Hip to be Square: Tutorial

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As promised, I put together a tutorial to make my quilt I am calling “Hip to be Square”.

Please follow this link to see the completed quilt where it is all quilted and more details are shown.  In the meantime, here is a link to a printable pattern.

A viewer made this quilt already.  If you would like to see her color choices, you can find that here.

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20 thoughts on “Hip to be Square: Tutorial”

  1. I’m so excited that you shared this tutorial with us. I love this quilt and I think I will pull some fabrics to make a block or three TODAY—smack dab in the middle of all other ‘beginnings’ on my cutting table. :)

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  3. Joe – I’d love to have this pattern but for some reason once I pull it up (and I can see the whole pattern on my screen) and then try to print the pattern – my printer says there’s only 1 page and only a portion of the page actually shows up. – is there any way you could email me the pattern and I could print directly from the email? PDF file would be great. Thanks! -Cathy

  4. What a cute and uncomplicated quilt. I will make this one! I really like your choice of colors and using red and yellow centers keeps my eyes jumping. I especially like that your pattern instructions are so clear and illustrated just perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Jo, I can’t get the link for a printable pattern. Is it just no longer available. Low priority for you

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