Heading Down the Home Stretch

I thought I was doing really good.  I thought I had it almost finished.  I thought I could check this quilt top off my list…but then as I was heading down the home stretch I discovered that I need to do a little “un”sewing.  UGH.


I am on the last row and that’s where I am stuck.   I was so close to being finished.  I had spent an hour last night working on the blocks for the last row but in my hurry I sewed the melons onto the wrong side.


I am still excited and I’m not going to let that get me down.  I am so close..I can do this.

When they asked for these colors, I wasn’t too sure.  It’s so different from traditional double wedding ring quilts.  I love it now.

I showed it to Hubby and asked what he thought.  He said, “I’ve always liked that pattern.  I’ve always wondered why you didn’t make one before.”  Oh boy, that sounds like I might be making another of these.  Honestly it’s not that hard and the hype about them being hard is way overdone.  I can say that the pinning is what drives me crazy.  It’s pinning, pinning and more pinning.  There is nothing fast about making it either…again, it’s the pinning.

I am getting so close…this quilt top is getting finished!!

11 thoughts on “Heading Down the Home Stretch”

  1. The colors on this quit are beautiful and so is your work. I have never tackled one because of the difficulty. I was going to make one for my dd’s wedding but with time constraints, wasn’t able to. Maybe I will later, seeing that yours is turning out beautifully! And so quickly too!

  2. Lovely! I love the color combination that you chose. What pattern did you use? I tried one a few years ago but the melons would not line up with the other stuff, so I trashed it.

  3. I loved the color combination from the beginning and couldn’t wait to see some rows pieced. It’s so striking, sort of contemporary country in a way. I’ve admired the wedding rings for years but didn’t think about piecing one but seeing yours and reading your progress has made me rethink that.

  4. You are an amazing soon-to-be mother-in-law! This is a beautiful quilt and only quilters can understand the pains you took to make it so!

  5. i know what you mean about thinking you were almost done…i made blocks for a pinwheel quilt and miscalculated how many i would need. i thought it was too good to be true that i had them all done, and it was… i only had half of the blocks done! oh well, not a big deal.

    someday i’ll get brave enough to make a wedding ring quilt. i’m going to have to go back through old blog posts and see what method and tools you used to cut your pieces.

  6. You inspire me Jo. I bought templates for a double wedding ring quilt years ago and haven’t mustered up the courage to try it. Your quilt is beautiful and you are getting it done so quickly, I might just give it a try.

  7. Whenever I’ve watched marathons, it’s always those last few miles that the runners seem to have to PUSH to get through to the finish. I find quilts to be the same way. You’re almost there, just keep going you’ll be looking back at a finish in no time!

  8. I just finished one of these in black and white in December. It belongs to my son now. I used some white tiny dots on black and some a little larger and some small black and white plaids. I used a pattern that strip pieced the arcs and cut them in one piece. The centers of the melons and rings is a white on white. I hand quilted it and bound it with a black and white stripe. A friend has just finished one in beautiful greens and golds in very modern fabrics. I love yours and love seeing the pattern with different fabrics.

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