Help PLEASE…Oil Stain.

Look what I did!  UGH!

I forgot to oil my machine before I started the quilt so I stopped and oiled it….then got side tracked yet again and ended up with this…

See the dark shadow around the stitching??  That’s an oil stain.  UGH!!

Does anyone have an idea on how to get it out.  I did get the quilt off the frame and I can say this..I went to show it to Hubby and it’s really not as noticeable as one might think.  I had trouble finding it…but still, like most quilters I want it to look perfect.  Advice please??

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  1. You could take to local dry cleaner and they could spot clean that area. When you are done quilting you could then wash the quilt and should be fine.

  2. This is more hypothesis than tried fact — what about using some Dawn dish washing liquid — the original, not scented or anti bacterial. If this is what animal rescue use to wash oil off wildlife I would think it would be gentle enough for a quilt — of course having said that — test in inconspicuous area or perhaps even “make” a similar oil stain to test with.

  3. try some talc powder. I did that once and it worked wonders. it absorbs the oil. mine wasn’t in the stitching, just a large spot on the quilt, so might make a difference.

  4. I also used baby powder to absorb the oil. I sprinkled the baby powder on the stain and let it sit overnight then I lightly brushed off the baby powder. The stain was not completely gone but it was less noticeable. I remember that there is a liquid concoction you can make to remove oil but I can’t remember exactly what it is….maybe google search ‘how to remove machine quilting oil’ ?

  5. Dawn works fine on fabrics. I’ve used it a number of times. Just get a drop, add some water, and work work it in with your fingers (or nail, if needed) and rinse well. Let it air dry. Should come right out. Tide works well, too. Relax. You will not be able to notice it when it dries.

  6. Try letting corn starch sit on the area and then vacuum off. I’ve been successful before with this method. You may have to do it a couple of times.

  7. Find someone that sells Norwex. Use the dishwashing soap – it is a GREAT stain remover. Unlike Dawn, it won’t bleach and it won’t harm the fabric.

  8. Use the baby powder or corn starch first that absorbs lots of the oil. then brush off if still on more powder and finally dab with a qtip and a little dawn spritz with a little water all while on the frame.

  9. I would use the Dawn, original blue stuff. It works wonders. I have used it on grease stains
    on fabrics before and it gets out the grease.

    A jewler told me about the best jewelry cleaner. It is made with mixing Dawn with plain clear ammonia. Just soak your rings or whatever in it and using an old toothbrush brush out any debris, rinse and they sparkle. I always keep a jar of this for cleaning jewelry…makes a great gift also.

  10. Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover works great, and I have used Murphy’s Oil Soap with some success as well.

  11. Baby powder or corn starch is the best advice to absorb the oil. It may take several applications to get the oil absorbed. Once the oil is absorbed, any residual stain cause by dirt that was on the machine or needle, use the Tide To Go instant Stain Removal Pen, or Walgreens has one that works really well called Nice: Clean to Go. Good luck!

  12. A friend of mine who has a Party Planning Business told me about using shampoo on oil stains–it has saved many things for me….when they came out with a new Dawn formula it sometimes didn’t come out of the fabric….so I use the shampoo on our clothes all the time….just the cheap stuff….

  13. Ouch. I feel for ya. Even the slightest spot is something that will drive you nuts forever each time you saw that quilt.

    I have to agree with the one above that said Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover but also, you could try regular shampoo. I realize it’s a different type of oil, but when my oldest son was working in a local hotel’s banquet area as a busser and had to wear white dress shirts to work, the first thing they told him was to get a huge bottle of shampoo. Shampoo took off every single spot of grease and food stains he got on his shirts even after a few days of not washing them. It may just work on this oil as well.

    Whatever you try, I’m sure you know this but when upset about something we tend to forget the simple things – just remember do not dry that until the stain is gone totally or it will set it into the fabric forever.

    Good luck.

  14. I’ve used Lestoil to get out greasy laundry stain without any fading or damage to the fabric. Just a bit to spot treat and run through the washer. And as noted above, don’t put into the dryer until the spot is completely gone or you will heat set it.

  15. Pat C in Washingon

    I have had good luck with Dawn dishwashing detergent – full strength straight on the stain. Rub it in gently and then add a little water and rub gently some more and see if that does it.

  16. When it comes to spots and stains on clothes, I’ve had great luck with different brands of dish soap (we use whatever’s cheap at the time) and also with baby wipes.

  17. When I have grease/ oil on laundry issues I start with Dawn Original formula, if it still not out, and before I dry it i put i back in the washer and I try Zout. if it is still there I start the washer again and use Lestoil. I love Lestoil and would use it first, but it smells so bad I leave into the last resort.
    Although I am doing all of this on clothing and you are dealing with huge quilt, you may want to go straight to the Lestoil. I found mine at Ace Hardware.

  18. I use 409 on all my husband’s greasy & oily clothing before throwing in the wash machine. It also worked great on grass stains on my boy’s white football pants. Spray it on & leave it for a 1/2 hour or so & then spray again before putting in wash machine. Good luck!

  19. This happens when I’m quilting, as one must oil a longarm every one to two hours when quilting. I found sprinkling cornstarch on the oil stain works well. Let the corn starch sit a couple hours, then vaccuum it off. Treat it a second time if needed. I’ve never had this fail.

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