Home From the Wedding

We are home from the wedding.  We have some bags to up pack, things to return and a house to clean but slowly we’ll be slowly getting back to normal.  My camera was acting up and the pictures I snapped with it didn’t turn out very clear, but here are two pictures.  I’ll share more once I get some from others.

Here’s the girls from our family.  Me, Kalissa and Kelli in the back.  Kayla is sitting in the front.

The next picture is just a snap shot of taken during pictures.  This is Spencer and his parents, Julie and Jerry along with Kayla, Roger and I.  We were supposed to be doing something silly….

We had such a wonderful time.  We got to see old friends and family and we got to meet new family too.

We wish Kayla and Spencer many happy years to come….

10 thoughts on “Home From the Wedding”

  1. Laurel from NW Iowa

    Can I just say how much I LOVE that wedding dress!!! It is so lovely (and having a beautiful bride helps, too!) and how great that she didn’t think she had to go with a strapless gown. You all look just wonderful. Congratulations!!

  2. I’ve been slacking a little lately Jo, but was able to get caught up today. What a great photo! You all look so nice and the wedding dress is beautiful and so classic!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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