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Hey…sorry I made a mistake and didn’t have a blog post for tonight.  I was just going to leave it but after this morning’s post I was worried you’d all think I was sad or something was wrong.

All is good…no worries.  I’m totally okay.  I just had a scheduling mistake and then got completely distracted with the mailing of auction items.  Speaking of the auction WOW.  Thanks so much to everyone who bid and everyone who had a winning bid.  I still have a couple of people that haven’t gotten back to me but I have sent out all of the emails.  So if you think you won, check your inbox.

The kids have been taking care of me.  Karl took me out for ice cream.  My favorite is Fat Elvis.  If you’re wondering what Fat Elvis is…”Sweet banana ice cream all shook up with a salty peanut butter ripple and rich chocolate chips.”  It totally my favorite.

Kalissa’s family and Karl got me out of the house and out to eat…well we got food at the Barrell.  It’s a drive-in.  We got our food and went to the park to eat.

The kids ordered for me…I ended up with a coney dog which they all say is the very best.  Admittedly, it was good.  We shared the BOX of fries.  Can you believe the box is only something close to $5.50??

We couldn’t even eat them all!!

One more thing before I go…a reader left a comment.  She had gone on Amazon and saw that the Scrap School book by Lissa Alexander was on sale.  For some reason, the price is only $12.

This is the same book I used to make County Fair…

…and am using to make the quilt Two-Step.

I did a review of the book HERE.

I just thought it was an amazing deal on the book so thought I would pass it on.

HERE is a link to the book if you are interested.

That’s it…I am behind on writing blog posts…So I’m off to write a couple more before I settle down and do some stitching.  Have a good night!

12 thoughts on “Hey There….”

  1. Thanks for this post! It was so thoughtful you to not leave us hanging! I’m sure sometimes you may think of writing blog posts like I think of trying to come up with meal ideas! Ha ha.

  2. I agree with Nancy, you have the BEST kids. You are so blessed. And I cannot believe that book is only $12!! Don’t recall what I paid but pretty sure it was closer to twice that price. And so many great quilts!!

  3. Agree with the others! You do have a great family! I already got the book but that is an amazing price! The banana ice cream you had sounds really good. I love peanut butter and banana together!

  4. You reared some wonderful children!! So good to hear how they take care of you. I have never heard of that flavor of ice cream, but it sure sounds divine – especially to an ice cream junkie.

  5. There’s nothing like time away from everything with family! They sure make you feel good, don’t they? Especially the little ones.
    Love and prayers

  6. Mary Jeanne Bruce

    Hey Jo, good morning!

    With regards to the auction, I noticed that there were two Items #21 and I bid on the #21 that was for the Santa cross stitch patterns from Prairie Schooler. I have checked mail and no reply from you , so I guess I did not win the bid.

    Just wanted to check to see if I was considered.
    Thanks, love your blog.

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