Help me decided “what I’m working on”…

I came home from the weekend with TWO more started projects.  Now I need to make some decisions….WHAT DO I WORK ON…if I keep doing a project here and a project there, none of them are ever going to get finished but the problem….I can’t decided which project to work on.  After seeing Bonnie’s trunk show up close and personal, I have made a decision….whatever I work on, it’s going to be a Bonnie Hunter quilt.

Do you want to help me decide?  Here are the options….

Here are my “Pineapple Blossom” blocks from the weekend workshop.  Mine are a bluish gray and brown color mix with neutral.  All of these blocks are finished.  If you want to see them all laid out, head on over to Bonnie’s blog…she has a picture of me with them there.


Here are my “My Blue Heaven” blocks from the weekend workshop done in red.  I have 25 of the Puss in the Corner blocks done….more pieces cut out.  After playing with them, I added more pink…after all pink is light red.  I like the look of these blocks and am eager to do a couple star blocks.


Here are my  “Jamestown Landing” goodies all ready to be sewn into blocks.


Here are my “Hand Me Downs” Star blocks.  They are all ready to be sewn into a quilt top.


Oh…here are all the string blocks for Cactus Patch too…


Oh wait…All the blocks for Blue Ridge Beauty are finished too….This is my UFO for July and it can be the monochromatic quilt for Patchwork Times too.

Leaders and Enders

Oh yes….don’t forget the crumb quilt still needs to be quilted.

I wish I could do them all…all at once but that would be SO slow.  Please help me pick…..
If you want to see what other people are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

35 thoughts on “Help me decided “what I’m working on”…”

  1. Denise from NY

    Oh boy!….hard decision…they are all great blocks and colors. My vote is for the “Pineapple Blossom”, then “My Blue Heaven” in the red, then “Ridge Beauty”, then “Hands Me Down”…..does that help?? I know what you mean, I have about 5 quilts in different stages, if I don’t concentration on one at a time I’ll never get them done….but how exciting it is to start a new project!!

  2. I say start with the project that is the closest to being finished and work your way backwards from there. I think you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished more if you do it that way.

  3. I say write them all down, put them in a hat and draw one! I wouldn’t be able to just pick one. :) They are all fabulous. It looks like you had a blast with Bonnie!

  4. Wow – who could decide???? Hey, you can send one to me and I’ll finish it, AND keep it! 8-)))

    Put all of them AWAY – AND STEP AWAY FROM THE BLOCKS! and pull out just one project. Don’t even PEEK at the others! Pretend you are on an island and only one set is available. Or take a short trip with your sewing machine and ONE project! TOOOOOO much mental stimulation — yes, ALL of them are delicious!

    In reality, I think I would do the oldest one first, before you lose your enthusiasm for it.

  5. I like the hand me down blocks too, & I vote for that one, because it sounds like it’s the closest to completion…At least the crumbs one is a flimsy already…
    They are all awesome!! Sew on, sister! :-)

  6. I would put the names in a bucket and pick 2. Use one as the main one to finish then use the other one as a leader and ender that way you can really be working on two of them at once. Then once that one is done, make your L&E your new one and pick another one as a new l and e and keep going from there….

    Love them all though….good luck

  7. I say the Blue Ridge Beauty. It’s your UFO for July, blue is the monochromatic color of the month and it’s a Bonnie quilt. Just think of the fun you will have crossing all of those things off of your various lists.

  8. Okay, I’m a pineapple freak, so I would vote for that one, but honestly, any of them would be a winner. You’ve got some great projects going.

  9. I have finally met someone like me! You! I have so many projects I am so excited about making and can’t decide which one to work on next.
    At first I thought the pineable blossom quilt might be too dark and subdued (I don’t know where I got that idea seeing my favorites are civil war!) but then I saw them on Bonnies blog and was in love with them. I think I would have to play a game to pick just one. Eeny meeny miny mo? One potato, two potato? Cindereller?

  10. I love all of your projects. I’d say go for Blue Ridge Beauty since it’s this month’s UFO. But I agree with the idea of putting everything but one or two away. I had to do that myself this morning.

  11. Why not write all the names on pieces of paper and draw one out of a hat and just DO IT? Decisions are so hard when you really want to do it all.

  12. I vote for the Blue Ridge Beauty also. It would feel good to get your July UFO done. I am amazed at how much you accomplish.

  13. Teresa in Music City

    Whew!!! I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m worn out just reading your list!!! I tend to go one of two ways when I get that many going at one time: If one is really grabbing my attention and my adrenaline is pumping to work on it, then that’s where I start – but if not, then I pick the easiest & quickest one to finish and then the next easiest, etc. Of course, I never get them all done – another one (or two…) comes along to add to the party!!! My vote is for you to do Jamestown Landing – I can’t wait to see a finished version of that quilt!!!!

  14. Oh…so many gorgeous choices! I think Pineapple Blossom is my favorite because I LOVE your color choices, so that’s the one I think you should finish first!

  15. I vote for My PINK Heaven. Certainly July 2011 is just about over though so maybe Blue Ridge Beauty should be first to finish. I’m anxious to see something finished with all the recycled shirts you spent so many hours getting into useable strips. Gosh, hard to say really…I’ll bet your most excited about Jamestown Landing. Thought we’d see what you had in the two bags today. Whatever it ends up being it will be goregous. Sandi

  16. I usually work on what is closest to being a top. In your case I would take the star block and make a top since they are all blocks. Maybe you could use one of the other projects as a leaders and enders while putting the top together that way one would be a top and the other closer to blocks.

  17. whichever project is closest to being done! that way you can check one off your list the soonest! hope you are staying cool today. they said this heat wave was going to break a little but it’s still too hot for me!

  18. Elizabeth McDonald

    Ha! The story of my life! I do the same thing — piles of blocks, piles of quilt tops in my workroom right now. I figured last August that I was hopeless! What I ended up doing was picking one quilt top at a time to add borders to, sandwich, sew around and tie. I gradually sewed the piles of blocks into rows, and then the rows into quilt blocks. I ended up with a dozen finished quilts by year’s end! This year? I have 3 or 4 quilt tops done, and probably 5 or 6 sets of blocks completed. The difference between this year and last year is that I know now I will eventually finish them all! Love all of the homespun blocks – so pretty!

  19. How about working on the Pineapple Blossom since you have so many great blocks going already & it is fresh in your mind. Then you can choose one of the others for a leader and ender – maybe the oldest UFO of the bunch?

  20. It is toss up between Cactus Patch and the Pineapple Blossoms! They all look great and as Bonnie’s number one fan (lol) I am majorly impressed you have that many Bonnie quilts going at once–I think I only have three in progress and one waiting to be quilted!

  21. You need some instant gratification, girl! I say start with the project that is furthest along and “git er done”!

  22. You have some great quilts going there. I went over to see you with your blocks laid out at the retreat – gorgeous! I think I’d finish up the ones with the least work but I’d also have trouble staying away from the Pineapple Blossoms. It’s a real good one!

  23. Well Blue Ridge Beauty would be a two-fer. But I agree with Elaine. Close your eyes and pick one box. What ever it is will be great.

  24. How could any one person decide? BUT if you are going to work on a “Bonnie” quilt, then you need to channel Bonnie. Like many have said, start with the one that is the most done. Then pick a second one and use that for your L/E and sew on and sew forth. However, I would take it one step further (which drives the people that are unfortunate to sew by me) I would continue to sew on proj #2 till I got to a stopping part then start on #3 and sew like a crazed woman then onto #4 and ……. and yes I keep them all straight and don’t mix them up at all. I tend to draw crowds at retreats. It drives them all crazy. They can only focus on ONE thing at a time! That drives ME Crazy!

    Good Luck! Can’t wait to see what you decided!

  25. I vote for the hat option

    first for working on, second as a leader/ender

    they will all get done eventually

    …unless of course the little bow ties are L/E’s…

  26. The great thing about having so many projects is that you will never be bored–there is something to spark your fancy even if for just a day. And each day you work on any project brings that project closer to finishing (at least that’s what I keep telling myself)!

    My votes are first “Blue Ridge Beauty” because with that one project you can check off things on three “To Do” lists (get top done, monochromatic challenge, UFO challenge).

    Then finish quilting the crumb quilt because it will be a “complete finish” (only the binding left to do and that’s portable or can be multi-tasked with TV watching or telephone calls).

    Lastly (and just because I’m greedy to see it) work on the Pineapple blocks from Bonnie’s workshop. The picture she posted of what you had done so far was so great now I want to pull some CW browns, blues, golds and neutrals and make one! But I’ve got a lot on my plate right now so pleeease let me live vicariously through you!!

    Have fun with whatever you choose to do!!

  27. At every picture I said OH, MY GOODNESS. Yes out loud. Your projects are terrific and color choices just fantastic. Which ever you decide to finish first will certainly be a winner. And LUCKY YOU for getting to spend time with Bonnie. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on. Thanks for sharing.

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