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Well here I am…I am one week out from my radioactive iodine treatment for my thyroid cancer…I had hoped to feel better by now.  I don’t.

I had hoped that with being able to take my thyroid meds again that everything would be improving and I do think it slowly is, I’m not doing the best.  Friday thankfully Kalissa had the day off and played chauffeur for me.  I ended up the doctor-still not released to drive much so it was Kalissa to the rescue.

Overnight Thursday into Friday morning I woke in the night sure that I had a stroke.  Things had started the day before.  The right side of my tongue had been acting like it was “asleep”.  I woke to find the whole side of my face down my neck and into my upper right arm were asleep.  It seemed localized there.  It wasn’t painful but everything was asleep.  I had told you earlier that limbs that “fall asleep” was something I had been suffering with as a side effect of being hypothyroid.  The longer I laid there, the more I lamented.

I finally woke Hubby up and told him.  He was sleepy and didn’t realize how serious I felt it was.  Finally I told him either he listen to me and take me seriously or I was calling Kalissa.  That perked him up and he did a few tests on me.  I passed them all.  He assured me it was part of being hypothyroid but maybe I should get it checked out in the morning.  As I laid there I remember some jaw exercised my chiropractor had me do one time after my jaw was screwed up after a dentist procedure.  I did them and did get some relief from them.  That helped me feel a little better. Eventually I fell back to sleep.

In the morning I called Kalissa and she agreed I should be it checked out.  I made a doctor appointment.  We went to Decorah.

We were in the doctor’s office.  He tested me.  He ended up calling the neurologist on call.
They consulted and decided on some blood testing.  Then we made an appointment for an MRI for the end of next week.  If things get better, the appointment will be cancelled.  If I needed it, we’ll continue on with the appointment.  We all felt comfortable with that plan.

I then talked to Kalissa and we agreed that maybe a trip to the chiropractor might be order too.  She was able to get us in….only problem, she’s in New Hampton.  So on to New Hampton which for those of you who don’t know is is past our house in the complete opposite direction.

Kalissa got an appointment too.  She’d been having a hip trouble due to pregnancy.  Lucky we got an appointment in a timely manner.

Let me say, my chiropractor is WONDERFUL.

Through this all, she listened and was more concerned about the “whole” of me than any other medical person that I’ve seen throughout this whole process.  She convinced me to slow down a bit.  She suggested some type of  “Ensure” type drink to my nutrition back to where it should be.  She suggested a little less sewing and little more rest.  She was very polite, considerate and helpful.  She suggested that I work hard to not sleep on my right side (the one that was bothering me).  She suggested some stretches and exercises to help after using the long arm and some for my chin/face that was “asleep”.  Then she adjust me.  My neck was out of wack.

I left feeling pretty good….the best mentally in months.

Gradually over the day, the “asleep” feeling in my tongue, face, neck and down my arm has gotten a bit better.  It’s not good yet but definitely an improvement.  It’s enough that it’s not so scary.

All of this will hopefully clear in the next couple days as I gradually become less hypothyroid.  Sadly, there isn’t a magical shot that takes a person from hypothyroid to normal.  It’s a medicine that has to build in the blood.  Everyone I saw today does think the main cause of the difficulty is hypothyroid.  The MRI is just scheduled as precautionary in case things don’t clear by then.  I’d have an appointment just in case it doesn’t get better.

So it’s a “be patient Jo” plan.  That’s always my least favorite plan.  Everyone thought I did the right thing to have it checked…just sad they couldn’t do more.

Just to add insult to injury.  When the chiropractor adjusted me she said that I do have a couple moles on my back that need attention and likely need to be removed.  Oh well, the deductible is met.  What’s another office procedure at this point?!

So that’s where I am today….Thankful that I have Kalissa to chauffeur me around and thankful that I haven’t had a stroke.

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  1. Bless you, sending positive thoughts for a good outcome. Rest up and design quilts in your head to make later. x

  2. I’m o glad that you went in and had everything checked out. I sure wish your recovery was going more smoothly and lets pray that every day you get to feeling like yourself again. Thank you for sharing all of this with us, we worry about you.

  3. Sounds like you’re in good hands. Hope you feel better soon, just keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll get there!! Won’t that be the day?!!

  4. We’re thankful you didn’t have a stroke, too, Jo! Hang in there!don’t you have some hand work you can do while you’re “resting?”

  5. I’m so glad you had this matter checked out! Your peace of mind is as important as any other part of your treatment. It is special the way your family has rallied around to support you. You continue to be in my prayers. Patience isn’t the easiest prescription but it is often the most effective. Take it easy and things will be there waiting for you.

  6. You’ve really had a rough time! I applaud you for sharing this with us. I pray things turn around soon and that you get some relief! Keeping you in prayer…

  7. So sorry to hear you are going through this but once again, I want to thank you for sharing your experiences. Your writing may someday help someone else who is experiencing similar problems. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Sending hugs and prayers your way – hope that you are feeling somewhat back to normal SOON! I know how hard it is not to feel well. And through it all, I can’t believe everything that you are accomplishing! It might be time to grab your EPP basket and put your feet up for a bit. Take care of yourself! And thanks so much for the timely post about the school in South Dakota – a box will be winging it’s way soon.

  9. That is a lot to be thankful for. Maybe the message from those around you and above is this is a time to slow down a bit. So hard for some of us (guilty here!) to do, and yet it helps restore us in all ways. Hope you’re feeling further on the mend each day.

  10. Connie Tesene

    Hi Jo- I’ve been following your health journey on Facebook.
    Take care girl!!!! As is was reading I couldn’t help thinking its
    All maintenance from hear on out. My best dear friend.

  11. Things sounded a little scary to me too. Glad you acted on your instincts and had yourself checked out. I understand not enjoying the “just be patient” thing. Not easy to do for some of us. But it sounds like things will take time to work out. So glad you have your family nearby. Rest up… take care of YOU! Hugs!!!

  12. Jo, you remain in my thoughts and prayers. So glad that you got checked out. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Hey Jo,
    Thanks for the update. Sending you a hug and a bunch of prayers for healing. You’ve got a great chauffeur in that Kalissa.

  14. Hugs and Prayers Jo! God has a plan and he’s not through with you yet! Things will level off and in no time you’ll be back to “normal”. (Do we have such a thing as “normal”? lol)

  15. I read your blog regularly on Bloglovin for some time now. Reading is the last thing I do before I drift into sleep. So, both sleepiness and Bloglovin for mat make it harder to comment, but I wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. I enjoy your quilting posts and look forward to hearing how you are doing. Try to rest, use good body mechanics, especially during repetitive movements. I know it’s frustrating when your spirit wants to do things but your body says “no!” I deal with the bone deep chronic fatigue that accompanies fibromyalgia. Still learning to pace myself.

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