Help with W670 (White) Streamliner

Today Kayla brought home her W670 (White) Streamliner.  She loves her vintage machine but can’t get it out of the zig-zag stitch that she used for a quick applique project.  After putting our heads together and consulting the online instruction manual we still can’t seem to make it work.  Any help or suggestions getting the machine back to a straight stitch?


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  1. Not knowing steps you have already tried I will just go through things I do with my machine. First I notice in pic stitch width is in far right postion. I know i have to have all postions
    returned to normal to be able to move decorative stitch dial. My machine has two selection dials for each stitch. Sometimes must move lower dial first then upper, or the reverse order at others, Mine is a Singer so not the same. Again stitch width, length, needle position, etc. must be in normal stitch position.

  2. When we owned our sewing machine sales & repair store one of the first things I would do is put the width stich to 0 – then turn the stitch dial to straight stitch. If that didn’t work I would remove the top of the machine to see if the arm was following the cam when stitch dial was turned. Good luck. They are great old machines!

  3. I once had a machine stuck so that it could NOT zig-zag, or do any of its wide stitches at all … Turns out, a spring had come off, which made the needle only capable of staying in one position. I discovered that I /could/ move the needle shaft to the side with my hand, and realized that there was nothing attached right then to “help” the needle shaft move to the side. Sure enough, the random spring I’d found weeks earlier was the one. It took some figuring to get it back into place, but it did the trick. Maybe yours is the opposite: Is it possible that a spring could be missing that normally keeps the needle in the “normal” position?

  4. I have this machine and am very excited to see the user manual! Is this your user manual that is linked to? There are a few bits I’m having a hard time reading and wondered if you might have the original to reference? Either way, it’s much better than nothing! I’m having issues with the bobbin tension and presser foot. Any help is appreciated!

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