Hobby Lobby…A Love Hate Relationship

I went to Hobby Lobby not to long ago.  Seriously, I love that store and hate that store.  Part of my problem is that we live an hour away minimum from any Hobby Lobby so I don’t get there very often.  That means, once I go, I end up spending way to much time there…WAY.

Also, there is so much to see there.  By the time I go, I typically have about 6 projects in the works and have to find stuff for each of the projects.   Then on my way to find the stuff to do the projects I see all the other stuff…sayings I love..pieces I think I might put a cross stitch on…something to change out some decorations…something seasonal…DMC floss…Stuff for the childcare kiddos.  Ah!  There is ALWAYS something.  Always something to tempt me.  So my checking account is guaranteed to take a hit if I go.  But it’s all so worth it.  I love Hobby Lobby.  Seriously, it’s one of my favorite store besides the thrift store.

One of my biggest temptation is to not buy any new projects.  I did pretty good in that department this time.

One project I am working on it to make this quilt into napping mats.  When I bought the quilt from the thrift store the plan was to cut it in quarters, attach a pillow and bind.  Well I checked my “solids stash” and there were no matching fabrics.  Some were red…but not the red I needed.  I decided if I was going to go through the work of fixing these, I wanted them to look nice so…I bought fabric.  It was only a yard of each so it wasn’t super expensive.

While I was in the fabric section, I also bought this….
I know…more white based neutrals.  I’m not afraid of Hobby Lobby fabric.  I’m careful and buy by feel more than by brand.  I picked up the gray too.  I have a project for that.
The little Christmas tree was my temptation.  I don’t put up a tree.  I don’t “get a lot out of it” and hate giving up the time to take it up and down…and the mess….and the childcare kids don’t need yet another temptation.

I caved about bought this one.  It’s small and just enough that I have something but not too much.I love the rustic can look of it.

I bought a few other do-dads.  You can see them in the bottom of the first tree picture.  In September I had gone to Hobby Lobby when we were in Lacrosse for one of my doctor appointments and bought this 2 tiered tray.  Kelli bought one too.  The intention was for me to put some seasonal decor in it.  Here’s how it looked for fall…..
I want to make a few different table toppers to go under it but haven’t gotten that far yet.

Anyway, the do-dads are to change out my 2 tiered tray to winter.  I’m trying to not make it to Christmasy and more winter like.  Thus the snowflakes and snowman vs a Santa.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the 2 tiered tray.  It’s the perfect amount of seasonal decorating that I can handle.  It give the living room a little zip but not a lot of extra work.

That’s all I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I thought I did pretty good.  Still it took over an hour to get only that.  You know how it goes…you see one thing on the other end of the store and soon find yourself trotting to the opposite area in the store…only to have to return the thing to the now opposite side of the store.  It would all help if I was just better at making up my mind.  Ah!!

Anyway…I’m hoping to be done at Hobby Lobby for a bit.  We’ll see once I get all the winter stuff put in my tiered tray.  I might need something else to fill it…and by then, I’m sure I’ll have some project that need something.  This is why I have a love hate relationship with Hobby Lobby.

Is there a store or place you have a love hate relationship with?

16 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby…A Love Hate Relationship”

  1. I so agree with you about Hobby Lobby! My nearest one is over an hour away. I spend way too much time and money in there–I get overwhelmed. Plus, I have many stops to make in the same town. I restrained myself last time I was near it and I even skipped the local quilt shop!

  2. I also love/hate Hobby Lobby. I love their liberal return policy; I got most things for our daughter’s wedding there and as the plan evolved there was a lot of mind changing. Love their sales and I don’t mind at all that they are closed on Sundays. I’m not really a crafter (I quilt, sew, and cross stitch) and my decorating is personal mementos with a few “seasonal” touches. I just don’t like going into the store because there is so much. Between the usual crowds and the massive amount of stuff in a store, it is just overwhelming. I always feel like I need to go home and rest after I’ve been in one.

  3. It’s 3 hours to the Holly Lobby nearest me. I made a point of stopping by it when traveling home from my sister’s. I spent maybe an hour and could have brought home a ton of cabinets and shelves and other stuff. Didn’t, but bought a tiny little wooden stool that I put on top of a little wooden drawer set and have a large wooden bee sitting on it. It was my ‘momento’ of my visit there. I enjoy it and though I love the look of say…Magnolia Farms…I tend to decorate like an 8 year old with just my favorite things around :-) The stool and the bee and a lot of rusted metal objects fit right in.
    I also enjoy reading about your shopping adventures. Your little tree is a tempting idea. Just the right size!

  4. I don’t know about the love hate thing–when we get to the city 2 hours away with the craft/big box stores I am 10 minutes away from the most amazing grand children on this planet, so the checkbook is safe. Hahahaha. I love the comment “I decorate like an 8 year old!” I used to call it early childhood–mostly treasures from our life, each with a story. I love a beautifully decorated home for the holidays, but I just can’t put the memories away for a month, I guess. But all that said, I love your two tiered box–perfect nod to the seasons!…..maybe I need to go early to see the Grands, and check out that Love/Hate store! With a tiny -ish container, it might keep the impulses in check.

  5. I had a dear neighbor who called it Happy Hobby Lobby! Too cute! A brand new H Hobby Lobby is being built in this town of 20,000 people. Looking forward to the grand opening!!

  6. Barbara Firesheets

    Hi Jo. I know what you mean about Hobby Lobby. I LOVE that store, but have to be careful not to look too hard and stick to what I need to get. One year my friend and I went to the Houston Quilt Festival. We enjoyed the show and purchased a few things while there. I was proud of myself for leaving the show with a $100 bill still in my wallet. On the way home my friend asked if I wanted to stop at the Hobby Lobby store. I had never been to one, so we stopped in. This store was HUGE and it was like a wonderland for crafters! Well, by the time we left my $100 was almost gone and the bragging about the $$ I saved was over! (Ha! Ha!)

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Hobby lobby is so reasonable as to discounts and stuff but finding what I want is always a problem when I go. The store is so big with so much available. If I could get them online I would. It’s not a love hate thing it’s a I wish place for me.

  8. Sometimes it’s a benefit to have back trouble and not be able to walk around much. I used to like to go and browse, but now it’s too much effort. Saves me money…lol

    I like to have the house decorated for Christmas, but I can’t do it so it doesn’t get done. I’m realizing I should have asked my grandma if she needed help as she got older. We are just not aware of what other people’s needs are.

    Glad you stayed on track. I like the tree and the rustic can. Right up my alley.

  9. I love the idea of the tiered tray!
    On another post you commented about working in a quilt shop. I do and the running joke among us gals is that we pay to work there! My favorite cut of fabric for my scrappy stash is 3/8yd, 13.5”. The reason is because I can get 2-6.5” cuts, or 3-4.5” cuts, or 5-2.5” cuts. Very little waste! Just don’t tell the ladies that send you all the fun scraps! Take care! Lori G

  10. I have a Hobby Lobby in my town but I rarely go into it. Since our Jo Ann quit carrying the warm & natural battings I will be getting mine at Hobby Lobby. I do like your little tree, its the perfect size.

  11. I do not go to HL. If I want a crafty something I usually buy at one of the craft shows from local people. I have beautiful Christmas decorations but I do not go overboard on the decorating. Beginning to end about 2 hours tops to get up and less time to take down. I like to decorate with meaningful mementos from family and friends.

  12. I love your little tree. I also no longer put up a tree but probably would have caved in and purchased one like the one you purchased had it crossed my path.

  13. Just a fun thing I learned about Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago. They had 40% off ALL THEIR FABRIC on bolts (not kits or fat quarters), so I went & spent a bundle. Then my sister-in-law said she heard they intend to have this sale every other week, and except for one week, she’s been correct. That is so tempting. However, if I know I need something, I’ll wait until the sale is on just to save money on my fabric purchases. They’ve never had 40% off ALL FABRIC before, at least not in my town.

  14. I was just talking about Hobby Lobby with my son-in-law’s mom about the very thing. We don’t ever get there often but when we do, look out.

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