Hoeing in the Garden

On Tuesday it was nice and the dirt was fit so I had to be in the garden.  With all the rain we have been getting, time in the garden has to be carefully planned and scheduled to make sure the conditions are fit.  Then once they are fit, I have to go.  Balancing garden time and lawn mowing time has been a real challenge.  When Tuesday was nice, I dropped everything and started hoeing.  The weeds had gotten much worse than I like them to be.

As I was hoeing along I saw something in the dirt that made me stop.

I looked closer.

It was a dinosaur.  I don’t know how long he’s been in my garden.  I am guessing probably about eight years.  I made me a little sad and nostalgic.  I am sure it was son Karl’s dinosaur.  I remember him having one.  He probably had the child care kids out one day and was playing dinosaurs with them in the garden. It’s amazing how many times the garden has been tilled and hoed and I never saw it before.

Seeing the  dinosaur has me missing the days when the kids were home.  Some days I long for little ones running around and other days, I can’t wait until the kids are all truly gone and I have the house to just Hubby and me…Tuesday was a missing kids day.

5 thoughts on “Hoeing in the Garden”

  1. Linda (Petey)

    Sweet story, truly of the mother’s heart! And I also understand the gardening, mowing woes…same here in SE IA. We (my 2 doxies and I) are in the basement now trying to hide from the thunder. It scares them so!

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