Homecoming…UNI Style

WOW.  What a busy week.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  Part of it is good as it’s kept my mind off of putting our dog Pepper to sleep.  Part of it is bad as I feel like I am not able to take in each moment.

Kelli got engaged Sunday night.  I took Ruby to the vet on Monday and I attended a class over in Mason City Monday night.  Ruby had surgery Tuesday…but something else that’s pretty awesome happened in our family too.  Our son Karl who attends college at UNI (University of Northern Iowa) was selected as a Homecoming candidate.

He’s the one with the suit on over the t-shirt.  He’s all excited and happy to be part of the festivities.  Karl is kind of quiet until you get to know him so he’s often overlooked.  He doesn’t complain and goes with the flow.  Our family joke is that we call him Switzerland.  If Kalissa is complaining about me he’ll just say, Mom was probably having a bad day.  He never jumps on the band wagon to talk about others and I love that about him…yet he’s a wonderful listener.  He has a real sense of knowing that sometimes people just need to talk and he’s smart enough to still keep his own opinions.

The whole family is so happy that Karl has received the honor of being nominated.  The pep rally and coronation is on Friday night.  We are all hoping to be able to make it.  Whether he ends up being king or not, it makes no difference to us.  We are just happy that someone else noticed what a great guy he truly is.

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  1. My parents and yonger sister know Karl from Trinity Lutheran Church and have always had the best things to say about him! I was excited to read this, as I am a UNI alumni myself! I also wanted to say that I love reading your blog! It makes me feel so at home!

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