are five stockings in the series- I am just showing three of them. I’ve seen them stitched up and they are cute. These are completely kitted and ready to start any time.

I also thought of either of these charts from Blackbird Designs…Both are Christmasy and I like them both. These don’t have linen but do have the threads.

Then I started thinking about Fall. I could bring something Fall-ish to stitch. Last year I had a few pieces that I had wanted to stitch and never got to. I had big plans…In fact, I think a couple of them have been waiting in the wings for quite a while now.

This is from With Thy Needle and Thread and is called Queen of the Harvest.

This is also from With Thy Needle and Thread. It is Grateful, Thankful, and Blessed. You all know how much I love big fill-in projects. This certainly falls right into that category. That big house would definitely fall into the fill-in category.

Then I have something from Blackbird Designs, Feast of Friendship. My friend Nell gifted this to me over a year and a half ago. I’ve always wanted to start it. Again…a big house with fill-in.

Even though they seem Fall-ish to me, I still think I would keep them out all year…maybe not Queen of the Harvest and definitely not the Christmas stockings but the other ones I would keep out all year I think. I would just rotate them around to more prominent places during Fall or Christmas.

Decisions, decisions. I am very open to taking two projects. I might get bored with just one…The last time I was there was from Friday at noon to Sunday evening. This time around I might get a bigger dose so I might have to be at the hospital through Monday. Two projects might be nice to have…just to change things up.

Being I already have these kitted, I could grab any ones and take them with me to the hospital. So friends, help me decide which one or ones to take. What would you take if you had three days to stitch and could virtually stitch the whole day?

Being I declared this the Year of the Blackbird…I’m kind of thinking about picking Blackbird Designs projects. But, being hospitalized for cancer trumps any of that and I’m letting myself pick anything. Please leave a comment and let me know which of these…or any other projects you’ve seen me show should I stitch on while I’m in the hospital.

Oh, but wait. Maybe I should take a wool applique project. Oh my word. I need to just decide before I end up taking a whole suitcase of stuff.

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  1. I vote for the Blackbird stockings and a fall piece….that’s 6 options…plenty to keep you from getting bored of looking at the same thing.

  2. I agree with Amy. I’d take all the stockings plus one of the fill-ins. If you don’t get them finished, they can sit in the garage for the 3 months, and you can still finish them before winter. But whatever, it’s your decision. Thanks for sharing and take care.

  3. I vote for the Blackbird design, Feast of Friendship. The house if so “striking” and different than in some cross stitch. Also some or all of the stockings to stitch.

  4. My vote would be any one of these that really make you smile to begin!
    I remember being in the hospital and it made me sad to be there… that said if I had some thing that really made me smile, I would take that or maybe take two of them, that way you not get bored with just the one.

  5. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I would take something seasonal so you would feel ok about not working on it for three months! If you got a good start on the Feast of Friendship it might drive you crazy to have it in the garage and not be able to work on it!

  6. I really like the Queen of the Harvest as well as the two with the big fillin houses. All of those would give you some large fill-in areas as well as some variety areas to stitch. Good luck with your treatment!

  7. I’m thinking the stockings and a wool project. The wool project would be kind of a change of pace so you wouldn’t get burned out with several days of cross stitch.

  8. I was going to suggest similar to Mary above – the Blackbird stockings, a wool project, and then maybe the Friendship one. That way you have options and switch around if the mood so moves you. I don’t think it would hurt to take more than what you might need.

  9. Looooove the stocking with the house… That and “It is Grateful, Thankful, and Blessed.” The gentleman stands out to me. I truly love your posts. Prayers for you. May God be with you, the other patients, nurses and doctors.

  10. I think I would take the last one with the blue house and then some wool applique. That lets you not only switch projects but also the types of stitches you make.

  11. I really like The Feast of Friendship. I wouldn’t recommend taking it because after 3 months in the garage, you’d have only 3 or 4 months to complete it. I don’t think that it could be completed this year. I think you should take Queen of the Harvest and Blackbird’s Merry Christmas. I was wondering if these Christmas stockings are the same size as the one you highlighted in your blog.

  12. Dear Jo,
    You have mentioned before that you wanted to stitch the lilies in the field but had run out of ooomph. That would keep you occupied [not blackbird I know] that would keep in your garage for 3 months without you minding too much. There are plenty of blackbird smaller kits as a change of pace. Enjoy!!! God bless and keep you and yours safe at this stressful time. lots of prayers heading your way from Australia xoxo

  13. Can you take a bunch of the stuff that you have kitted and perhaps leave it ‘outside’ in a place where a friendly nurse could pass it in to you if you get bored with what you are working on? That way, maybe everything wouldn’t been to go into a 3 month time out. We’ve traveled to Gulf Shores for the past 2 weeks and I brought several things that I have finished – much faster than I anticipated! You are such a fast stitcher – with almost no interruptions – so take enough! I hope everything works out so you can get all of your treatments in continued motion!

  14. I like Grateful, Thankful, Blessed. You might not finish it during your stay, but could complete it after the three months. Plus I would add a stocking or two. Would it work to do a wool project in the hospital?
    Keeping you in special prayer tomorrow as you go for your scan… at least I think that’s what you said.
    Love and prayers. ❤️

  15. with each suggestion I come up with there is a big question about the 3-month ‘quarantine to consider. So just have my prayers go with you for successful treatment and not too many side effects.

  16. Jo,

    I vote for a suitcase full of projects and some form of books too. Better to have plenty of choices than not enough to stay busy. Hospitals are really pretty boring and being in isolation will be even more so. What about your cell phone? Does it have to be decontaminated too?


  17. And who cates if you take a box full of things you want to do. Remember your stuff/ treatment/ your choices…YOUR RULES. Yea, you have follow some guide lines, but still ultimately…YOUR RULES. I think you are very brave to do what you are. I think differently for me, “cancer you say to me”, well thank you, I decline anything you suggest. BUT that’s ok for me. You are making decisions for you & they are the right choices for you. Take 2 counted & 1 wool, don’t forget the scissors, etc, you might need (that can be stored), you will feel better for your time spent. Prayers, for you & family & hospital staff.

  18. So many choices – If I was going to be gone for 3-4 days, I’d take a suitcase or tote filled with them- especially the seasonal ones – that way, I’d have a choice. And don’t forget to leave something at home to do while you recover – unless it’s in your tote. Rats. Decisions decisions! Good luck!
    Love and prayers

  19. I like Elissa’s reminder of Lillie’s of the Field. Something bigger that you could really get into for those days and then put away with a big chunk done. Sending hugs!

  20. Barbara Firesheets

    I love that you have different projects kitted up to choose from. How about 1 Christmas (stockings), 1 fall kit, and a wool applique project? Would you have to pre-fuse your wool before you go? That way you don’t need an iron, etc and you’re ready to just stitch. Looking forward to seeing which projects win!

  21. Honestly, I would take them ALL! 3 days is a whole lot of stitching time and if you can’t sleep there will be even more. Take anything that doesn’t have a must finish date of June 10!

    Happy stitching and best wishes for your treatment!

  22. Karin R from PA and FL

    Take the stockings, a wool project and at least one book. The variety will keep your thoughts occupied. Also, be sure to take your favorite tea if that’s allowed. Se ding lo e and prayers. Karin

  23. I would choose the Thankful, Grateful, Blessed kit, because if you’re in isolation that means the treatment worked and the words would reflect what you would be feeling. Thinking of you today and praying that the scan will have the results you have been hoping for.

  24. I agree with others that say “take it all!”. If that doesn’t work for you, how about an expanded variety? At least one stocking, a BBD Christmas, a Brenda Gervais, another fall, and a wool. Also love the idea of bringing Lilies of the Field (I’m working on the tree now) as an alternative to all the starts! Will there be a smart tv in the room where you can watch floss tube? Then it will seem more like a stitching retreat than an isolation:-)

  25. I would take one stocking, the Friendship kit, a wool kit and a couple good books. Maybe 3 books (I’m a fast reader). Best wishes for successful treatment!

  26. When I go sewing with friends (private retreat) I always take more than what could possibly be worked on. My reason is that I don’t know what I will be in the mood for on a certain day. I would go nuts to be bored so I understand. I guess the more you have ready on Friday morning you can follow your gut. In my prayers.

  27. For me personally, it would be the Feast of Friendship! That is beautiful!!!!!! I guess you have to take what you LOVE and want-but think of your 3 month “vacation” it will need. Best of Luck with whatever you do, and know that you are thought of & prayed for. Hugs,

  28. Hi Jo,
    Having been thru radioactive iodine treatment after my thyroid cancer surgery, and in isolation for 10 (!) days, I would recomment a larger project in case you feel up to it and several smalls. I was very tired and smaller things were less daunting until I was able to start my synthroid again, and lower my levels. Cross stitching was a wonderful diversion because you simply followed the chart, not much independent thinking, less choices to make, easier to make nice, neat stitches vs any type of embroidery project.
    I also worked a jigsaw puzzle in my isolation room, a 1,000 piece one that had some challenge, but not one that was super difficult. I was dragging. I had a folding table to work on. If something like that appealed to you, you could bring in an oversized piece of cardboard to work on if there is somewhere to balance it successfully and let them toss it out.
    You have so many of us praying for you. We all wish such good things for you.

  29. I really like the Thankful, grateful and blessed plus a stocking and some wool projects. A mix of finishable and a large piece to get a great start on seems ideal. So thrilled that the cancer is treatable and you seem to be doing well. Wishing you the best always, but especially on your “stitching retreat to health” weekend. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  30. Take the Feast of Friendship and a wool project. Do you still have a paper piecing quilt project? If so bring that too. Three different techniques to keep your hands busy. I sincerely hope all goes well.

  31. Pamela Meyers Arbour

    Well, I guess I will play the devil’s advocate and say take them all including the wool one. I think you might regret not taking them all. Besides, you have plenty more cross stitch projects waiting for you at home that won’t have to go into time-out for 3 months!

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