Hooray…It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!!


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Welcome loyal readers and new readers.  If you’re here from Moda Bake Shop and are new here’s some things you might want to know about us…we blog daily-typically twice a day.  We are a mother daughter quilting team.  I’m Jo the mom and I’m remodeling a foreclosure house-read about that here…Kelli is the daughter I quilt with.  We have a new quilt book coming out in early 2015.  We love to blog about our beagles, Ruby and Puppycat, recipes and whatever else is happening in the kitchen or on the farm.  Thanks for stopping by.

I love Moda Bake Shop days and I love giveaway days-don’t you??  Lucky for us we have both today.  Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $50 gift certificate for one of our lucky readers..but first let’s talk about the quilt.

Kelli and I really like it.  When we saw MoMo’s Avant graden from Moda fabric we knew we wanted to do something with it.  We loved the colors and have found we really like most everything we have seen that MoMo does.  As we were looking at the fabric we saw that many of the prints were large prints.  Those are sometimes hard to work with if we cut them small so we knew we wanted a quilt design where the fabrics weren’t cut down into small pieces….

Next we knew wanted to challenge ourselves by not adding any white, light or typical background print to the blocks…hmmm.

So we started with a square and went from there.  The block we came up with is simple.

I did the designing…Kelli figured yardage and I ordered the fabric.  It came and the fight began…who was going to get to sew it.  We both wanted to as we loved the fabric.  I wanted to sew it but my schedule at the time was kind of full so Kelli took it home.  Well about half way through she petered out.  She didn’t think she’d like the quilt.  She missed seeing some light backgrounds in the blocks and didn’t think she’d like the quilt.  She brought it back to my house and I started in on the blocks….I could understand her thought process but I liked the look of the quilt on paper and thought it would be okay.  I just needed to have some faith so I started sewing.

By the time Kelli left that day I had quite a few blocks done and Kelli was back on track.  She took it home, finished the blocks and sewed them together.

Now..she loved it.  She called excited telling me it turned out wonderful.

Once I saw it…I agreed…but now my turn to fret.  How do I quilt it??


I’ve learned that sometimes it works good to soften square and triangular quilt blocks quilting them with a circular or swirling designs is good…so I opted for this.  I’ve been in love with Baptist Fans lately and this is just a take on that only putting a swirl in the center.  I had a great time with it and will be doing this again and again on future quilts.  I used a brown thread and was happy with that.  All in all, I really like it.

I hope you like it too.

Now about that gift certificate….  Fat Quarter Shop is offering one of my lucky readers a $50 gift certificate.  That should set you on your way to making a quilt of your own.  If you’d like a change to win it…just leave a comment here.  We don’t require anyone to “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instragam or an any of those things but you sure can.  Simply leave a comment here telling if you’ve been to a family reunion this summer and how many miles you traveled to get there…we have one coming up soon…Thanks for stopping by.

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258 thoughts on “Hooray…It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!!”

  1. No family reunion although my youngest son, his girlfriend and his two dogs are coming to Texas the last week in August. He lives in Iowa. His girlfriend has never been to Texas so it should be fun to show her around. The end of August she’ll get a warm (hot) welcome here.
    Love your Moda quilt. It is beautiful. The pictures with the beagles are fun. I grew up with beagles and they’re so much fun and full of personality.

  2. I don’t have a family reunion to go to this summer—have fun all of you who do….I love to watch all ages of a family come together for a day…I love the quilting you did on this special quilt…….

  3. This summer my husband, daughter, and I travelled from Canada to France to visit my French relatives…. Some of whom I hadn’t seen in 40 years and many of their children I had not met!!! It was an amazing reunion but very difficult to say, “A bien tot”, which means “See you soon!”

  4. No – no family reunions for us. The last (and only!) one I went to was 11 years ago. Probably time for another! I love your quilt design. Like you and Kelli, I also love everything designed by MoMo.

  5. No family reunions here but there were quite a few family visits.Thank you for shareing this quiltpattern. I am not a big fan of repeating blocks in a quilt especially not when there are quite a few because i get bored easily. But with this one it was love at first sight. Already know which fabrics to make it with, now i only have to find just the right background fabric.

  6. No, not this year but we did last year! I am originally from the UK but now live in France, last year was the first time in 4 years that we had been back home, really missing my family and friends now and wish we could go visit again. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Debbie Leschisin

    New quilt tutorial is beautiful! No family reunion, but we had a family wedding last week, husband’s cousin’s son – so got to see some extended family. That was a lot of fun. Thanks for a chance at the great giveaway!

  8. We had a nephew and his family come see us from IA on their NY experience vacation and the next weekend we went to my son’s wedding in Boston for a long weekend. Both were great fun, but not really reunions. Just more like visits I guess.

  9. My wife & I are hosting a “family reunion” at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada next week. We will be starting our trip today; the children (3) & grandchildren (7) will be traveling tomorrow. I like to have some hand work to do so that when I’m NOT driving, I can get in some sewing. (I was bitten by the “Quilting Bug” almost 50 years ago and am still at it.) I have only recently discovered quilting blogs and am enjoying them very much. There are so many beautiful quilts to make and reading blog posts increases creativity while improving personal piecing/quilting skills. Thank you for bloging. R.

  10. No, unfortunately we do not have reunions. We used to when my Mother was alive, but in today’s age, we are so spread out it doesn’t happen. As a kid, we used to and have such a good time, I miss those times.

    That quilt is STUNNING!!! It sooooo looks like something for my Granddaughter! I am definitely going to try to reproduce it! Thank you for all the sharing you do!

  11. No I am not going to a family reunion this summer. The last time we had a reunion was over 12 years ago before my dad passed away.
    Your quilt is gorgeous. You have such a nack with what designs to use. I am a newbie quilter, so i guess it will come with time. Right?

  12. Unfortunately, since my parent passed, we haven’t had a family reunion. However I am excited to see my Great Aunt is having a 90th Birthday Party – woo hoo, my only living auntie…and I have to travel 4.6 miles to get there:)

  13. Our family had a reunion this summer although they don’t happen every year. My family was unable to attend this year. In past years the costs were prohibitive for us as the locations are always too costly that they choose.

    I really love this quilt. I saw it on the Moda site and it immediately caught my eye.

  14. No family reunions for me this summer. But, I live within walking distance of my sister, and we have a get together every Sunday. So, that’s sort of like a mini reunion every week. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. no fam reunions here either. we are all over the place. BUT FB does a good enough job of keeping us all in touch, although not like it used to be. I’d like to see and be w my sibs occ. we have all changed so much, and all still the same.
    Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL. and you both did a great job on it. I have too much on mu plate right now to accept a gift even for free fabric. I don’t think I can surface to a purchase even until 2 yrs from now! I just wanted to tell you how pretty the quilt looked

  16. I love this quilt without the normal background. No family reunions here. I do so remember them when I was a kid with my mom’s family. I am an only child and dad was in the military so when we did get together is was heaven.

  17. Love your new quilt. No family reunions for me this year. Will go to visit family though that are around 200 miles away.

  18. I like this quilt but think I would love it with a lighter background. Even though blue is my favorite color I am not good with just explosions of color so to speak. Differences of opinion are what make the quilting world so interesting.

    Not far to travel to a family reunion since we are hosting my husband family in our backyard in Sept.

  19. No reunion for me this summer, but will be attending a wedding in September where there will family members I haven’t seen for sometime and ones I have never met. Travel distance is only about 350 miles.

  20. Woo Hoo. what a beautiful Quilt! Yes I just got back from my family reunion in Siesta Key Florida, and my husband and I travels 632 Miles to get there! ~ Katie

  21. My family apparently isn’t big on reunions. I think I’ve been to only one, ever, and it was probably within 100 miles of where I was living at the time. I like how your challenge to not use a typical background fabric turned out! Nice!

  22. Well, we don’t do reunions in either of our families, but we love them anyhow, If I suggested one, I would have to organize one.

  23. Congratulations to you both – what a great quilt!
    We had a family get together last weekend, we met at my nephew’s house which is only about 10 miles from us!

  24. We had our first family reunion in decades this summer. I traveled 75 miles, I didn’t move far from home. Others traveled from the southeastern coast and from western Canada. It was fun.

  25. Not exactly titled a family reunion but certainly had most of the family at it – Monday the 4th of August was my In-Law’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party. With 10 siblings on one side and 8 on the other, there were about 70 people in the back yard. Fortunately, I only had to travel about 15 minutes to it. I will never forget their anniversary date as it’s the same as mine, August 1st, just a few decades apart!

  26. I’m going to my family reunion tomorrow!! Funny! I will be traveling about 100 miles, which I didn’t think was too bad. I’m looking forward to seeing all the extended family that I never see.

  27. I haven’t been to a family reunion in quite a few years and there isn’t one planned for this year either. I love your quilt and your quilting design looks great. Thanks gorgeous sharing and for the giveaway.

  28. We have been to two family reunions: We traveled from Pennsylvania to Alaska for one, and then from Alaska to Minnesota for the other, and we’ll be on our way back to Pennsylvania soon.

  29. We will be traveling 9 hours north to see my brother and his family. My brother retired in January to a cabin that is 4.5 hours north of Minneapolis. I am planning on delivering the quilts for my 2 nieces and nephew and a surprise one for my sister-in-law.

    Kim got the quilt kit during a Minnesota Shop Hop in 2007 or 2008. When I visited the following year I cut the kit out, tagged the pieces and bagged it up for her. When they retired this year I asked Kim if she ever got the quilt finished and she told me she had not. I schemed with my oldest niece and brother to have them send it to me. It is now ready to return to her and she has still not missed it! Can’t wait to see her face!

  30. No family reunion this year. Last year we traveled approximately 1500 miles from Florida to Wisconsin for the reunion. Thank goodness it was a plane trip! Had a blast!

  31. I missed my family reunion but would have only had to travel a couple of hours to get there. I was sick the weekend that they held it. I did get to be reunited with a cousin I haven’t seen in years. I work at a visitor center in the middle of Utah and was working on a quilt at work. A lady and her husband came in to use the restrooms. She asked what I was working on. Her voice sounded familiar. We got to talking and then I recognized her and we had our own little reunion there at the visitor center. She travels back and forth from southern Utah to northern Utah and always stops at our park and rest stop. That was so fun!! Love your blog Jo.

  32. Several hundred relatives from my Mom’s family meet every other year in our capitol city of Madison so no reunion this year. Last year it was about 145 miles to attend.

    Love the newest quilt.

  33. No official family reunion this summer; although we did travel to Colorado to welcome our newest granddaughter, and love on the others that we don’t get to see very often.
    I’m so happy and excited for you and the release of your new book.
    Thanks for the give-away, so fun to win!

  34. I went to my family reunion last month in Platteville, WI! It is about 120 miles from us, well worth the drive!

  35. Just found your site and love your quilt! Have fun at your reunion, I haven’t been to one in years as the older folks are about gone and the young ones seem to be too busy.

  36. No family reunions, but spent time together at the county fairs watching the kids show. We have a family get together on Labor Day weekend at Mom & Dad’s which is 3.5 miles from here.

  37. It wasn’t a full family reunion, but we did get to visit most of my immediate family in Wisconsin over the 4th of July weekend. That was when we found out that our niece is expecting her second child. Another reason to make a baby quilt!
    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your new pattern–beautiful!

  38. We usually have one in late August or September in PA. So from Connecticut it is 256 miles. Yes we know the mileage. We won’t make it this year though as my husband is recovering from total hip replacement. I thought I would have so much time to sew during his recovery. Not!, Will catch up in the fall.

  39. We did have a family reunion this year. We traveled about 500 miles to DesMoines to participate in the Iowa Senior Games with MIL, her husband, and all their kids and spouses. Lots of fun! Cynthia

  40. Unfortunately I don’t have a family reunion to go to anymore. My moms side of the family used to have one every 2 years in Georgia. After she passed away, they just got to where they didn’t want to bother with it. Sad.

  41. We just took our 2 1/2 yr old to Queensland, Australia (from Auckland, New Zealand) to join his grandparents on a winter holiday to the sun…. yummy! It’s soooo cold here at the moment. I absolutely adore this pattern. I have been looking for a Moroccan style pattern for some time now and this is it!!! I’m planning on deep red, purples and hot pinks. Though I could equally be swayed on turquoises and deep blues with a flash of red and orange…… Yay! Thank you so much for sharing this : )

  42. What energy. You and your daughter are certainly goal driven. Nice quilts. No family reunion this summer with the whole family just getting together with son and his family. 2 1/2 hour drive but always wonderful to see the grandchildren. jody

  43. We haven’t had any family reunions to travel to this summer. I absolutely love this quilt, it’s very unusual, and I like unusual. cdahlgren at live dot com

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