Home Alone??

If you’re home alone this holiday, please don’t be.  I’ll happily sew along with you…chat with you… or just hang out with you via Youtube.

If you haven’t tried out my “Sew with Jo” videos, now might be a perfect time.  I have five of them out now with more planned.

This is video #1…

You can hook up and watch all five here by clicking THIS LINK to the playlist.

Are you just starting cross-stitch?  Are you looking for some inspiration?  Check out my Flosstube videos.  This is my latest.

If you got a new Accuquilt you can see videos on that HERE.

If you got an EQ quilt designing program you can check my video of that…

I’m doing my best to provide you with a little entertainment…Have a Merry Christmas.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular blog post.

9 thoughts on “Home Alone??”

  1. Thanks for thinking of all of us. I’ve been cooking my Christmas dinner. Waiting for my son and his wife to come. Will not get to see my daughter this year, she lives in DC , because of virus. It has been a year since we saw her but it seems longer. Your blog has been something I look forward to every day so I will check out the videos later today.

  2. You are so thoughtful Jo…u have a heart of gold. The true Christmas spirit just shines through…I hope you and your family have a blessed, happy, and healthy holiday season. I’ll be checking out those sew with no videos.

  3. Great idea – especially in this crazy time! My husband and I just did a Duo session with our daughter and her family in NYC (we’re in OH) – we haven’t seen them since July 2019. We’ll have our other children here on New Year’s and have timed it so none of us has been with other people for 12 days so we will be as safe as we can be – any other year they would have come Christmas Eve and stayed over. Next year!
    We splurged this year and bought tablet devices for ourselves along with bluetooth earphones; my first thought was “Now I can watch quilting and stitching videos while I’m cutting and sewing! Looking forward to watching some of yours!

  4. Thanks for thinking of us. I have never been alone on Christmas Day–not in 54 years. But my husband is in the local small-town hospital because of weakness ftom covid19 and he can’t walk. Hoping to get hom home soon. So I spent my day quilting. I’ll check out your videos tonight

  5. Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful. You are awesome! Happy Holidays to you! I will check out your videos soon. Take care. ❤

  6. Yes, we ended up at home alone this year. We had plans, but I didn’t feel well and decided to be cautious and stay home. We did get to Zoom with part of the family and that was lovely.

    Hope you had a good day :-)

  7. Thank you for your great EQ8 video. I’ve been looking for some good videos that show basic quilt design. Can’t wait for the next video.

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