Hooray, Hooray, it’s a finishing day!!

I took an afternoon and decided to finish a few of my cross stitch pieces.

I have some previously stitched pieces that I’ve not finished and I need to finish them.  Gradually I going to try to get to them all…but I pulled two Easter pieces for a start.

Then I finished my Christmas pieces Love and Joy and that I just finished stitching as part of the (#25thdaySAL) 25th day stitch along when each 25th of the month you stitch on a Christmas piece.

I started with the Christmas piece first.  This was a chart from Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery.  I stitched mine on 36 count Picture this Plus Heartland.  I used silk, Belle Soie for the floss in Cranberry and Collard Greens.

I found this piece of Christmas reproduction fabric that I found at the thrift store.  I thought it would be perfect.

I trimmed the pieces and then added some iron-on interfacing to the back.

I leave an opening at the bottom.  Then I stuff my pillows with a combination of poly-fil and crushed walnuts.

Here it is all finished…

Sadly I had to put it away in the Christmas box and couldn’t leave it out to enjoy.

I used a bulb pin and a bought some “2022” charms.  I put the charm on the back to help me remember that I stitched this in 2022.

I dug through my other pieces that haven’t been finished and pulled out two pieces from Lizzie Kate.  The long pieces is called Spring String.  You can find it HERE.  The other is called Sampling Easter.  You can find it HERE.

I stitched these both 4 years ago.  I was just getting back into cross stitch and didn’t realize I could change colors.  They are both a little “brighter” and more cutesy than I like.  That’s one of the reasons I haven’t finished them yet.  I made the decision to use a darker reproduction print with them to hopefully tone them down a bit.

I used some of the vintage lace from the sewing basket I bought at Goodwill.  Do you remember that story?  Check it out HERE if you missed that.

I decided to make the string long and skinny.  It’s so cute like this and works great with my dough bowl.

As I said I use a combo of stuffing and crushed walnuts.

I ended up adding a piece of light green fabric and button along with a bulb pin.  It was just a little something to dress it up.

I’m off to get out my Easter/Spring decor.  Sadly, I don’t have a lot.  These are the only two stitched pieces I have finished and they both are so similar.  I’d love to get some more stitched but sadly it likely won’t happen.  I really want want to finish stitching my “A Changed World” piece so all my time is going into it!!

I am happy to have these finished.  Every time I fully finish a new piece I grab a couple of previously stitched pieces and finish them too.  Eventually I get all the previously finished cross stitch pieces finished!!

18 thoughts on “Hooray, Hooray, it’s a finishing day!!”

  1. It’s just beautiful Jo and I would of hated to put it away too.( Why not make a special holiday nook- if you have extra room to leave it out?) Just out of sight but right where you see it? I still have my nutcrackers out…

    1. Judith Fairchild

      There is so much joy in sitting down and finishing things that have been around for awhile. Kudos Jo for the cross stitching and the finishes.

  2. They are all very cute! I always quickly stitch the year I made an ornament onto the back. Takes only a couple of minutes, I’d be scared of losing the charm!

  3. Those are great finished! I’ll be keeping an eye out for them in the background of pictures. Those little charms are a cute idea.

  4. Such pretty finishes! They will be so pretty when you put them out in your dough bowl! When you say you use a mix of fiber fill and walnut shells I’m curious about how you mix them and stuff them in the pincushion. Do you just put in some of one and then some of the other?

  5. Love all your stitching.

    You could buy “tea stain” spray ( or make your own) to spray on your Easter pieces that are too bright.

  6. I had great fun reading the comments on the Goodwill find. You have a lot of “vintage” readers, including me. No one identified that thing that looks like a pair of ice pic tongs. No clue on that one.
    Good on the finishes.

  7. Like Ellie, I’m curious how you fill the piece with stuffing and crushed walnut shells. I’ve heard some people make a bag to put in with the shells..

  8. I really like your finishes, you do such great work, so creative. Thank you for sharing to us – gives me ideas that I wouldn’t otherwise think of.

  9. Love them all!! And now I’m getting inspired to do some finishes myself… I really must learn to stop accepting new activities and get some older projects DONE! :)

  10. Love your finishes! Very timely, as well. Last night, I set out all of my finished cross stitch projects (9!) and put them on my cutting table to remind myself to finish them today after work. I can’t wait to have them finished and decorating the house.

  11. Beautiful pieces and great dilated, Jo! I’ve never heard of using a mixture of walnut shells and poly-fill to stuff things. Sounds intriguing.

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