Homecoming at UNI

Last week I told you that our son Karl was a homecoming candidate at UNI (University of Northern Iowa).  Well Friday night we went to the pep rally and coronation.

The event was suppose to be held outdoors but there was a chance of sprinkles so an hour before the event, they moved it indoors.  The space was small and cramped.  We had trouble finding each other and couldn’t sit together….but we made due and it was all worth it getting to see Karl.  He was so happy.  He didn’t get crowned king but he had an awesome time.

I am sure this night will be one of his most memorable nights of his college experience.

After coronation we went to Famous Dave’s and had appetizers and drinks so we could talk a bit.  All in all…it was great.  As we were leaving he said mom..I’m coming home next weekend.  I said but I’ll be wedding dress shopping all of Saturday.  He didn’t care.  He was ready for an uneventful day just hanging out with Ruby and playing video games.  Karl’s fine to be in the limelight for a bit but he still loves a little uneventful down time too.

I’m so proud of him…he’s growing up to a fine young man…and let me say, he was the finest dressed man there.

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  1. You both look very happy. Isn’t it great when they want to spend time with you? Love mother/son pics. Of course that’s because I have the two boys. Enjoy!!!

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