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If you’re coming into this conversation late, I have been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  If you want to read more about what’s happened with me, you can find past posts here.  I’ve also been battling an injured foot.

If you’ve been following along with my health saga…here’s the latest update.

Sunday morning was the last day I took my medication.  I had it in my head that I would likely not really feel the tiredness that was predicted until Wednesday.  I thought that there would be enough of the meds working through my system to keep me perky until then….then Wednesday, I’d be out of reserve and the tiredness would kick in.  Sadly, I was right.  I did great during childcare but 8pm hit tonight and I feel the need to get to bed.  UGH.  I had hoped I could avoid the tiredness.

I’m hoping that it doesn’t get worse but I’m betting that it does.

Next week I start the next step…onto my low-iodine diet.  That starts next week.

I’ve already started to get things in place for that.  It looks very do-able just not lots of fun for a girl that loves butter and sour cream like I do.  I keep thinking of something that I could eat and then I realize..nope, that has eggs. No fish, no dairy, no egg yolks, no iodized salt.  That’s the brunt of it.  There are other specifications like no red dye.  6 oz. of meat a day and only 4 carb servings.  Fruits and veggies are my friends….minus potato skins.  Like I said it’s do-able..more annoying than anything.

I spent over an hour in the grocery store on Tuesday after I had seen my foot doctor.  I was looking and looking through the grocery aisles.  I found some no salt Rotel so I’m modifying my chili recipe so that will be an option for one day.  I found no yolk noodles.  I found peanut butter that is peanuts only…most have salt in them.  I feel bad for people who have to eat that way all the time.

Speaking of the foot doctor here’s what happened there….my foot is back to being wrapped.  It’s in a 24/7 wrap so bathing is a pain but already my foot is feeling better.  I have an appointment in a week.  Then wrap comes off then and I’ll get a new insole piece.  Hopefully this time around it will all work.

I was instructed that I have to get new shoes.  It’s so hard as I can’t try both of the shoes on if my foot is wrapped.  He did give me some guidelines.  The back of the shoe where heal goes can’t collapse when squeezed and the toe can’t bend too tight.  With my foot problems over the last 10 months I’ve bought three pairs of athletic shoes.  None of what I have meets his standard.  UGH.

My feet are flat and wide too.  UGH.

Any brands or shoe suggestions for me?  I need some.   I’m guessing we’ll be on the road this weekend to try to find shoes.  I’m really tempted to just order something from Amazon.  Shopping and me just don’t mix.

For the most part, although I’m whining, all is good here…but I am off to bed….sleep is likely the best thing for me.

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  1. Get your rest Jo, things will be better for all of us one day, just look up and know where your strength comes from.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. I have no idea if I will be helpful or not… but, I have feet issues… not the same as you but I have had plantar fascitis and I do have toe pain and a bunion forming. I did go to a podiatrist who told me what sandals to buy for my feet… and then I was in physical therapy for my plantar fascitis and that is where I got totally healed but they told me never, ever, barefeet, not even to pee in the night… but for me, Birkenstocks were the answer. However, I have a high arch… they have been a godsend and I buy a new pair every year and know my size so can order online. I think you need to find a good store that knows feet… Happy Feet … they exist but maybe in larger cities. They know feet and know what to recommend. Have you tried SAS shoes? Not so sure that they will work but they do make shoes for hammer toes. Have a friend who had a really bad back and he went to physiotherapy and they actually told which brand of shoe was the only shoe that would keep his posture aligned properly. I have orthotics and again, through physiotherapy and they sent me to a place that does orthotics… there are specialists who do that for a living … want to call them pethoritists but that isn’t the right name. I have to eat sodium free because of my kidneys… look on the lowest shelves for no sodium products. In Canada, Kraft makes a sodium free peanut butter but struggle intARizona to find some.

  3. I like New Balance too. BUT I REALLY HAVE TO TRY THEM ON!!!! Nothing fits the way you think they will.
    Exhaustion w hypo thyroid isn is the PITS. As is forgetfulness, and dry skin. I started recently using a Nivea product that you put on in the shower after washing, and then rinse off. Keeping 2 thoughts in my head for a 1/2 hour has been impossible. (Even on meds ):)
    Hang in there, if we don’t see you for a while we will know why.

  4. I have flat feet and bought sandals last year over the internet. They have been the best fitting sandals I have ever bought. Check out this website. I bought Vionic sandals. I don’t know if their shoes are as good as their sandals, but I would be willing to try them. They are expensive, but having one pair that I can wear is not any more expensive as a closet full that I can’t wear.

  5. Jo, I have foot problems too and started off with SAS brand shoes. They are not cheap, but so worth it. I still wear them with my inserts plus I am now able to wear Nike cross-training shoes for casual wear. You NEED to try them on and make sure they fit well. Otherwise, you’re wasting money! Good luck.

  6. I have wide feet and cannot find shoes in stores that are wide. I have resorted to ordering all my shoes through They have free shipping and best of all, free returns. Sometimes I will order 4-6 pairs at a time, keep one or two pairs or none. It’s pretty easy to do the returns.

  7. Good luck with the restricted diet! I feel for you.
    I wore SAS. Shoes for years but the price has gone out of sight. I switched to Grasshoppers which are made by Keds. Don’t know if they will meet your heel requirements but they work with my orthotics. Prices are reasonable and they are available on line. I used to love fashionable shoes but no more! Good luck shopping!

  8. You may want to check out Abeo sandals. They have the built in orthotics. You can find them at The Walking Store if one is nearby. I had plantar fascitis and a hairline fx in one foot and after a year now all is well, I buy one pair of sandals a year because yes they are expensive, They measure your feet at the store for pressure points but then once you get your fitting you can order them online through their store. My athletic shoes are New Balance wide with orthotic inserts that the podiatrist fitted for my high instep. Now no foot pain at all but I don;t trust wearing any of my previous shoes so they were all donated. Good luck…….

  9. I have major foot problems with my right foot. Per the podiatrist, I can only wear tennis shoes by Brooks-the Ghost. So, if I go anywhere fancy, guess I will need to put sequins on the tennis shoes. Was amazed at the store the other day to learn how many folks do have foot problems. And, yes, when the doctor wrapped my foot, it felt wonderful.

  10. Check the website of a company called Foot Smart. They carry many types of name brand shoes specifically for all types of foot concerns, as well as other helpful items. Even if you don’t order from them, looking at their site will give you some ideas as they explain very well what shoe works for what type of problem.

  11. My husband wears orthotics and has extra wide feet and a high instep. He has a pair of New Balance walking shoes that he wears every day. They were purchased in February 2014 and they’re still going strong. Hardly worn at all. He got them at a local shoe store, and the owner carefully fitted them, with the orthotics in place. They were not his usual size.

  12. OMG, I didn’t realize you would have so many comments on everybody’s foot problems and the shoes they wear. I also had plantar facilitis and could only wear NB for a long time, until they redesigned that shoe and I couldn’t wear it. Then I went to Brroks Addiction that has been a godsend for me to wear to work! Also for around the house I ONlY wear a pair of slip ons what I call sandals made by Walkfit..check them out online. It would be great if they could fit you and you try on the ones they have to offer. Only thing on my feet when I get home from work until I put on my working shoes for work. Hope this helps you, it sure did me! One more thought, I also went to a podiatrist and he almost ruined my feet with his $400+ orthodontics to put in my shoes…

  13. I love SAS shoes for comfort. I’ve worn both SAS FreeTime (a walking shoe) and

    SAS Tour (athletic/sneaker type). They both come in wide, ww, and www.

  14. Start with a call to one or two well respected running shoe stores. They should a)know which brands are more likely to fit your feet and b) have a fit specialist who will know which shoes meet your (and your doc’s) criteria. They won’t be cheap, but the shoes (even the same brands) the running stores carry are made to higher specifications than at the big box stores. By making the calls, you can probably save some shopping time, and maybe even make an appointment with someone at their store that specializes in this aspect of shoe fitting. I cannot tell you how much difference getting really well fitting shoes and customized off the shelf orthotics made in making my feet happy again. When my feet are happy, I’m happy, and that means everyone at our house is happy. ;^) Good luck!

  15. I love vionic orthaheels. I haven’t tried their athletic shoes yet,but live in their loafers, wedges and flip flops. I’m in Fl, so open toed shoes are wearable year round. Dillard’s Dept. store just started carrying this line. Before that I found them on line. They are expensive $100 – $120 a pair. Sometimes I can find them on line at for around $75. Before I found this brand I was contemplating foot surgery. After wearing ortha heels for a few months the foot pain went away.

    Good luck, I’ll say a prayer for healing.

  16. SAS shoes are great. My hubbie has had all kinds of issues until he got fit at SAS shoes by a fantastic saleslady. They are expensive, but sometimes have coupons online. And they really last. I know that there are places that are great at fitting shoes properly and some that are not so great. Good luck!

  17. I wear Skecher D’lites. They come in wide widths and provide great support, yet are lightweight so your feet aren’t weighted down. I order directly from Skechers.

  18. I have both flat feet and Achilles tendinitis and the only shoe that work for me are Arial. They have a hiking boot and a flat cowboy boots that I can walk miles in. You can find them at Boot Barn which is nationwide. I live in Houston and wear boots in 100 + degrees because I am nicer to be around if my feet are happy.

  19. Sorry for typo. Ariat was originally an athletic shoe company. Their boots hold up well. I buy men’s because they run wider. The reviews on Amazon are helpful but I must try shoes on before purchasing.

  20. I love my New Balance running shoes, I was buying them from a store, but now order that style on line. i have wide flat feet, I would buy men’s runners to get the width I needed. (NB online has the wider women’s size). Good luck with your search!

  21. Google orthotic shoes for your area and show them the doctor’s guidelines. I don’t know how expensive it is to do that, but it’s better than hit-or-miss trying a lot of things.

    I’m on a low-salt diet for a vestibular disorder, plus I have to be entirely gluten-free due to celiac disease. You’re right that special diets are not easy!! I hope you can go back to regular eating at the end of this.

  22. My doctor diagnosed me with flat feet, hence the metatarsal pain and burning. I love wearing flip flops, so I set out to find some orthotic flip flops. Vionic/Orthaheel carries a wide range of orthotic shoes with nice arch supports, but they are expensive. My feet are wide too so wearing anything less is not an option. We’re at the age where everything seems to fall apart one after the other. You’re going to do just fine with your cancer treatments, it’s all in the attitude, and you’re a strong person! You have a wonderful support system in your family, and a whole lot of friends behind you, unseen, praying for you!

  23. I’ve been thrilled with all the Ziera shoes I’ve worn. Many of the ranges have removable insoles to create space for orthotics and their cushioning is wonderful. The styling is excellent for “comfort” footwear and they seem to make a shoe for most occasions. The sandals I bought with a covered heel were a godsend during the worst of my plantar fasciitis. Good luck!

  24. My shoes are fit by an orthopedic shoe store named Comfort Shoes in St. Louis, MO. I Live 2 hours north of there. After hammer toe surgery, my surgeon sent me there. They measure and fit them to your feet. They have brand name shoes that work for me, but they will custom make your shoes. If the shoes are custom made and prescribed by your Dr. Insurance help may be available. Not any more expensive than brand name stores and their shoes feel so good. Can you call your Dr. for a list of orthopedic shoe stores near you or call
    Comfort Shoes on Manchester Road in St. Louis for help in finding a store. They are really nice. Prayers for your recovery. I am a long time thyroid user and my husband is a lung cancer survivor.

  25. For me, the answer for winter is Danskos clogs and in the summer Chacos sandals. I buy my shoes from Zappos. Yes, these shoes are expensive but my feet do not hurt any more. I have planter facitis, bunions and I love to walk.

  26. If you’re thinking of ordering shoes, go to the Zappos websit. They have almost everything. Shipping and return shipping, too, are free!

  27. If you do end up trying and liking shoes by Vionic – they are often sold on QVC, and the prices are great. Did the doctor recommend a specific brand of shoe? You might want to ask for suggestions.

    Also, if you are coming up to the doctor, you might check out Rogan’s in Onalaska. If you buy one pair, the 2nd pair is half off. You do not have to purchase the 2nd pair right away.

  28. You might also ask about hiking shoes. Since I started wearing Keens Voyageurs for walking instead of athletic shoes my painful corn on my little toe has entirely gone away.

  29. Good Luck with your new diet. It will be much healthier for you. I am lactose and fructose intolerant, so no dairy, and very few fruits as they have natural fructose. I’ve lost weight and use a lot of veggies which I grow in my garden and freeze to make soups, and to eat. Limited on meats–no processed. I only bake my own bread so I can regulate the amt of sugar in it. Used to bake everything, but now I have more time to make quilts. No honey, molasses, etc. which I used to make breads to sell on market.

    As for shoes, I have foot inserts that were prescribed by my chiropractor and they help my back.

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