Herd Health–An Update on Puppycat and Ruby

A post from Kelli–

A few months ago, I was petting Puppycat and found that she had a fatty lump on her belly.  I took her into the vet and we ended up opting to have it removed and sent to Iowa State to be tested.  It came back begnign with no concerns.  Our vet told me that older dogs often get these fatty tumors or fatty lumps as they age and if she had one, she would probably have more.  She said that if they happen to appear quickly, aren’t moveable, or cause hair loss to bring her back in as those can be signs of malignancies.

Well last week, Jason was petting her and found another one, only this time, it seemed more attached rather than free floating, so I knew it was time to take her back in.  She also had a skin tag sort of thing attached to her face on the one side that I wanted to get looked at.  I called and we scheduled her an appointment for this past Monday.

One of the days I worked last weekend, Mom called and said she scheduled Ruby an appointment on Tuesday because she looked at my schedule and knew I didn’t work.  She said that she had been kind of yelping for no reason, kind of forgot about personal space again, and was acting very odd and timid…..and she had the sick eyes.

I ended up calling to reschedule Puppycat’s appointment to Tuesday morning with Ruby’s and headed off to pick up Ruby after a longer-than-I-thought-it-was-going-to-be day of work on Monday.  When I got there she definitely had the sick eyes and was super timid, but I knew that we were working on getting her to where she needed to be so that was the goal!

Once we got back to my house, she pretty much just laid on the cough after a bunch of coaxing and encouragement.  I grabbed this picture right before we left for the vet on Tuesday–I just hated to make them get off and drive to the vet!  It’s super cold this week in Iowa and I knew that Ruby would be crying and scared, and that’s never fun!

Once we got to the vet though, we got down to business.  Ruby needed to get her thyroid tested again, but it seemed that more was happening.  She happened to nervous pee when I picked her up and we were able to get a sample from that.  It showed that there was a small amount of blood in her urine, which is suggestive of a UTI.  We looked her over a bit more and it seems that she was running a low grade temp, but that can also happen when she is anxious.  After a bit, her thyroid levels came back normal–Which is a good thing, but doesn’t explain her most recent issues.  We then tried to get another urine sample, but I got some snow in it.  They ended up doing a different kind of test in it because it had snow with the sample, but it did show that there was also bacteria (which a small amount can be normal) and white blood cells.  With all of that information and realizing that her yelps are usually when somethign touches or bothers her hind end, our vet Sarah decided that it is likely she has a UTI.  So she’ll be on antibiotics and pain meds for a while.  If that doesn’t seem to do the trick, there is another vet in Decorah that has a thermo-imaging procedure that we can have her scanned relatively cost effectively to see if there are any thermo changes that may lead us to what seems to be an irritant for her.  We also discussed X-rays just to check for any tumors, but cost wise the thermo-imaging will be cheaper and a better way to start.  So now we wait for the antibiotics to kick in and make our girl start feeling better!

As for Puppycat, we did decided to do a needle aspirate biopsy and will send that off to Iowa State.  We are pretty sure it’s just a fatty tumor with a stalk, but hopefully will know more by the end of the week or early next week.  As for the thing on her face–It’s an old dog wart and since she doesn’t need to get groomed, we can just leave it.

I snapped this picture just before Sarah came in with results one time–Needless to say, I think she was ready to go home!

She does this pretty regularly when she thinks Jason might be coming in sometime soon!

And here’s Ruby–She was definitely ready to go home!  As we were walking out, one of the other vets stopped by to pet the crazy dogs and made a comment about how I must like beagles to have two–I commented that actually Kalissa has one too and I once took them all to the vet at once and called it herd health!  So today was just a partial herd health day!


3 thoughts on “Herd Health–An Update on Puppycat and Ruby”

  1. Poor puppies! It is so sad when our fur babies are having problems. Hope all test results come back good and they both are feeling good soon.
    I had a beagle years ago that was on of the smartest dogs I ever had.

  2. Your ‘herd’. That cracked me up! Poor Ruby! She’s had a tough go of it lately. Thanks for your explanation of the bumps. We’ve had beagles for about 25 years and seen a few of those. But, our son has an older rescue beagle who sounds like he has the exact same types of bumps on his chest. I wasn’t too worried about but now I feel better about it. Like you confirmed what we were thinking. Hope everyone gets better soon!

  3. Thanks for the update on the “herd”. That first picture of two sad beagles just makes me want to give them a hug. Hope they are better soon.

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