Help Please?

Ok…I am working on my Labor Day Madness quilt.  It’s my UFO #4 so I want to keep working on it.


Right now the quilt is 88.5″ x 96.5″.  That’s big enough for me.  I could add the brown borders….that will make it 98.5′ x 106.5″.  That is about the limit my quilting machine wants to do.  I kind of like it without the last brown border.


But…I kind of like the brown border on it too.


I know the pictures aren’t the best but I don’t have a spot to lay it out to see the whole thing.  What do you think….add the 5″ brown border or not?

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  1. I know it’s big with the brown border on there, but can it really be toooooo big!!!!? I think the brown border finishes it off veerrry nicely!

  2. Both are really nice. Without the border, use the brown for binding. If you use the border, binding in the same red as that bottom right star would make it sing. I love this quilt!! What is the pattern? The block looks like one from the CW Tribute Quilt. Partial seaming for that center square?

  3. I like the brown border, too. I think it makes the flying geese stand out more and the border gives your eyes a nice resting spot (frame). Beautiful quilt!

  4. Hubby and I both looked at the quilt with and without. I like the brown border and hubby’s comment was the border really finishes it off. This quilt is on my to-do list, but not for a while.

  5. I think it needs the brown border to frame your fabulous flying geese. If it were mine, I would make the outside brown border the same size as the inside brown border.
    Your quilt is wonderful!

  6. I vote to have the final brown border too. I know how it’s easy to loose your mojo when it comes to “those borders’ sometimes but they really are what makes the quilt look awesome! ;)

    I hope you have a great day Jo.
    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. I really like the brown border, it finishes it off nicely. I would use pieces of the fabrics used in the quilt to make a scrappy binding! I love scrappy bindings, they are such a surprise.

  8. Donna Pheneger

    I saw your quilt and agreed that the flying geese border was good and then saw it with the brown border and thought Yes! I am so wishy washy! LOL! Just wanted you to know that I am working on a couple of your trivets using blues on one and Christmas on the other. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  9. I really like the addition of the brown border. I think it just adds a frame to your beautiful work of “art”! I love this quilt!!!

  10. What a fun quilt!! I love it both ways. My idea whould be to add the same size border and the inner brown border. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  11. Great quilt! I think the brown border frames the flying geese, but maybe make it a little thinner…it looks too big for me, but it is great on!

  12. I’m with Amy and Shannon above… what if you make the second brown border the same width as the first one? That makes the brown/geese/brown more of a unit to itself and gives the geese a bit of a frame. With no outer border at all they sort of threaten to fly off the edge of the quilt.

  13. The brown border is nice, but I prefer it without the borders. I always have trouble getting my borders straight so almost all of my quilts are borderless.

  14. I like the brown border-it seems to stop the motion of the flying geese, giving your eye a place to rest. What ever you decide, it will be wonderful!

  15. love the brown border- then you don’t loose the flying geese points (they are a pain after all)- thanks for the renewing low carb thing- I have fallen by the wayside since all of the Easter candy has been coming in my home!

  16. I also like it with the border added, and had the same thought as some of the others, making the last border a bit smaller (maybe 3.5) if you don’t want it quite so big.

  17. I know I’m bucking the trend, but I think the flying geese border really sets it apart from all the other quilts out there – it’s very unique!!

  18. Before reading all the comments my eye liked the brown border. At this point you don’t need another vote on that side but I’ll send it along anyway.
    I also agree with everyone that it is beautiful!

  19. What a gorgeous quilt!!! I have to go against the grain and say without the border, though. I think having the brown binding will frame up the geese nicely and make them the border. Very antiquey! But either way it’ll be gorgeous! Love it!

  20. I would definitely add the outer brown border. I like it a little better with it but the main reason I would add it is to stabilize the edge. I find that if there’s a pieced border on the outside edge, it can stretch a bit as I’m quilting or adding the binding. It’s so much easier when there’s a solid piece border.

  21. i think the brown border finishes it. but, if you really really don’t want it, then use the brown for a binding and call it good! it’s your quilt, do with it what YOU want.

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