Heat Press Batting Together

On my last quilt shop visit I bought a new product to try…. Heat Press Batting Together.


I thought I would give you a little review….

The product is designed to help quilters use up scrap pieces of batting.  I tried it out using Warm and Natural.  To use it I took two pieces of batting.  I trimmed the edges to make straight lines.  I butted the seams together, put the tape over the top and ironed it down.  It worked PERFECTLY.  I really liked it.


Typically I have been a person who zig zags my batting scraps together.  It seemed no matter how hard I tried, it wasn’t perfectly smooth.  This product was WONDERFUL.

10 yards came in a package for $8.  Estimating that I making quilts that are about 90 inches, I would need 2.5 to 3″ yards for each quilt.  It figures out to be 80 cents a yard or about 2.25 per quilt depending size.  I personally think it is worth it.

But…if I ran out, I wouldn’t wait on a project until I got some….I’m not that much of a perfectionist, the quilt shop that carries it is an hour away, and I am not patient.  I will however pick up two packs of it next time I am at the quilt shop…then hopefully, I won’t run out!  Here’s a link to the company website if you want more information.

11 thoughts on “Heat Press Batting Together”

  1. I haven’t seen or heard of this product before.. if I join batting it usually is a disaster, so this is definately worth a go.. of course we probably wont get that tape down here for years, but I’ll look for it online!

  2. Thanks for the review. I was out just last night to buy batting because I didn’t have a piece big enough. This would have helped. Of course, I came home with batting AND fabric!

  3. I have used this product and it is great. After making the project you can’t find where the batting was seamed. I carry it in my shop
    and find a lot of people like it.

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