Hello from the Other Side

Hello from the other side of surgery.


We were up and at ’em early yesterday morning.  Hubby did chores before we left and I was up trying to think of every little thing that I might want in the next two weeks that was upstairs.  We ended up at the hospital about 15 minutes early which was good because my doctor was running ahead of schedule.

Surgery took about two hours and after the usual – use the rest room, walk and eat something and I was sprung and on my way.  Hubby had been to the pharmacy and got my pain meds while I was in surgery so we were good to head out to our next stop which was to get a knee scooter.

Tuesday I did the insurance dance.  It was horrible.  I was on the phone to the insurance company about five times.  I was calling and calling and calling to medical equipment places in the surrounding area trying to locate a scooter.  My insurance would only cover it under certain circumstances and I couldn’t find a place that would meet those conditions.  Most places rented them…my would cover purchasing them.  It is so ironic.  Most places that rent them charge the same amount amount of money for rental as it does to purchase them.

Most places could order them and get them in to arrive in two weeks.  That wasn’t good.

I finally found a place that I thought would work.  It was in Cresco and not in the direction of home really…but they had it so we were going to get it.  I am poor, at best, with my crutches so I stayed in the car….I waited and waited while Hubby tried to get it.  I finally had enough and opted to go in and see what the problem was.  SURPRISE!!  Insurance was a hang up…

We finally just purchased it with our own money…  $315 but it was SO-SO worth it.  I’m hoping that insurance will come through and eventually pay for it but who knows, after all, it is insurance.

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the scooter….absolutely LOVE it. My life is actually tolerable with it.

I was instructed to take pain meds overnight and even ice overnight.

I’m doing good.  I’m happy.  I’m listening to orders. I did a couple things..a little stitching..a little magazine reading and a big dose of television…oh and lots of Ruby time.   I’m all set for more of that today…plus some visits from Kelli and Kayla too.

Life is good on this side of surgery…so far.  I’ll keep you posted.

19 thoughts on “Hello from the Other Side”

  1. I’m glad the surgery went well Jo. Ruby looks like she’s planning on pining you down if you try to get and do things you’re not supposed to! What on earth is a knee scooter?

  2. I’m glad surgery went well. Please follow the recovery instructions so you heal well and only have to go through this once! I know from experience it is hard to be patient during recovery but it will be best in the end. No repeat surgery and no more down time.

  3. Keep after the insurance. Escalate to a manager if you have to. We’re in NYC and up early as my hubby is have surgery to repair a couple of heart valves today. If all goes well, he’ll come home mid-week next week.(Doc’s the best in the world, apparently.)

  4. It’s great to see your smiling face this morning! …and Miss Ruby too! Glad things went well and you’re home recovering. I didn’t know what a knee scooter looked like until I googled. I have a bad knee and I don’t think I could press down like that on one. Glad you love yours and it makes things tolerable for you.

  5. It’s great that you re getting along so well! I thought about you and said little prayers all day long! I hope the insurance works out for you. That can be such a pain! Insurance tells you one thing and then does another!
    Good luck with yr recovery! May it all go smoothly!

  6. From talking with friends who have had various foot issues, those scooters do seem to be an issue with insurance companies. You’ve got time while you recover, keep after them to refund you for it. Everyone I know has gotten paid after jumping the hoops of documentation. Hoop jumping. That sounds bad for a foot surgery patient! Hope things go smoothly the rest of the way back.

  7. I was so happy to see your smiling face greet me when I opened your blog this morning! Glad most everything went well. Maybe after you are done with your knee scooter you can turn it in on Craigslist for someone else looking for one with same insurance woes? Do everything you’re supposed to and you’ll be on the other side of this before you even know it! Hugs,

  8. Glad to see you are recovering nicely. I notice that you have the important things near you – the remotes and what looks like a snack bag. I’ll be thinking good thoughts about your recovery.

  9. Glad to see you feeling so ‘up’ after your surgery. Insurance is such a PITA. Huge premiums, high deductibles and nothing but aggravation when they are supposed to pay out. I haven’t had insurance since 2003 & can’t say I’ve missed it…..or the hassles. Happy with the extra money in the bank too. :) Just pay the bill when I have to go to the doctor and that’s it, no hassle. Nine more months & then Medicare. Will have to pay up then I guess since they take it right out of your monthly Social Security check. Then there’s the supplemental and part D and the paperwork hassles. Wishing you a quick and complete recovery.

  10. so glad to hear all went well ( except for the insurance hassle). You have a good support team and a positive attitude that is going to make a big difference in your recovery. I went through bunion surgery when I was 27, with no one on hand for support, just thinking about it now makes me shake my head. But the relief from pain was worth every part of it.

  11. So good to see that you are smiling this morning….Rest and take special care of you….I hate dealing with insurance companies….always an interesting experience isn’t it????

  12. I am happy to hear your surgery went well. I hope it heals well for you. Best wishes in your recovery. Have a lovely day Jo.

  13. Yay!!! Glad it went well! Hoping and praying for a speedy recovery! Try and enjoy the slower time right now. :-)

  14. Best of luck with your recovery. I can appreciate what you’re going through, I had bilateral bunion surgery 8 weeks ago and it’s been a long road since. The best advice I can give you is learn to be patient, put your feet up when you can and don’t push yourself too hard. I’m wearing shoes now but, due to the swelling, in a larger size with wide fit and feel like I’m learning to walk all over again (with a limp). I hope we both feel the benefit of being bunionless soon.

    1. Oh Debbie Good for you. I read that it often take 12 weeks to be back in a shoe. I would be elated at 8 weeks even if it is a size bigger and wide. I was wondering if I’d end up with a limp or how long it would take for that to go away.

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