Honeybells..and my rut.

I had never heard of honeybells until Ila sent me two to try.  I thought it was a little silly that a bib came with the fruit.  After eating just one, I realized it wasn’t funny to include a bib.  It was a necessity.

Honestly, these are so juicy!!   A bib is definitely needed.


I’ve been in a bit of a rut…the great fruit we had at Christmas is gone.  Lettuce and veggies in the store just haven’t looked appealing.  These Honeybells were just what I need to pop me out of the rut….it was a rut I needed to get out of too.

I am hoping to drop 5  pounds…nothing drastic or anything I need to go on a huge diet for-just enough to feel a little better and my clothes to fit a little better.  I typically gain a little over the winter and once I am able to walk outside more and garden, I seem to loose it, unfortunately, last year, the loosing part didn’t happen.

For now, I am happily back to more fruits and veggies thanks to Ila’s pear and honeybells.  I am back to walking (unfortunately on the tread mill-it’s too slippery or muddy depending on t the day to walk outside) and back to drinking water the way I should.  With any luck, those 5 pounds will be gone by June.

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