Headband Wanna-be!

A post from Kelli–

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to be able to wear headbands.  I know it sounds pretty stupid, but I’ve really wanted to be a girl that could throw her hair in a pony with a headband and look put together, but I have literally bought every headband possible to try and none of them have worked.  I’ve tried thick, thin, decorative and plain.  None have worked.  They all kind of slip up the back of my head and don’t stay put.  Each time I buy a new one, I’m sadly disappointed and just plain mad–UNTIL NOW!

The nursing home that I work at hosts “scrub shows” where they have  a company that sells scrubs come in and set up shop.  We are lucky enough that they allow us a credit for scrubs that we can use to purchase new scrubs, shoes, socks, or other accessories.  I am super picky about the scrubs that I buy and so I wasn’t finding anything in my size that I liked and was kind of bummed.  I ended up finding a scrub top to go with a pair of pants that I already had, and a jacket that I really liked.  When I was checking out, they had a basket of headbands.  I asked one of the ladies if they actually worked and had picked up a wide stretchy one.  She said that those ones don’t always work for her, but showed me one that she had on.  She said that it worked and stayed in place all day.  She said that it was the best one that she has ever had becuase it has velvet on the back which helps it to stay in place.  When I looked at the price, I saw that it was $11.00 and balked a bit, but figured I’d give it a go.

Black (400x291)

I put it on the next morning and –WAHOOOO!!!!  It actually stayed all day long!  I was so excited.  That day when I got home from school, I dug through the trash and got the tag on it out because I had decided I was going to order more!  I ended up finding the banded2gether.com website and was elated to see that they had a lot more options online!  I was a bit bummed at the price, but then read a bit more and found out that the company works with other charitable companies to provide 3 meals to those less fortunate for every headband that is bought.  I figured that if I bought a few, it’d be helping others too, so I was slightly able to justify myself.

purchased (337x400)

I picked these ones out form all of the choices.  The thicker one is a thick brown sparkle with a gray print in the middle and an off white think sparkle is on the bottom.  Prices range from about $10 to $30.  I really liked some of the more expensive ones, but wanted to makes sure I actually like the headbands a lot before jumping in deep!

I also found a surprise bag that had 5 headbands for $9.  I added it to my cart, half expecting maybe one decent one, but was wonderfully surprised when I got the 5 that I did–

Grab bag (363x400)

They are all ones that will work perfect with stuff that I wear on a regular basis!  I’m so excited!  The pink one isn’t one that I might pick for myself, but I LOVE all of the others.

I would say that I’m well on my way to becoming a real, live headband girl!

7 thoughts on “Headband Wanna-be!”

  1. What – no pictures of you modeling the headbands!
    Glad that you got one of your fashion fantasies fulfilled. :>)

  2. Kathy Hopkins

    I feel your pain with the headbands. I just can’t seem to find one that does not slip off the top of my head. Will definitely check out the website, thanks.

  3. I know the problem. My head is pretty small and my hair is fine so it won’t hold much of anything. Glad you found your solution! And I’d also figure that if you like them they are money well spent instead of buying more that don’t work and that money goes completely away. Enjoy your new style!

  4. So happy you posted about this Kellie, I’m in the same boat as you so I’m going to go for it and buy one for myself (this money could go for fabrics ya know lol) and hopefully I’ll be able to at last wear a headband too. Thanks again for posting.

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