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I recently got a note from a family friend, Emily, telling about her friend’s little girl Addyson.  Addyson Marie was born Aug 10, 2011. She just recently turned one.  On 9-5-12 they discovered a tumor on her brain. It is the size of a golf ball.

Emily writes:
“Addy has an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor. It is the worst cancer possible for a child. Prognosis is not good. This cancer occurs in children under 3 years old. It is highly malignant cancer and radical fast growing. They have found areas of concern in her spinal cord also. They told us they don’t do radiation on a baby, however it is her best chance of survival. So she has started rehab to attempt to get her right side useful again. Then next step is chemo and stem cell treatment. Survival rate is poor to 5 years. Michelle and Nate, Addy’s parents, along with their family have a lot of decision to make. If there is any way you could help us spread the word to get some more items for the silent auction or just money to help the family that would be great!!! ”

Emily asked if I would make a quilt for the benefit.  I told Emily I would do more.  I would write a blog post to see if any of you have a quilt that you might be willing to donate to a silent auction benefit for Addy and her family.   The benefit is going to happen on November 17th (the same day as our daughter’s wedding).  I have a quilt top here that Theresa sent that I am going to get quilted and send.

Anyone else have something they are willing to donate???  If you do just drop me a note at or mail it to me at:
Jo Kramer
1077 County Road V 68
Waucoma, IA 52171

We are hoping to get everything here to my home by November 8th so the people organizing the benefit can get everything tagged and together for the event.

Emily and I along with Addy and her family, appreciate any help.  Addy has a Caring Bridge page that can be accessed here.   THANKS for thinking of Addy.

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  3. Hi Jo, I have a quilt that just needs a small amout of binding to finish and I will send it to you. I wrote down your address and will get it off by Wed. It will be coming from winston Salem.

  4. “This is an update on Addyson from her Grandmother Joan. Update on Miss Addy….she has been home for the past few days. This week starts a busy week for her. We are hoping her surgeon will say she is healed from the shunt being placed so kemo can get started. Wednesday the port, spinal tap and a hearing test will be done. Each day this week is a doctor appointment. We are hoping by Friday or next Monday chemo will start. She will be in the hospital for a few days for the chemo. With daily blood draws to see when her blood cells are ready to be harvested she will stay at the Ronald McDonald House. When her stem cells are ready, she will stay in the peds intensive care unit while these stem cells are harvested. The stem cells will be used to help replenish her when she becomes weak during chemo/radiation. Miss Addy is such a fighter, whenever nursing/doctors come near her she watches them following their every move. She screams out at them when they get too close, grasping her hand with a fist full of shirt from whom ever is holding on to her. She looks wonderful again, smiling, playing, and so strong willed (unsure who she got that from). WE ARE ALL PRAYING her strong will and determination will get her through. Please cont to Pray for her and her family. We all love her so very much.” I know that Addyson did have surgery today to get blood test and the spinal tap done. I have not heard back if she was out yet, just that they started at 10 this morning.

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