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If you missed yesterday evening’s post, go read that first and then come back here and read this….

In yesterday’s post I had written what happens with fabrics that are gifted to me.  I also wrote something about reading a post from a few years back on Bonnie Hunter’s blog about a gal that was volunteering at a local food pantry who put together scrap bags of fabrics and put them out for pantry users to take.  At the time I read the story it was very touching for me.  In a million years I cannot imagine life without fabric.  The story made me get all teary eyed to even think of.  For me, sewing is such therapy and I can’t imagine life without it.

The story has stuck in my mind.  I have always been thinking someday I’ll pursue that more..someday I’ll see if I can find that blog post on Bonnie’s blog.  Someday I’ll try to see if I can find the volunteer and help her help others.

Well getting the question about fabric and charity quilts from Marie yesterday really got me thinking….Maybe now is the time to try to find out more.  Maybe now is the time to see if I can help.

I started out with Google (don’t most things in life start with Google now days?)  I typed in “Quiltville food pantry”.  Just like that, I found the post.

I read through the post and it was as I remembered….now what to do next?  I think find Julie.  If I can find Julie maybe she could accept some donations and put them out….maybe she could put me in contact with someone who would know how or where to target a donation.

Do any of you know Julie from the Quiltville post I mentioned?  Do any of you have a contact with a food pantry in rural Mountains in Northern TN and Southern KY?

I did leave a post on Quiltville’s Open Studio Facebook page…any other suggestions?

As much as giving quilts to people is wonderful and amazing, I can’t help but wonder if giving the supplies to make their own might equally if not more amazing to some in need.

I did leave a post on Quiltville’s Open Studio page…any other suggestions?

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  1. Jo I am wondering if there is a Food Pantry in your local area that would consider such an act of kindness as well. That would save you postage. People in need are not restricted to one area of our country. I remember reading another time on a blog that some quilters gave bundles of fabric out in areas where natural disasters had taken place and people had lost all they had. Just some input for your considerations.

  2. There are several missions in the southeastern and eastern KY Appalachian counties. One large charitable organization that serves many counties and might be able to give you more detailed information about where you might donate is Christian Appalachian Project (CAP). Contact information is:
    Christian Appalachian Project
    485 Ponderosa Drive
    P.O. Box 1768
    Paintsville, KY 41240

    For donations or inquiries
    Call: 1-866–270–4CAP (4227)

  3. A friend of mine gathered simple squares for her quilting mother, who now has dementia to sew. Although the end result wasn’t always pretty, the old skills were still there and her mother spent many hours happily occupied.

  4. Hi,Jo, I hesitate to send you a comment after some of the things said about me, however I will to let you know that one of the hospitals near here, has an Auxiliary who knit,sew and quilt. I along with my friends, have given them,fabric and yarn,as they make various items with it. Some of those items are sold in the gift store of the hospital and the baby items go to the preemie wards. I also make small memory quilts that are given to the parents who have lost their child. The list is unending of worthy causes. The last postings by you have certainly given food for thought. I am happy to know that you are recovering nicely,

  5. Hi Jo,
    What a great idea…but I agree with your other readers! The needs may be right in your own backyard! Check out the local guilds…they may know of someone who would love to donate their time and talent but don’t have the resources and funds to do it! And think of the postage costs saved! These ladies could then gift you back the quilt tops to be quilted before getting donated to charity. A win, win for everyone!

  6. The point of Jo’s plea was to be able to donate fabric to people who have no way of affording fabric at all. If you have ever watched the Christy movie or TV series or even the recent Coat of Many Colors movie, this is the type of poverty these folks live under now. A pastor friend of ours went back in that area and could hardly believe there are still people that poor here in America. What would the cost of postage be compared to the joy in a woman’s eyes when she chose a packet of fabric for her very own?

    There is no real poverty anywhere else here in America. Everyone else has food stamps, a cell phone, a color tv, free health care, and handouts galore. But not in this area called Appalachia. There are some who care for them but they are a proud people and don’t take handouts and don’t misuse the care given them. It’s a small packet of fabric ladies for crying in a bucket and you all have enough to supply the world and can afford the postage.

  7. I would email Bonnie – – she may still have the message note from Julia. Good luck and please keep us posted.

  8. I’ll be watching, Jo, as this struck a chord with me also. I wouldn’t mind sharing some of my stash with others in that situation. I’d have to live to be 250 to use it all.

  9. I would be very happy to share towards this project. Will be watching your blog posts to see where to send donations. Quilting brings us together in the best of ways and I’d love to contribute to this.

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