Highlights from the Kramer Family Message Group

One of the most popular blog posts I’ve done has been the ones that feature pictures and videos from the family messenger group.  I decided to make it a regular feature.  This one has some fun things…

Kalissa and I have worked really hard on getting some new T-shirts and sweatshirts together for her Etsy shop.  Here I am modeling the newest shirts.  Sadly they aren’t in the shop yet but soon.  She has a couple of new designs and like most things, we’re waiting for sweatshirts because of shortages.  She doesn’t want to launch this new design until all the new designs are finished.  That way you all would be able to benefit from free shipping if ordering more than one shirt…anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to.  I LOVE the shirt and this is the first quilting shirt we’re doing in long sleeves.

Karl took a trip back to Houston.  I’m hoping he doesn’t love it enough to stay.  He had a friend’s wedding.  He sent us pictures of limes.  He gives me a hard time about buying lime juice instead of real limes.  I told him if they were 6 for $1 around here, I would!

Here’s Gannon enjoying a Mayo sandwich.  Yep, just bread and mayo.  His Great Uncle Jay, my brother, would be so proud.  Jay ate tons of mayo sandwiches when we were growing up.

Speaking of Gannon, he finally did his big business on the potty chair.  We’ve been working and working with him.  He’s been great with potty and was pretty much trained immediately once he figured it out but not poo.  We made a deal with him that if he went poo on the potty chair he could take a ride in the fire truck.  Kalissa sent this picture so we all knew he did.

Kelli sent Halloween pictures of the kids.  Here are Eli and Emmett…
Can you guess who is who?  It’s harder when you can’t see their hair.

Eli is on the left…Emmett the right.  They are both really moving.  Emmett is up on all fours and trying hard to figure out crawling.

Georgia wouldn’t take a good picture.  She is a ladybug.

One more sweet picture of Eli.

Kelli went to the bathroom one day and Georgie said, “Puppycat hiding”.   Puppycat is their beagle dog.  Can you find her in the picture??

Oh, Georgie.  It’s a good thing Puppy is such a gentle dog.

No rest for a weary teacher.  Jasper was home sick one day.  Kayla had to get grades done.  She sat the two laptops side by side and did her best in a bad situation.  Jasper would scream if Kayla but him down so what’s a mom to do?

They got a new trampoline for Jasper.  They have it in the basement where Kayla processes her Etsy shop orders.  This is what Jasper is doing while she’s busy.  (Push play to see the video)

Kalissa went home from my house to hers on Halloween night.  The abandon house next door is a big old Victorian.  No one has lived there for about two years.  The lights were all on.  The house is in foreclosure and no one has been there.  She was all creeped out by it.

I saw this in the newspaper and had to send it to Karl.  He loves and adores his beard.  I’m betting he might enter the race.

Kalissa and I voted.  It was at about 6 pm on election night.  I was voter number 93 of the day and Kalissa 94.  Please note that the vote covered four townships.  So we’re guessing only about 25 or so voted from our township.

Kalissa called me one night.  As we chatted Gannon was in saying that his tractors were dirty.  I told Kalissa to let him wash them in the kitchen sink.  He had so much fun.  (Push play to see the video)

Kalissa called me later and thanked me for the suggestion.  I remember Carver loving to do this too.

That’s what was new from the Kramer family messenger group.  I love all the pictures and messages from the week but it’s SUPER hard to top the picture of Eli and Emmett as ketchup and mustard.

18 thoughts on “Highlights from the Kramer Family Message Group”

  1. Your family members are so adorable. You are fortunate to have them around. The twins are getting so big and are little cuties. I’m sure Georgia was cute as a ladybug. Jasper is quite the jumper, how fun, Gannon was so cute washing his tractors. Oh, Jo, the fun you have with your family!!

    1. Judith Fairchild

      I love your grands they are so adorable. They are growing so fast. The long sleeved shirts are on my list of wants as of now. They’ll be my Christmas present to myself.

  2. This was such a sweet post and I too loved the ketchup and mustard duo! The mayo sandwich made me think of my dad. We were a Miracle Whip family growing up and he used to eat it on saltine crackers. I did it a time or two years ago…I admit I liked it… but no longer….lol

  3. The ketchup and mustard duo are just adorable. I never knew anyone who like mayo sandwiches, may have to try it. The new shirt is a great design cant wait to see more. Jasper jumping is such a sweet thing, good exercise for him.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    All the kids are so cute–doing just what kids do. It’s time for another cooking session with Georgia!

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I love your grands they are so adorable. They are growing so fast. The long sleeved shirts are on my list of wants as of now. They’ll be my Christmas present to myself.

  6. Thank you for sharing pictures of your family! Love them, especially the Halloween pictures.
    Dh also sports a beard so I got him a book called “Bearded Gospel Men” – available at Amazon. He really liked it – maybe Karl would like it too.
    Love and prayers

  7. So funny about those dirty tractors! Hahaha
    Brought back memories of my little brother. When he was in his terrible twos mood, Mama would let him play in a few inches of water in the bathtub. He’d be in there playing and chattering along and making up songs. He played till he was shivering and shriveled!

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