Help Please?!

I’ve been sorting through some scrap that was gifted to me.  When I cleaned the quilting room anything that wasn’t previously sorted got tossed into a box and slowly during nap time each day I take one baggie and sort it.  The process is slow but it gives me something quiet to do while the kiddos are sleeping.

Anyway, while sorting I came across this fabric.  I love it!


I need to make a few baby quilts and have something in mind for it.  I was so excited.  I scanned the fabric quick and thought surely all the letters were here.  I started cutting.  Luckily I had duplicates so I could cut into one letter to get a larger cut for the previous letter.  It was going great until I got to the end of the fabric.

Sadly I don’t have all the letters.  I am missing H, I and V.  I looked thinking I must have cut them off but they were never in the piece that was gifted me….

I looked at the salvage….it says Back to school.  It says Lyndad S. Milligan Possibilities for Avlyn.   So here I sit with a fun quilt idea and missing letters.

I looked around a bit and googled.  I didn’t find anything.

Does anyone have any of this fabric?  Does it look familiar?   I’d happily buy some if only I knew how to find it.

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  1. I googled the info you gave and got very little, though the brand of fabric is out there on etsy etc. I googled then alphabet fabric, so not know if you wanted cotton or fleece or whatever, I am leaving you to search a little more. There is alot of options of alphabet print fabric. Good luck.

  2. LInda Milligan and Nancy Smith were co-owners of Great American Quilt Company, AvLyn Publications and Possibilities patterns. They both retired a few years back (our loss!). I’m guessing that fabric is at least 10 years old and possibly older. Nancy is teaching Zentangles in the area so it may be possible to get in touch with her. Nice ladies! Good luck with your search!

  3. I had to laugh that you were missing the letters H I and V. You don’t want HIV do you? LOL. Sorry, I don’t have that fabric and I hope you can find someone who has some would have some they can spare.

  4. On the web site for the fabric company, on the Archive page –
    If you are looking for an older collection, please call our office at 866-564-5426

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