Help. What is it??

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When Hubby and I went antiquing and bought my trunk that I showed you earlier, we also bought this.

It is heavy metal and not fragile at all.  In essence it’s just a basket on legs.  But what was it intended for??

The guy that I bought it from said the person that he bought it from said that it was used for picking eggs.  All of the eggs were put into this basket as they were collected.  Well that didn’t make a lot of sense to me as the basket at the top is only as big as about two large wire egg baskets.

We told a friend about it and he said it was for light bulbs to be sold in stores before they had packaging around the light bulbs.  I guess I could believe that.

I’d love to know what it’s original purpose was.  Do any of you have a guess??

I have several potential uses for it in the new house-a hamper in the laundry room-in the bathroom to hold towels-in the sewing room to display small folded quilts or precuts or any number of things.  I just knew I loved it and wanted it.

It is in great shape…I’d just like to know more about it.  Today I am hooking up with Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thingy Thursday.

Today I am thankful for the blessing of being my own boss and being able to work from home.  There is some bad to this as in I wake up and am at work but it’s mostly all good.  I was able to juggle work and still stay home with our kids.  I am able to easily help Hubby when needed, go to town and do errands or appointments during the day.   I can work at night and sew during the day.  I can stop everything and work on charity quilts for a week.  I love the freedom.  I love that I am still able to make some money too.  Honestly, I have the best job ever!!

19 thoughts on “Help. What is it??”

  1. My Mom had one similar and used it to catch the dirty clothes. Wonder where it went when we cleaned out her house??

  2. I have a one that is folds up, and the basket part is shorter. Your basket is much deeper than mine. I thought mine was made for laundry. It would hold a lot of fabric scraps. I saw one used as a lamp table. They had a round piece of glass cut to put on top.

  3. It is for holding tennis balls. It would sit next to the coach who would grab a ball and hit it across the net to the student. Today there are machines for that.

    It’s too big and not portable enough for eggs.

  4. My folks had a grocery store. This style of basket was used for hard skinned produce, like Onions, squash or melons. 1960 -1970 era.

  5. I immediately thought it was a laundry basket until you described the size. Whatever it’s intended purpose, there are so many different things you can do with it now. It would make an amazing planter!


  6. I think probably many similar baskets ere used for all of the above. . The laundry baskets I found had wheels. I vote for store produce. There may very well been similar ones for eggs.

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