HE’S HERE!! Carver John

I got a phone call last night in the middle of the night.  It was a best phone call I’ve ever gotten in the middle of the night.  Carver John had arrived.

A short time later I got this photo.


It melted my heart….He was here!!  It was a long wait and already I knew he’d be worth the wait.

We had talked before his birth about who was and wasn’t going to be at the hospital for the birth.  As much as I would have liked to be there, I told her that I think it’s best if it was just her and Craig.  I remember so clearly the bond Roger and I had because it was just us.  I wanted her and Craig to have that too….

Here he is….


..and here he is with Mom and Dad.


We had the worst time trying to get a picture.  He kept putting his hand in front of his face.


Don’t you love his little fireman outfit.  Craig’s a fireman and both Craig and Kalissa are first responders.  The little guy is getting immersed in their spirit of community service already.


Kalissa said that Craig was awesome the whole time.


Oh and look…there’s grandpa with the baby….Carver-5

Even I got a chance to hold him.  I have a feeling a lot of this might be happening.


All is well.

As a mom I know that moms and babies both don’t always make it through child birth.  All of my prayers have gone into their little family and I am beyond happy that the prayers were all answered.

For those of you who like the whole story…Kalissa and Craig went to the hospital yesterday to be induced.  She didn’t want anyone to know in case it didn’t work.  Things were slow going.  Then about 9pm or so her water broke.  Carver was born at 1:06am.  The beginning was slow but ending of labor pretty fast.

The little guy weighs in at 8 pounds 6 ounces.


You might notice in some of the pictures of Kalissa in the hospital bed that she took her quilt that I made her with….Today I brought Carver his matching one.


I made this quilt back in November of 2011. I made it for our first grandchild as part of the Crumb Along that I hosted…at the time Kalissa was still in high school.  She was only a sophomore in high school.  I never dreamed she’d be the first of our kids to have a baby…but she was…

Already, while visiting at the hospital I could see that the fun part isn’t only to watch Carver grow, but to watch Kalissa and Craig to grow as parents too.

Our whole family super happy. I can’t say that enough…

and for those of you wondering about my foot and my cast removal…I’ll tell you about that in the morning.

62 thoughts on “HE’S HERE!! Carver John”

  1. Congratulations !! Thanks for sharing with us! We lost our beagle today. It’s wonderful to have this blessed news. I’m so happy for you all!

  2. Great big hugs to you Bestie !!! I am so excited that he is here and all is well with mom and baby, and daddy too! God saves a little something special back for when we become grandmothers and it is pure Joy! Isn’t it amazing just how much love you have for Carver. A new chapter has just started for your family, and it is a FUN one!!!! Enjoy every minute! Congrats and big hugs to all !!

  3. Frances Ontiveros

    Your post brought back all the happy memories of when we became grandparents for the first time. That was 14 years ago. Our first grandchild started high school just a couple of weeks ago. Treasure every moment with the little guy. They grow up in the blink of an eye. Congratulations to the parents and their families. God continue blessing you all!

  4. Congratulations to all of you! We have 6 grandchildren now (3 in one year!!!!) and they are all so very special. They grow up so fast…our first will be 9 on Sunday and the youngest are 2!

  5. Stephani in N. TX

    Oh, the happiness you will have holding and caring for your grandchild. We were blessed with a new grandchild about 20 mos after my husband passed. This is a gift beyond belief.

  6. What a cutie! Congratulations to the new Mom & Dad, and the new Grandparents. What a joy it is being Grandparents for the first time. He will melt your hearts many times over. Enjoy him as he grows and learns along the way. What a blessing to your family!

  7. Congratulations!! He is a keeper. He share a birthday with my son. He was 27 today. He left for Air Force basic this past Tuesday. We miss him.
    Congratulations again!

  8. I think I see Kramer in that little face! Such a beautiful baby. Mom and Dad look so happy too! Really like Grandpa’s shirt.

  9. Congratulations to all of you!! There isn’t anything better than being a grandparent! Enjoy your time cuddling that precious little bundle

  10. Congrats to all and so glad everyone is doing well. You love your children and just when you think that you can’t love another human being as much, along comes a grandchild!
    Happy Birthday Carver John!

  11. OH, he’s beautiful! Congrats to Kalissa and Craig…and the whole family! I’m sure he’ll be a much loved little boy!

  12. Congratulations to everyone, LOL! Remembering the memories of my 1st “grand” because they are certainly “grand”! If you have 20 they will all be “grand” and each one different and distinct! Enjoy the little family as much as you can. They will grow up so fast now.

    Becky in SC

  13. Congratulations to all! What excitement! Kalissa looks fabulous for just giving birth! I like grandpa’s shirt. The nurses helping my daughter give birth said an hour with just mom, dad, and baby to bond was beneficial as you said above as well.

  14. Congratulations on your first grandchild. He is absolutely gorgeous. And so it begins…your journey into grandparenthood. It is wonderful beyond words. Enjoy and best wishes to your family.

  15. Congratulations, how exciting for your family.

    So glad you showed the baby quilt. It already looks soft. Do you always wash your quilts after they are bound?

  16. Congratulations to you and the new family!! You have just entered the most wonderful stage of your life. It will be hard to remember your lives pre-Carver. I am glad all went well and everyone is happy & healthy. Enjoy every second of this love that you have been blessed with. I worried when my second Grand came along that I couldn’t love him/her as much as I did my first. No worries-I now have six Grands and it is the most awesome thing that ever happened. They are all individuals, but I love them all so much it’s hard to describe. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  17. Congratulations to you all! He’s a cutie! So glad you were able to visit and that all went well. I am sure you will love being a Grandma! Enjoy him while he’s little as they grow so fast as you well know. Love his quilt. Have a great day- K-

  18. Congratulations to all of you on the arrival of Carver John! He’s a beautiful baby boy and I know he’ll bring you all much joy in the years to come. So happy for all of you.

  19. Congrates on the new sweet grandbaby….He is so sweet…I am so happy for all of you that all is well and that he is safely here…..You look just beautiful holding your new grandchild….love the little fire truck sleeper…cute, cute, cute…….

  20. Hi, he is so beautiful, grandchildren are such a joy and blessing in our lives. Congrats to all of you and many blessings. Sandra

  21. Love seeing the pictures of a happy family. This baby will have lots of love. And best thing ever grandma gets to baby sit. The only pay you get from this one is all the kisses and hugs. Spoil him and send him home. And of course dirty diapers.

  22. Kalissa is so pretty and glowing, she was in all the pregnancy pictures you had of her too. 8 lbs sure looks small in grandpa’s arms! Congrats to all.

  23. Just getting to this post after the weekend. Carver John is so cute! Congratulations to the parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins! What a blessing for your family.

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