Help with Daffodil Fabric

Hey all…In the past you have all been so helpful and I’m hoping you can help again…

Fern from Minnesota wrote me a note:
“I am looking for daffodil material to finish a quilt in memory of my mom.   As the stores no longer carry this material, was hoping that someone that quilts bought some and still has it— and is willing to part with it to help me out.  I need 3 yards. ”

Either of the following fabrics will work…both feature daffodils.


I was told that she had originally found it in a fabric shop.  Of course she went back to get it and the fabric was sold out. (We all know that horrible feeling when that happens)

Anyway…here is Fern’s email address  Check your stash.  If you can help her out, please drop her a email or leave a comment here on the blog. It will mean so much to Fern.  Making the memory quilt from her mother’s things was very important to her.

Thanks so much for your help.

7 thoughts on “Help with Daffodil Fabric”

  1. Just thought I would let everyone know how I found it. Went to Google and put in “daffodil fabric for sale”. It had Google images of fabric for sale that had daffodil in the description so I clicked on images to see all of them an and one of the images was the one I was looking for.

  2. Just wanted to say Thank You to Jo, Ana, and Trina for your help. It will be nice to finish the quilt. THANKS again.

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