Hooray…It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day & Giveaway!!


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Hello… Did you read title of the post?  It’s a Moda Bake Shop day and a GIVEAWAY too…how fun.  I always get lots of new people stopping over on Moda Bake Shop days so I thought I would give you a big warm welcome and show you around a bit.   Here’s the highlights of recent happenings here at Jo’s Country Junction…I am hosting a 2012 Quilt Square Quilt Along (feel free to join us..the more the merrier!!).  Here’s my latest quilt shop experience.  Here’s a picture of my family….and here’s a post about the 10,000 pieced quilts my daughter Kelli and I made and gave away as Christmas presents.

Now onto the quilt…..Here’s Gracie showing the quilt Starry Terrain.


We have good friends and their son is getting married.  I think the world of their son as he’s been friends with both my son and my daughter.  I wanted to make Kris a quilt for a wedding present so I asked him for a color suggestion.  He picked black, magenta and lime colors.  I checked out Moda’s fabric lines and found Terrain.  There was magenta and a green, but no black.  I ended up adding a Moda Black Swirl fabric…and an orange too.

The quilt uses a layer cake and extra yardage of Terrain.  The layer cake is used as the center of the stars.  Terrain has been in quilt shops for a bit now so you can easily find it in stores.


You’ll have to hop on over to Moda Bake Shop and see how the blocks come together to make the lime secondary stars. I love blocks that make secondary designs…


I used a great variegated thread.  It blended in beautifully.  I didn’t do any fancy machine quilting…just a simple swirl.


Making the quilt was totally out of my element…I typically don’t do super bright and typically don’t do black backgrounds.  It’s fun to try different styles. You can read the full instructions on how to make the quilt over at Moda Bake Shop….

And now what you are probably waiting for…the giveaway.  Fat Quarter shop is being so generous.

They are giving away a $50 gift certificate for you to use at their shop.  They have lots of great new Moda fabric lines in….you’ll have to hop over and check them out.  Fat Quarter Shop always has great things happening on their blog.  They also offer a newsletter and have a facebook page.  You can follow along with their happening so many ways.  If you get a chance, tell Kimberly thanks for the great giveaway….

I never tell people that they have to follow me on facebook for a chance to win, but you sure can.  If you want a chance to win, just leave a comment here telling if you got anything quilty for Christmas.  I’ll pick a winner on January 4th.
Thanks for stopping by…hope to see you again.

332 thoughts on “Hooray…It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day & Giveaway!!”

  1. The quilt looks fantastic. I was in a santa sack swap and my partner made me the most amazing quilted things. I also got a couple of beautiful quilty books. Thanks for the chance.

  2. How do you get you dog to stay still for a photo shoot? Mine never wants to be photographed.

    I didn’t receive anything quilty for Christmas, but I did buy myself some fabric that I had been eyeing.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  3. I just fell in love with your Starry Terrain. Great choice in the Moda Black fabric. Just makes the quilt stand out even more. I was a winner in the BlogSHop Hop. Received a package of quilty goodies. There will be a happy quilter next year when the winner is picked. I see a very nice quilt to welcome 2012. Thank you for a wonderful giveway. I also enjoy your blog very much and enjoy all your creative designs. Thank you.

    Sandi T.

  4. Hi Jo,
    Your quilt is beautiful!!! I’m going to check out the pattern.
    My family doesn’t exchange gifts for Christmas anymore. Some years we have adopted a family and this year my husband and I chose to donate to Toys for Tots and a couple other charities. However, I did get a book and some fabric in my quilt guild’s yankee exchange.

  5. I think this is the first time in years that I DIDN’T receive anything quilty for Christmas – but that’s okay – I did get lots of other great stuff!

  6. I got a Schnibbles Times Two book, a quilt magazine subscription and a lighted magnifing seam ripper. Now all I need is fabric for a new project. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  7. Love the quilt. I received some lovely presents from quilting buddies, including fabric, a quilt book and chocolates. Most important was their gift of friendship. What more could I ask for? Thanks for the give away.

  8. Oooh, I got two gift certs to use at my favorite quilt shops…lucky me!!! The main “gift”, though, was “adopting” three local teenagers and providing them with Christmas gifts….I just wish I could have seen their faces :)

  9. What a stunning quilt! I love all things Kate Spain – LOL! For Christmas I was gifted with a nice check which I plan to distribute to all my favorite stores particularly FQS!

  10. It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to get that quilt away from Gracie in order to give it to the bride & groom! Beautiful quilt and cute pup. :)

    I got a beautiful lap quilt for Christmas, made by Amy (Stitchery Dickory Dock). My husband gave it to me and I just love it.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. I got some quilty stuff in my stocking! an Australian Patchwork magazine, a rotating cutting mat and some cool new pins! and even a KT charm pack…my favorite!

  12. It took me awhile to see the secondary star print in your quilt. I love that in fact i like most of what you do. Nothing quilty for Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I received several striped fabrics from the FQS and would love to shop with a gift certificate from Kim. You made a great wedding quilt–thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Nothing specifically for Christmas, but I did buy myself a new sewing machine the day after! Mine (not a very good one) died while in the middle of a quilt Christmas gift I was making. Luckily, I was able to borrow one to finish the project!

  15. Didn’t get anything quilty for Christmas, but today I went to JoAnn’s and everything I purchased was on sell, 7 yds of fabric, thread and a 10 1/2 Omnigrip square, all half price.
    Love your quilt and enjoy reading your blog everyday.

  16. I don’t know how to answer your question as I have not opened all my gifts yet but so far I got a beautiful pincushion and thread bag from a dear quilty friend. I also got a magazine so we shall see if there is more quilting things. Happy New Year to you and yours…
    Regards from Western Canada,

  17. Love your quilt design. Black backgrounds really make the colours pop. I had a great Christmas, quilting-wise, I buy my own presents and give them to DH to wrap. This year I received a couple of quilting books and several pieces of yummy fabrics. Sure beats the year I got bathroom scales in one package and the battery in another!

  18. Why yes, I did get something quilty. Besides a couple of gift certificates to local quilt shops, I received 2 IDENTICAL Iowa Hawkeye quilt kits from my nephews. Neither one of them knew the other had picked out that kit. But between them they decided how to solve the problem. They said I could piece and quilt them and give them back to them. LOL!! But what, I asked, do I get out of this gift? My nephew said all his love and appreciation. I guess that’s kind of a gift in itself, isn’t it?

  19. I just love the Terrain fabric and what you’ve done with it! So pretty!
    I did get some quilt books for Christmas from my Amazon wish list. My husband always knows which books to get with that list! I also received a set of batik charm squares and a quilt book from my mother. Fun stuff!

  20. I love your blog…and you are so blessed to have children to quilt with you. Quilty gift – my mom bought me a new cutting mat (mine was pretty “cut up” and a new 12.5 ruler….used mind so much the grid lines were starting to smudge off…..so I’m ready – now just need new fabric…..so woudl LOVE to win a giveaway. Thanks for the chance! kwiley(AT)comcast(DOT) net

  21. love your quilt. no quilt stuff for me, but I gave all my quilt friends mug buckets for their sewing tables. Happy New Year.

  22. Beautiful quilt, Jo! And yes, I got lots of quilty stuff for Christmas – a FQ bundle of Echo, some beautiful batiks, a new iron (the Panasonic cordless!) and lots of other cool notions. It was a good year!!

  23. I didn’t get anything quilty for Christmas but I did treat myself to the dear jane software so I can continue my journey. I love your website with all the great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Not sure if it went through!?! I didn’t get anything quilty for Christmas but I did treat myself to the dear jane software so I can continue my journey. I love your website with all the great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Wow. What a great quilt. I almost didn’t recognize this as being Terrain because the black was really throwing me off a bit. But, it looks really great.

    Sadly nope, no quilty things for me for Christmas but not for the lack of trying with all the HUGE hints I gave out. But, I did get the upgrade for my Viking Husqvarna software to the 5D Extra so that’s good. I wanted that too and with the cost of that, I honestly am not surprised I didn’t get other things I wanted so I’m happy. Besides, I have a birthday in about two weeks. :) Maybe I’ll see some of those other things I was hinting about for my birthday.

  26. A “sew happy to be quilting mug”. A little sewing machine from my sister. And, best of all gifts, the quilt I gave away was very appreciated. I love that.~

  27. I’m getting the Electric Quilt 7 software after the 1st of the year from Fat Quarter shop! (I ordered it and then had to have my husband call them to delay shipping because I’m a dingbat. I forgot I wasn’t going to be home! LOL. :-)

  28. I did get a new quilting book from my husband – it was on my list! Mostly I Gave quilty gifts this year. Your quilt is beautiful – just striking. Thanks to you and Fat Quarter Shop for the chance to win a gift certificate.

  29. With all the fabric and quilting supplies I buy throughout the year, I felt guilty asking my husband for anything quilt related. I did, however, recieve a gorgeous pair of gold handled dress maker’s shears from my inlaws right before Christmas…I love them!!

  30. I didn’t get anything quilty, unless you count the fabric that came in the mail a few days after Christmas – I won it in JUNE! I considered it my Christmas present. LOL!

  31. Well, I don’ t know that it counts as quilty, per se, but . . . . I did get a cash gift which I will use to pay for certification to use the longarm at my local quilt shop so that I can rent it. I’m very excited! Now to get busy making quilt tops to play with . . . . :-)

  32. Every year, I wish for quilty things, but alas, no one else I know makes quilts. So I gave myself something quilty for Christmas – I bought fabric! YAY! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  33. I didn’t get anything quilty for Christmas… But I did get Christmas money from my in-laws so I’m going to spend it on quilty items. :)
    That is a beautiful quilt! I love that the black fabric up close has swirls in it! Thanks for a chance to win!
    I also Liked you on Facebook!

  34. I didn’t get anything quilty for Christmas so I took it upon myself to get a few things for my addiction. I got a couple Accuquilt Go! dies, a couple of templates and a bunch of fabric. I have taken some vacation time between Christmas and New Year’s Day so I’ve been busy. A local charity asked for some baby quilts and I have made 28 so far using about 70 yards from my stash.

  35. Actually I did receive a new sewing chair from my husband (I think he was tired of seeing me walking bent over after hours at the machine), such a sweetie. The one I had was a hand me down from the original family computer desk. Also got a gift card to a local quilt shop, yipee. Your Starry Terrain quilt is awesome. An absolute must-do. I so enjoy your style, stay with the tried and true and add a modern twist. Love the way your mind works.

  36. I didn’t get anything quilty for Christmas but anticipating the end of the holidays so I can get back to sewing is gift enough for me! Oh and I did get some monetary gifties which might just have to become fabric LOL!
    Thanks for the chance to win and the great pattern,

  37. Nothing quilty for me for Christmas. I need to work on my new granddaughter’s quilt in 2012 and start one for grandson expected in June!

  38. Nothing quilty here – except the chance to clean my sewing room for guests – hoo boy. It was great to see and touch all my wonderful fabrics :) Glad I found your blog (from the Moda Bake Shop) – lovely work here!

  39. A friend from my quilt group made me the most wonderful paperpieced Christmas stocking…not too big, and not too small….with the most delicious fabrics, some with hints of gold…I just love it…too often, quilters forget to give quilter-friends things they’ve made, thinking, I’m sure, ‘Well, they could make this…’. True, but we won’t! Nice to get it, and will be treasured forever!

  40. I love so many of your bakeshop quilts and this is just another beautiful one! Can’t wait to make it. I got some quilty goodies, a Block a Day calendar (I LOVE IT) and a new 9 cube storage unit and a bobbin donut with 4 empty bobbins in it for my machine. I make sure I give DH a good list.

  41. Jo, this is a wonderful quilt design. I had to look hard to find the layer cake in this one. It would be fun to do this in another colorway. Thanks for sharing this great design with us! Sending it to the printer! Happy New Year!

  42. We had a very low key Christmas this year — health problems for my husband. …but, we had family around and all is looking much better for the coming year. I have way too many projects to work on, so I didn’t miss adding more quilty things to the list.

  43. I got a serger for Christmas. I feel so spoiled. I don’t know if anybody would think that would be a guilty gift, but there were so many other things I could have gotten that would have been more practical.
    I busted out laughing at your UFO projects – they look like mine. I don’t know why some of my projects never get finished.
    Beautiful quilt – I love the colors. Thank you for your wonderful pattern.
    Fat Quarter Shop is the first quilt shop I ever ordered from. I love how everything from FQS is perfect from the folding of the fabric – to the packaging. I always feel special when I open their boxes.

  44. My husband, bless his heart, understands little about quilting yet. We have only been married for 2 years, lol. He watches me struggle with rotary cutting because of my arthritis in my hands acting up sometimes. He went to Joann Fabrics and asked them what would help me with that and came home with a Go! cutting system for me for Christmas!!! He even turns the crank for me if my hands are hurting…I think he’s a keeper!!

  45. Hi Jo!

    I got a 30 degree Dresden triangle ruler, and an applique foot for my sewing machine for Christmas. I’m hoping to get time to sew on New Year’s Day. Thank you for the awesome pattern and giveaway! And thank you to Kimberly too!

  46. Santa brought me an accuquilt Go baby Can you believe it!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win the generous gift certificate!

    Happy Sewing and Happy New Year!

  47. My husband got me my first Bernina! I was so excited and once all the Christmas decorations are put away and the kids are back in school I’ll finally be able to get down to business! :) Thanks for this opportunity and Happy New Year!

  48. The only quilty thing I got was some time to do some quilting. Kathie L in Allentown. Great quilt with wonderful color combination.

  49. Just gorgeous, I really love your quilt! I got a new table for my sewing machine to sit in for Christmas, and I bought myself and new ruler and pattern too :)

  50. Aah I am so excited to see this quilt and the pattern. Funny but my not so quilty daughter gave me the terrain layer cake for Christmas. I can’t wait to order the yardage and make this one.
    Thanks so much

  51. My mom gave me a set of 8 placemats, and a christmas wallhanging……. very nice. and if you want to count the new ironing board I got, that too….I needed a new one to iron my fabric.

  52. Jo- This quilt is so pretty! I like all your quilts actually- :-) I did get the companion angle ruler so I could do the Orca bay mystery. My daughter who is 8 got it for me. Now to get started… K-

  53. The only quilty stuff I got was Joann’s gift cards… but I’ve bought myself quite enough presents over the past couple of months!

  54. I got a new Janome Horizon sewing machine!!!! I love it. So I could really use your giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Happy new year

  55. Genevieve Howell

    Beautiful Quilt. Out of my comfort zone, but neet to do one and not be afraid of it…LOL. I recieved a $100 dollar giftcard, a pack of 5 rotary blades and several new packs of sewing machine needles. My kids know my needs…LOL. Happy New Year!!

  56. Sue in Scottsdale AZ

    Nothing quilty for me but I did get an okay from a LQS to teach classes beginning in the 2nd quarter of 2012 (my proposal was given to them last week). Everything I will be teaching involves the AccuQuilt Go! I am so excited. I have wanted to start teaching at this shop for quite some time but kept running into roadblocks. I’m now on my way in 2012. Yeah!

  57. I did get a completed wall hanging, some notions, gift cert to my local quilt shop. Can’t wait to start shopping

  58. nothing exchanged for christmas but i did get quiltly books and fabric during all the dec sales. hubby was just fine and asked if i wanted or needed more.

  59. What a Beautiful quilt…they are certainly a lucky couple!!
    We recently moved into a new home and I had not setup my sewing area yet. For Christmas my Hubby helped me setup a great workspace. I have 10 ft x 3 ft of working space at a nice counter height, great for cutting and piecing. A nice tall bookshelf with a door to store fabric and supplies. I’m heading out tomorrow to look for a counter height stool. After that I’m hitting the Moda website to order some Jellies!! WooHoo can’t wait to get to work!!

  60. The only quilty thing I received for Christmas was a Use Your Scraps Up book from my son….guess he sees lots of stash lying around and thought I needed a book like that! (that’s not the exact title but it’s similar :)

  61. I recently found out about Kate Spain’s Terrain fabric while reading one of her blog posts. I’m not much for modern fabrics, but I love the colors and designs in that collection. You’ve made a very striking quilt out of it.

    I did get something quilty for Christmas–I won a giveaway from Kate Spain. It was fabric from the Good Fortune line. Such fun!

  62. Bobbie Bentneedle

    I got cooking stuff instead – so I think I’ll have to treat myself to some ingredients for your MBS design. It’s really stunning!

  63. I got a quilting book for Christmas. Just what I need, more projects for my to-do list. A gift card from Fat Quarter Shop would help me get some fabric for those projects, though. Hooray!

  64. Omg…. no. I have been quilting for almost 20 years and I can count the number of times on ONE HAND that someone has remembered that when they buy me a gift. However, I’m not complaining. I love my friends and family and they always get me perfect other things. (Was hoping for some Salt Air, though, this past x-mas which I will order promptly if I win– THANKS!)

  65. I got one of the Twist N Turn rulers, a fancy clipboard to hang from my quilting pegboard with my UFOs list on it, and I have one quilty friend to exchange gifts with. . .am hopeful for another quilty treat! :)

  66. Nothing quilty from Santa. :( I ordered and received the “Back to Charm School” book, 1/4 in. ft. for my featherweight and a free charm pack from Country Threads. (thanks for blogging about them, the book and free charms). Happy New Year! Pet Gracie for me. ;->

  67. Your quilt is beautiful! For Christmas I got a Ruby jelly roll …. and then I couldn’t resist and picked up a Swoon quilt kit on sale from Fat Quarter Shop!

  68. Orca Bay looks good – found your hints (the other day) helpful – thanks for the opportunity to enter the give away.

  69. Nothing quilty, but I did get a TV for my sewing room. Love looking at your quilts. Wishing you lots of fun quilting in the New Year!

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