Haying…work and reward

When the kids were home on Saturday, our friends called and asked if I had beans in the garden.  Yes-I did….well they had all t he fixings except for beans so how about a shrimp boil at their house??  YES-YES!!  They host a shrimp boil every year and lets just say, it’s one of the highlights of my summer.

Hubby was the only farmer here to tend the farm as his boss was away.  Some of the water way and ditch hay had to be bailed and it looked like Hubby wasn’t going to be able to go to the shrimp boil.  The kids pitched in and helped so he could get there on time.


I only got pictures of Buck and Kelli helping, but Jen joined in and Kalissa’s boyfriend Craig even helped.


Of all the bailing to do, the kids like water way hay bailing best.  It’s light and dry so it’s easy to work with.  Alfalfa hay is much heavier.  Typically the guys use this hay mixed in the ration the cattle eat.

All the work was well worth the reward…SHRIMP BOIL!!


YUM..YUM..and everyone made it on time!!

2 thoughts on “Haying…work and reward”

  1. My husband was the happiest man in the county when he sold his square baler. That’s soooo much work.
    I keep reminding my husband how much those small squares bales are getting worth with so few people willing to make them anymore.
    Glad it wasn’t the hot hot weather that usually comes with baling.

  2. You lucky lady—it looks so good—I love fish boils but I have never heard of a shrimp boil…..I wish I lived in your neighborhood–I am known for bringing good treats…….

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