Hooray a Thrift Store Day!!

On Wednesday I snuck away and went to get a blood draw.  I have a doctor’s appointment coming up and I like to have the blood work done in advance.  So Wednesday was my day to do that.  Kalissa watched the childcare kids for the last half an hour and I was able to go.

Being I was in town I made the decision to stop at the thrift store and at Walmart.  I don’t hate not going to town.  I love staying home for the most part but…it sure was nice to actually look in the store vs ordering grocery pickup.

My main excitement…hitting up the thrift store.  It’s been so long since I’ve gone and happily I had time to look.  I ended up having THE BEST DAY!!  I took some pictures so I could show you my haul.

I got a cash register for the kiddos.  It’s a nice one.  I need to find some money for it now..no coins though as they are a choking hazard.  The cash register was $2.  I remember looking at them and they were something like $40.  Oh my.

I have play food that is a sub sandwich shop.  Having the cash register will let them play restaurant with that set now…also great for when they play pet shop or whatever else they come up with.

I found a John Deere tool belt.  Carver will love me for sure.  It was 75 cents.

I found a play tape measure and wrench to add to the toolset.  25 cents each.  The circular saw I had to pay 75 cents for.

Check out this cute little bus.  $2.

There is a flap on the back that lifts.  I am going to put the people in my puppet box as they are finger puppets and I’m going to make laminated picture cards for the inside of the bus and will make this a circle time game.  The kids will love this too!!

More Duplos…always a good buy.

Check out the new felt board I got.  It’s a perfect size. It is in mint condition.  $1.50.  I have a big awkward felt board that is icky.  That is going in the garbage!

See the outside of the felt board…I love it!  Felt pieces can do in the side pocket.  PERFECT!

I found fabric…  The bolt was $4.  There are three yards of 60″ wide fabric.  That’s a deal!!  I bought a bag of scraps for $1 too.

Looks like scraps for a patriotic project.  Just up my alley!!  There is a yard’s worth of fabric in the light blue piece.  PERFECT!!

I had gotten rid of my exersaucer for outside.  I picked this one up for $3.  I’ll use it outside with the baby once the weather gets nicer.

Over the years my LeapFrog letters on the refrigerator have gotten lost.  Then a month or so ago, the device that the letters are put in gave out.  I tried new batteries…no luck.  I told Kalissa I needed to order a new one as Gannon and Georgia are at the age for this…I didn’t be one ordered but found one at the thrift store for $1.50.  Normally they are $20 so this was good!!  I’ll keep my eye out for another as the letters do get lost.  The old letters that I had left don’t fit in this one.  Bummer.

Do you all remember Sit and Spins??  I found one…$2.  That should burn some energy off of Carver. I think he’s going to love it!  They have upped the game on these.  They are now musical!!

I found a nice board book that makes noise…FUN.  Gannon will love it.  50 cents brought that home.

The big find of the day for Kelli was this…It’s a side-by-side infant seat for when both babies need to eat at once.  It’s in good shape and gender-neutral too.

I didn’t know if I should get it.  It was $25 and for our thrift store, that’s expensive.  I ended up calling Kelli and talking to her about it.  She sent me this picture.  These sell for $299.  WHAT?!?!?!  For $25 I can risk it.  For $25 I can give it a try.  For $299, that is ridiculous.

So…I was a happy, happy camper.  I got so many things…I think the childcare kids are going to be so happy.  Every so often I need to spruce up the toys, even if it is only toys from the thrift store.

Gannon came and was the only one here after I got the toys.  He was running from the sounds book to the sit and spin to the refrigerator, to the tool belt to the tools.  It was so fun to watch him.  So HOORAY for a GREAT thrift store day!!

24 thoughts on “Hooray a Thrift Store Day!!”

  1. Jo, I also love the thrifts. After reading about all the successful iron stories your readers told about the ones they bought there I went out and bought one yesterday. I was afraid if I waited, all the Houston members of Jo’s Fan Club would have bought them all out.

  2. I love when there are great ‘finds’ at the thrift store—I have the best time when I get to go, too…Congratulations!

  3. I had a fantastic thrift store shopping day today. We have a Goodwill Pound store here in St.Louis and after seeing my doctor, I really needed to find some bargains. I was very happy with my purchases and right as I was getting In line to pay, a little voice told me to walk around one more time. WOW! I found 5.5 yards of red, white and black plaid fabric and so many other things. It was a thrift store day shopping experience made for me in heaven. Your shopping was also perfect for you. Kelli is probably over the moon.

  4. Great finds! It is so fun to find good deals and thrift stores are perfect for finding toys for kids. Kids don’t care where toys come from so just good to have something different for them to enjoy – like Gannon did! I volunteer at a thrift store and am amazed at what good things we have and such good prices! It is really hard to work there sometimes.

  5. Great deals! When my children were young I would sort their toys on Christmas night. I would box up some of the old toys and put away. I would bring them back out a few months later. It would be almost like having new toys to them.

  6. Hi- would be interested in knowing where your thrift store is. From decorah. Just love reading about your sewing and counted cross stitch. Am learning different approaches to quilting and short cuts

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    Those toys were just waiting to go home with you! Each toy has a learning aspect to it–that is always a good thing. Have fun watching the kids enjoy!

  8. Wow, get busy for a couple of days and I miss your answer to my question! Thanks for taking the time! I see the booklets at 123. Except for the first one, but I found it on Etsy, so I’m thinking I’ll see how I like that one and what the thread situation looks like before I spring for the rest. I’m working a Teresa Kogut sampler and really should have used 2 threads instead of 1 because it calls for 35 count and I’m using 32. It looks nice anyway, so it’s a live and learn for me. Still, duh me…

  9. Great thrift store score!! Just a suggestion: have you considered looking for a used Monopoly game? If the money fits the cash register it could be an inexpensive resource…

  10. Boy, you have some great finds! Wish our thrift store was just as well stocked. I probably don’t get there when it is though! Congrats on some great things, especially the infant seat! WOW!
    Love and prayers

  11. Wow! You got quite the score! I think you should pretend you’re the government and print your own money You can use different colored paper and any denominations you want. $3 bills? Absolutely!

  12. Wow, you found some wonderful treasures for sure. I didn’t know they still made the sit n spin toys, what fun with music. I think you hit the jackpot with those twins baby seats! who knew that baby items were that costly, Yikes!!

  13. Judith Fairchild

    Love your thrift store haul. Especially the twins seat. One oh my great nieces had twins and she paid a about triple for twin stuff that single babies need.

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