Hexagon Stars…progress?

Ever since I saw this quilt from Simply Libby(scroll down the entry to see the quilt), I have been in love. 
So in love that I started my own last year….
After I made my first star, my excitement was tampered a bit when I realized it took about 2.5 hours just to stitch one star together.
After doing a little bit of counting and figuring, my best guess is that it will take 87 diamonds and 27 stars.  That’s when I realized this was going to HAVE to be a ten year project.  I figured that meant about 9 diamonds and 3 stars a year.  Now that sounds do-able.  Then I realized all the diamonds need a black row around them and all the stars need a white row around them…that popped my balloon!   Well, I either need to step it up a bit or this is going to be a 20 year project :(. 

Thanks to my California trip in January, I am making some progress for the year.  I have 12 completed diamonds…2 completed stars….12 started stars and 29 started diamonds. 

I am all out of matching 12’s so I am back to the cutting board. 
Being I watch very little television, I mostly work on this in the car or take it to places that I can stitch at. 

Since starting this project, I have a WHOLE new appreciation for English paper piecing and hexagon quilts.  I already have my eye on the next one I’d like to make….check this one out…In fact, I have section of my quilt binder that is designated for hexagon quilts I’d like to make….at this rate, I think I would need to live to be 200 before I would get all the hexagon quilts made finished….For now, I’m trying to stay concentrated on this one.

5 thoughts on “Hexagon Stars…progress?”

  1. Oh wow! Talk about a lot of work. I’m sure it will get faster and faster as you go though. And what a sense of accomplishment when it’s all done!

  2. Hi Jo: English paper piecing – that is what I have been trying to figure out with my stabilizer. Your hexagons look great! I started making the small flower diamond shapes last night (just the pieces). It is a lot of work or else it is just new to me. Can you tell me how you English paper piece? My directions say to hold the diamond shapes right sides together and stitch. Sounds easy. I am still cutting out the pieces. Just wondered if you had any tips???? I do like to have some kind of hand-work to do. Thanks, Laura

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