Hooray…It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!!


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Welcome loyal readers and new readers.  If you’re here from Moda Bake Shop and are new here’s some things you might want to know about us…we blog daily-typically twice a day.  We are a mother daughter quilting team.  I’m Jo the mom and I’m remodeling a foreclosure house-read about that here…Kelli is the daughter I quilt with.  We have a new quilt book coming out in early 2015.  We love to blog about our beagles, Ruby and Puppycat, recipes and whatever else is happening in the kitchen or on the farm.  Thanks for stopping by.

I love Moda Bake Shop days and I love giveaway days-don’t you??  Lucky for us we have both today.  Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $50 gift certificate for one of our lucky readers..but first let’s talk about the quilt.

Kelli and I really like it.  When we saw MoMo’s Avant graden from Moda fabric we knew we wanted to do something with it.  We loved the colors and have found we really like most everything we have seen that MoMo does.  As we were looking at the fabric we saw that many of the prints were large prints.  Those are sometimes hard to work with if we cut them small so we knew we wanted a quilt design where the fabrics weren’t cut down into small pieces….

Next we knew wanted to challenge ourselves by not adding any white, light or typical background print to the blocks…hmmm.

So we started with a square and went from there.  The block we came up with is simple.

I did the designing…Kelli figured yardage and I ordered the fabric.  It came and the fight began…who was going to get to sew it.  We both wanted to as we loved the fabric.  I wanted to sew it but my schedule at the time was kind of full so Kelli took it home.  Well about half way through she petered out.  She didn’t think she’d like the quilt.  She missed seeing some light backgrounds in the blocks and didn’t think she’d like the quilt.  She brought it back to my house and I started in on the blocks….I could understand her thought process but I liked the look of the quilt on paper and thought it would be okay.  I just needed to have some faith so I started sewing.

By the time Kelli left that day I had quite a few blocks done and Kelli was back on track.  She took it home, finished the blocks and sewed them together.

Now..she loved it.  She called excited telling me it turned out wonderful.

Once I saw it…I agreed…but now my turn to fret.  How do I quilt it??


I’ve learned that sometimes it works good to soften square and triangular quilt blocks quilting them with a circular or swirling designs is good…so I opted for this.  I’ve been in love with Baptist Fans lately and this is just a take on that only putting a swirl in the center.  I had a great time with it and will be doing this again and again on future quilts.  I used a brown thread and was happy with that.  All in all, I really like it.

I hope you like it too.

Now about that gift certificate….  Fat Quarter Shop is offering one of my lucky readers a $50 gift certificate.  That should set you on your way to making a quilt of your own.  If you’d like a change to win it…just leave a comment here.  We don’t require anyone to “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instragam or an any of those things but you sure can.  Simply leave a comment here telling if you’ve been to a family reunion this summer and how many miles you traveled to get there…we have one coming up soon…Thanks for stopping by.

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258 thoughts on “Hooray…It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!!”

  1. I love the quilt. Only one family reunion this summer a couple weeks ago. We only have to travel an hour. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  2. We haven’t made it back to see the family for awhile. :-( A trip was planned, and then moved, and then moved again. But it will happen, soon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I live far away from the rest of my family, so whenever we visit one of my sisters it is like a family reunion. We were lucky enough to visit with several earlier this year. It’s about 360 miles to where we met.

  4. No family reunion for me this year. I wish I could have gone to the one my family held but it was about 1300 miles away and I could just not get off work for it.

  5. I have a family reunion coming up on the 16th of August it is a little over 30 miles from where I live. Your quilt turned out beautiful!

  6. This family reunion only happens every seven years or so and it is in two weeks. It is held in different areas of the country and this year is Duluth, MN so it will be 1496 miles swing by Chicago to pick up my brother.

  7. No family reunion for this girl. So sad but there is a ocean between us.
    Thanks for sharing a wonderful quilt pattern with us…and all the other goodies in your blog.

  8. No family reunion scheduled, but I do visit my son regularly who lives about 320 miles away. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. No family reunion planned this year. Just a two week visit from my granddaughter starting Aug. 15. We will do some sewing together. Love the quilt. Thank you for the giveaway

  10. We had a “Half Family” reunion this year. Flew to Arizona from California to be with my youngest grandson and his family. I hadn’t seen my great-grandbabes since 2008 so it was an important trip in our lives.
    Your quilt is beautiful! You and your daughter are equally talented; what a blessing. Thanks for this opportunity.

  11. I love the quilt – quite honestly I am getting tired of white in quilts!
    Went to one family reunion – only a five minute walk away!

  12. Quilting Tangent

    There was a family reunion this year, but we where not able to attend. Enjoy yours, get reacquainted with your relatives, have some fun.

  13. I love this quilt. Can’t wait to try it. As for family reunions, none are scheduled for
    this year. I did visit my lone sibling and that trip is about a 12 hour drive. Thanks to
    the Fat Quarter shop for this offering this give away.

  14. Beautiful quilt. It takes awhile to get used to the blue backing but it grows on you. Our family reunion two weeks ago was only 2 hours away. Enjoy your reunion and hope you don’t have to drive too far.

  15. my husband’s family is almost all within an hour’s driving distance. with all the babies being born, they total more than 2 dozen people. it’s a family reunion every time we get together! my family is spread out all over the country – from coast to coast. we get together every 2 years; rotating locations. it usually takes us 2 plane rides to get to wherever though. better than a 40 hour drive though! have a great time!

  16. I am enjoying a family reunion right now with my husband, our two children and their spouses and our three grandchildren. We each travelled 3-5 hours to spend a glorious week together at the beach.

  17. We travel about 7 hours or 350 miles twice a year to be with family. Worth every minute.
    Thanks Jo and Kelli.

  18. Ours was in July and only traveled about 1 1/2 hours. Most of the family lives in the Twin Cities and so see my siblings and their families pretty regularly. The July one is for all the “extended” and lasts all day, eating, laughing ,sharing and hugging.
    Garden Girl is next up in this studio, loved it when I saw it and then found out it was yours I knew it was the next in queue….
    Enjoy your reunion!

  19. We got to go to a reunion on my dad’s side of the family in early July, which is always a treat since he died quite a few years ago and we don’t get to see that side of the family often. It’s almost 200 miles one way (mostly expressway) and makes for a very full/long day, but it’s worth it!

  20. I just got back from a driving trip with my brother and parents, to Colorado to visit my niece and family, and then stopped in Cleveland, Ohio, on the way back to visit with my dad’s brother and family. It was fun, and we did over 3500 miles, round trip. We did sightseeing, too. Great quilt.

  21. This quilt is really pretty and quite different than what I expected!

    No family reunions this year, but we will be going to PA in September for my sister’s wedding (we live just outside of STL).

  22. Lynne in Hawaii

    Our family gathered in Texas. I flew from Honolulu, Hawaii to San Antonion, Texas to celebrate my Dad’s 90th birthday. That is about 4500 miles. Dad walks 4 miles per day still! I love the quilt! I saw it on the 6th on Moda Bakeshop. Made me smile, but you had not yet made this post on your blog when I visited yesterday.

  23. usually the family reunions are at my home!!!! We do and have any planned for this fall. Love the new quilt and hope I have a chance to win the gc.

  24. There were 2 family reunions last weekend and I missed both of them due to my mom being in the hospital. I would have only had to travel 5 miles to attend either one of them. Your quilt is beautiful. I thought I would miss the light background also, but I really don’t. Love your blob.

  25. My small nuclear family lives thousands of miles away from the rest of the family, so we just have mini-reunions on a regular basis with my sister and her family – only 3 km apart!

  26. Love your MBS quilt – it sure is a pretty fabric line! No family reunion for me this year: it would be some 5000 miles to fly back to Germany ;-(
    Thanks for a chance!

  27. Love how the quilt turned out. It’s great. I haven’t been to a family reunion in years and years. Maybe it’s time to get one planned. Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Very pretty fabric and I absolutely love the pattern. At first glance it looks difficult, but actually I think the piecing will go very fast. and it is perfect for large prints!

  29. I did go to a family reunion … it was about 300 miles away … but we as a family take turns and next year they come to us – it’s a great system

  30. Not been to a big family reunion,but my husband’s sister, her family, and three of his brothers family along with our family enjoy Sunday lunch every Sunday. Sometimes we have extra people as other kin come. Makes for a very enjoyable time.

  31. The last family reunion I attended was in 2009 when my hubby and I took his elderly parents back to see their hometowns of Allentown, PA and York, PA. It was a thrill to hear all their stories and seeing actual places they had life experiences at. This was the last time both of them have been “back home” and it still makes my heart sing knowing that special memories were made in 2009.

  32. My family on my Dad’s side has a big July 4th picnic every year and it’s the closest thing we have to a family reunion. My husband and I drove about 6 hours to get there and our son flew from New Orleans to Pittsburgh — so I think he made a longer trip than anyone else.

  33. Sandy A in St. Louis

    This year our family reunion was held here in town and was a combo reunion/bridal shower. It was nice not to have to drive hours away to spend a short time together, then drive hours back home again!

  34. Cindy Wienstroer

    No family reunions for me per se but my cousin came up to visit my mom and we got together going over old photos of our grandmother & grandfather’s families. We talked quilting and she brought a truck-full of fabric for my mom to share! fun times and now we are researching our great grandfather.

  35. Margaret Schindler

    I think the last time I went to a family reunion was my husbands family about 20 years ago. We moved from the area where they held them and it is too far for us to travel.

  36. NancyB from Many LA

    I had a wonderful family reunion – it was shared with my twin sister’s and my 60th birthday. I traveled 1100 miles to go to it. My daughter and I drove straight through! (We did stay at a motel on the ride home).

  37. Leanne Spencer

    My husband and I rode our motorcycles to Rye, TX (outside Houston) in May to have a reunion with my brother and his wife. 1220 miles one way. He rode his Honda Gold Wing and I rode my CanAm Spyder. We had a great time and can’t wait to do it again!
    (I goofed and posted this comment on another post…..sorry….)

  38. We had a sad family reunion. Our father passed away July 13 and all the kids gathered for the viewing and to share stories. One lives in Alaska, one in California and one in Indiana. We all traveled back to Central Valley California.

    I love your pattern. I am given a bunch of fabric samples several times a year and this would be perfect for pulling them together.

  39. I love, love, love the quilt. The colors are wonderful!!!! I haven’t been to any family reunions this summer although I did go to my aunt’s house on July 4th so I got to see some aunts, uncles and cousins. My husband’s side always have their family reunion the Sunday before Labor Day (we actually started it 39 yrs. ago), so it is close by. It’ll be here before I know it!

  40. No family reunion this summer. We do a meet up with the kids at Thanksgiving time every year that we really look forward to.

  41. No family reunion planned this year, but next year I’ll be traveling about 800 miles for a reunion. I like your quilt because it’s not a quilt you see day after day after day on the internet.

  42. No family reunion for me, most all my family is gone and the ones that are still here are scattered to the wind. I remember going to them on both sides of the family when I was younger, what great memories.

  43. Love your quilt and the beautiful colours! Our family is getting together in a couple of weeks, but we are lucky that we haven’t far to travel. Thank you for the chance to win.

  44. We didn’t have to travel this year, as we hosted the reunion at our church fellowship hall. I would LOVE a Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate! I am sure I could find something I would love! This quilt is just BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to try it!

  45. We usually go to PA for Family reunion…but this year,had it in Ohio…sooo WE only drove an hour…(was 4 hrs one way to the one in PA.) We are closer…but a Brother & his Family come from Kansas every Summer for Reunion.

    Looooove your Quilt!! It is Gorgeous!! Awesome job!! :)

  46. The pattern looks very versatile and I would love a Fat Quarter Shop certificate to get it started!
    My family just had our reunion last week on the Big Island, Hawaii. We saw some beautiful places and even saw a turtle on the Black Sand beach. Looks like we got out in time, since we left last Thursday.

  47. I have never been to a family reunion as my family has never had one that Im aware of. I would really love to have one and meet all my relatives. I will have to look into that idea. Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. Love your cousin’s quilt, beautiful job!

    I wasn’t able to make our family reunion this time. I lost my mom the week before it was scheduled (mom’s family) and we have just finished emptying her house. We will be having dad’s family reunion in a couple of months.

  49. Lesley Gilbert

    I went to a family Baptism in June – local to me but the rest of the family had to travel here. Love this new quilt :)

  50. I love your quilt. No official family reunion this year, but we are leaving on Sat. to travel from PA to TX to visit family. 2400 miles round trip by car.

  51. I just had a cousins reunion last Saturday. It was 140 miles away each way, but I got to stop in at 2 of my favorite quilt shops on the way.

  52. We have a family reunion each year. It is only a one day event and is held about 6 miles away from our house. Lots of food and fellowship. Love your quilts!

  53. First I want to say, Beautiful quilt! I haven’t been to a reunion of any kind in decades. I do miss seeing some relatives.

  54. I love the quilt too! I attended a small family reunion just my siblings and their spouses. We traveled about 250 miles. But I have another reunion Labor Day Weekend only 18 miles away and another the first weekend in October 100 miles away.

  55. We caught up with my brother in law and his wife and parents in Lancaster PA a few months ago! We won’t see my family until we go back to australia in march!

  56. I haven’t been to a family reunion since I was a little girl. We would drive 2 hours one way every summer to the Pawnee Bill Museum. It would start out with the reunion and then for the next two weeks I went from being a full blown city girl to a down & dirty farm chick. I milked cows, gathered eggs, rode horses and 3 wheelers and one year even used the magic of cow manure on a very nasty cut on my heel from a broken pop bottle that refused to heal. By the time we were heading home I could actually wear a shoe again instead of my homemade slippers my grandma had made. I totally LOVED it.

  57. We didn’t have an actual reunion this year but when I planned a visit to the Chicago area in June I decided to try and see how many aunts, cousins, second cousins I could round up for an impromptu luncheon. I was truly excited that we had 20 family members show up and we had a delightful time catching up. It was truly wonderful. I actually traveled the farthest, coming in from Idaho. Love your quilt.

  58. No family reunions exactly, but my niece got married and a lot of extended family came to town for that. The wedding was held about 10 miles from our house. I like the quilt design – I can see myself making that!

  59. Our family is so small and we’re all local in Kansas City, that we get together any time! I’ve printed out your newest pattern and went off for a day of quilting and fun!!

  60. Hi Jo,
    I love, love love Garden Girl (and Ruby)!
    I’ve only been home for 2 days from a Siblings reunion in Tampa, FL. I traveled 1,500 miles from Cape Cod (with the help of Jet Blue). There are six of us and we get together for a weekend every summer at my sister’s house without spouses or kids. We’ve done it for 17 years! I am very blessed to still have all of them.

  61. No family reunion, but we will be going to my 50th class reunion in MN in September. A great looking quilt. Keep up the good work.

  62. I love the quilt. We attend our family reunion every year in June and travel 80 miles. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  63. Beautiful Quilt! My MIL’s funeral was just about a month ago and we traveled 200 miles south to hubby’s hometown (corn fields, IL, lol) and got to see lots of family that we hadn’t seen in a long time. Though it was a sad occasion it was a nice trip.

  64. Love the quilt. I am always in for anything blue. No family reunions this year. When we have them, we only travel about 5 miles which is nice. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  65. Margaret Parks

    We had a wonderful reunion last month with our son that had been very ill and over in Korea for 2 years, He is doing well and it was so good to see him. Made this Mama’s heart happy.

  66. Jennifer Collard

    I haven’t been home to visit for 2 years now. My aunt Alice is organizing a reunion for this fall, like Sept, but we’ll just have to see. DH won’t take off work, so I ride the bus for 12 hours and my brother comes to pick me up at the station in Ottumwa.. It’s always a good trip and I never visit less than a week at a time. That’s about as long as I can handle being away from my honey and my pets. My kids don’t visit too often. Daughter does better than son. Ah well. I can se your quilt design done in christmas landscape fabric for the centers and pine green triangles on the corners, with pine dones or needles surrounding it all and baby yellow sashing. Can you tell I have all that downstairs on the sewing table? INSPIRATION STRIKES!

  67. No family reunions- I come from a pretty small family. However, I did just spend a few days with my son who lives about 3 hours away!

  68. Beautiful quilt! Our big family reunion usually falls over our wedding anniversary weekend, so we haven’t been in a few years. It’s about 700 miles to travel to, in the Smokey Mountains.

  69. Swoon! I love your quilt! I love the vintage look that the background gives it, and the way that the pattern showcases this wonderful fabric. And I like the story about its creation! As for a family reunion, I am fortunate to have my parents and my five brothers and sisters and their children and grandchildren all living within 40 miles of each other, so we had a couple fun pot lucks this summer with lots of little children running around. Great memories! Thanks for this great giveaway and for your inspiring blog.

  70. Glenda in Florida

    Our family reunion was last Saturday. I drove 970 miles from Florida to Illinois, and then my sister drove the 50 miles to the reunion. While I’m in Illinois I’m also going to attend a high school reunion :-) This quilt is lovely–I think it might be a good pattern to use with my large scale floral collection.

  71. Great Quilt!! We had a fun family reunion at the beach only about 30 miles away!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  72. DH’s was last weekend, mine a month ago. Love the quilt, especially the background fabric. I love quilts that have something other than just a plain background.

  73. No family reunion but a family wedding in October that some of us can attend. That’s in FL and we are in WI. Other relatives from OK were just up for my MIL’s funeral. Not the best family reunion. Hopefully next summer we’ll travel. Thanks for the chance to win! shopgirl7232(at)yahoo(dot)com

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