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Saturday morning I was at the computer writing a blog post when a car pulled up in the driveway.  I didn’t recognize the car and then realized I hadn’t combed my hair.  That had me scrambling fast as it was already 10am.

It ended up being the mailman.  He brought this…three packages for me.

Typically my mail comes to my house at around 3:30pm but the mailman said that it was taking up so much space in his car that he wanted it out and dropped it off earlier.

It’s not often I get three packages so I started opening them…. In the big box is a bottom is a cutting system called a Quilt Cut.  Jody sent that to me to try out.  I hadn’t seen this before.  It looks like it will be fun to check out.  Does anyone have one?

The white package contains two charity quilt tops.  I’ll tell you more about them as I finish them.  The top box…that’s the one I’m hoping you can help with.

The small box was fabric from Sue in Manchester, Iowa.


Sue was hunting for fabric for a project that she was doing and discovered that she had lots of fabric that she no longer loved and decided to pass it along to me.  Whoot-Whoot!!  I love it.  I think I’ll take the birthday fabric and make pillowcases for a couple of my childcare kiddos.  I know I love my birthday pillowcases that Connie gave me and want to pass that joy along to the kids.  The fabric is perfect for that!

Along with the fabric Sue sent a little not asking if I had any of these two fabrics in my stash.

Sadly, I looked and I don’t.  I am wondering if any of you might.

She writes that this was Wal-Mart fabric purchased three years ago.  It came in four colors.  She was shorted fabric with these two colors.  Of course Wal-Mart no longer has the fabric and she’s wanting to do the project now only to find she doesn’t have enough fabric.  Does anyone have any??  She needs about a half yard of each.

Sue said if I didn’t have any of the fabric, did I know someone else that had a big stash that might have it.  HA!!  Do I ever know someone!!  I know all of you!  I thought that writing a post here on the blog might help Sue locate some of the fabric…so readers, doesn’t anyone have any??  and can you spare a half yard??

If you do…leave a message here in the comments or email me at and I’ll pass the info onto Sue.

7 thoughts on “Help Me Help Sue”

  1. Sorry, I don’t have any of the needed fabric. I used birthday fabric to make a tablecloth. It comes out on each birthday, is bright and cheerful, and everyone loves it.

  2. I just purchased the green wave of this at Walmart a month ago. I can check tonight when I go if they have either of the other color ways. She can private message me if she still needs it.

  3. Janelle Merillat

    Jo Ann’s here in Midland, MI, still carries this line!! Unfortunately, I only have the yellow and green. :(

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