Hometown Heroes

Shortly after Hubby and I were married, he took EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) classes and became a volunteer EMT/First Responder.  Shortly after that, he became a volunteer fireman too.  Currently he has been a volunteer EMT for 25 years and a volunteer fireman for 23 years.  Each time we moved from Grand Meadow, MN to Chester, IA to Lawler, IA to Waucoma, IA there has always been volunteer First Responders and Fireman to meet, get to know and work with.

His longest time has been spent with this group.

Waucoma 1st Responders:


and this group Waucoma Fireman:


For a town with 250 people, isn’t it amazing that this many people volunteer to help others?

We have gotten to know all of these people and many are our close friends.  They have a great kinship.  They depend deeply on each other and respect each other.  Their spouses are great giving people too.
My Hubby is one of three that serve on both squads.  With the first responders, many are related.  There are three mother/daughter teams.  It just goes to show that families who model community service, have children who serve the community as well.

Waucoma firemen and first responders:

Throughout our years here in Waucoma, these people and their families have been really special to us all.  As a spouse, it’s a comfort for me to know that when Hubby is out trying to help others, these great people are helping watch out for him too.  I salute and thank them all!!

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  1. Volunteers are the best. I grew up in a community where we had a volunteer fire department. You could always depend on them to come when needed.

  2. It takes more time and effort to be a volunteer EMT and/or Firefighter than many people realize. Hours of continuing education, training, drilling besides the actual runs. Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. Last night the kids surprised us and took us out for supper. This afternoon my husband called and asked if I wanted to go for drinks and supper tonight. I told him I missed fire training last night and needed to go to mandatory training and pictures tonight for EMT. Made everyone at EMT training let me go through the skills first so I could get home. Now all I need is for the pager to go off while we are in town eating.

  3. As a member of the Tri-State Ambulance crew I love having first responders and fire department on scene they are the best.

  4. Pat C in Washingon

    Kudos to your husband for continuing his volunteer work! I miss small towns like that. I was a police/fire dispatcher in a small college town in eastern Washington that had its own (paid) police and fire department for the City, but the county fire department was partially volunteer-run. Everybody helped everybody else out with whatever was needed. You’d go up in the woods and cut wood together until everybody had enough; you’d go cut & split it & stack it until everybody’s was done. When you made jam you always made extra, that’s just how it was done. And everybody was free to spank each other’s kids if they were misbehaving!

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