HI MOM THIS IS A GUEST POST!!! LOVE YOU!!! Kayla’s Garden Update

From Kayla:

Mom always says she loves us all the same- just different. One of Mom’s favorite qualities about me is that I love to garden.

I won’t make it home this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day with her, so I spent an afternoon doing our favorite hobby. I’m sure you know she’s crazy busy on her book and would appreciate a guest post as well. :)
Mother’s Day is when we can plant tomatoes in Iowa… usually. Our forecast says frost this week. So I just did some transferring of volunteer plants and started a few cucumber seeds.

I have a garden full of volunteer sunflowers with no where to put them, so I outlined the garage and compost piles. Then I planted little hills with cucumber seeds and put sunflowers between the mounds.

I remember when I was a kid and our cucumbers climbed the evergreen tree. I thought it was so funny! Now I’m hoping the sunflowers have enough of a head start to provide a trellis for the cucumbers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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